Clutter is inevitable in homes of any size but in compact spaces, they tend to wreck a lot more havoc. As far-fetched as it may sound, there are ways to maximize storage in a small space without giving up on luxuries and comforts. Here are some not-so-obvious smart storage ideas that’ll make you say ‘wow’!

Smart Storage Ideas #1: Seamless Drawers Above the Study Unit

Drawers above the study table to keep the essentials

Despite the innocuous façade, the overhanging white section in this room are actually drawers for the bedroom’s study. The effect was achieved by skipping the handles on the drawers and using edge profiles instead. The all-white glossy finish completes the not-so-obvious storage look.

Smart Storage Ideas #2: Crockery & showcase cabinet

Crockery unit-showcase-dining room
Can you spot the handle-less crockery unit with display panels? It’s right behind the dining table!

The crockery unit in this dining room looks like a paneled wall with built-in display units. The handle-less doors open out and store dining room essentials while the alcoves break up the all-white monotony and add ambient lighting.

Smart Storage Ideas #3: Storage Under a Wooden Platform

Smart Storage Ideas-bedroom-under planks
The wooden platform by the bed serves as a hidden storage place!

In this bedroom, the wooden plank isn’t just a raised platform to peep out of the windows. It’s also the roof of some cleverly hidden storage nooks. The raised platform makes use of the original flooring as storage space; the wood and natural textures warm up the room.

Smart Storage Ideas #4: Push-to-open Cabinets

Living room-cabinets
The blue and white units are actually cabinets with a push-to-open mechanism

In this living room, the TV console is quite a stunning fixture. The surfaces are actually cabinets with ingenious push-to-open features. This reduces the visual clutter that door handles bring in and allows the unit to function as a focal point when not open or in use.

Smart Storage Ideas #5: Crockery Cabinet Behind Louvre Door

Smart storage ideas-dining room-crockery unit
The slatted door functions as a hidden crockery unit

The slatted louvre door may look like an aesthetic addition but it also functions as a hidden yet convenient crockery unit. The wood ties in with the rest of the dining nook and the in-built unit takes away the need for additional bulky fixtures. 

Smart Storage Ideas #6: Bar Unit for a Bedroom

Bar unit-nook
The bar unit is on the left

Fancy a glass of wine before you hit the sack? With a built-in bar unit like this one, you won’t even need to leave the room. The bar unit is done up in wood for that cabin-like feel. An alcove functions as a countertop while the panels keep all the bar essentials out of sight. 

Smart Storage Ideas #7: Storage Under the Stairs

Smart storage ideas-loft cot-staircase-cabinets
Storage under the stairs in the kids’ room!

In kids’ bedrooms, space and safety are of utmost priority. This bedroom’s staircase and loft cot are the focal features as they pack a punch in style and storage. The stairs function as drawers complete with built-in handles. Alcoves and locker-like cabinets on the side of the staircase maximise the storage while keeping the floors and walls free. 

If you’re working with a compact house, then organisation and storage present a creative challenge. So do houses with residents that wish to adopt a minimalistic or bulky furniture-free setup. Regardless of which bracket you fall into; smart storage ideas are very achievable– all it takes is a bit of know-how and clever design!

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