Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, is believed to have been born in 3228 BCE in Mathura, now in Uttar Pradesh. According to the lunisolar Hindu calendar, he was born on the 8th night of the ‘Bhadrapada’ month (Bhado). Needless to say, Mathura witnesses the grandest Janmashtami decoration and celebration every year. But many other places are famous for their Janmashtami decor ideas as well. For instance, Vrindavan in UP, where Krishna spent his childhood, sees massive celebrations. And so does the state of Dwarka in Gujarat, where he ruled and lived for the bigger part of his life. 

The Different Shades of Janmashtami Celebrations

Every state has a different way to commemorate the two days that are celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami, Gokulashtami or Krishna Jayanti. Since, Lord Krishna was born at midnight, the festival spills onto the second day as well. Let’s take a look at some of the Janmashtami decoration ideas for all the rituals that are performed on these days. 

Typically, there are two ways to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. One, that involves minimal Janmashtami decoration at home where you perform a small pooja. Two, you go grand. You can do that by either participating in the famous celebrations hosted by temples, or you can even host your own Kirtans or Bhagavad Gita Path. 

If you’re more likely to celebrate Janmashtami at home, here are some ideas for Janmashtami decoration at home:

Choose the Right Statue for Janmashtami Decoration

Most homes have a statue like this one, made of either metal or stone

In most parts of northern India, people like to adorn Krishna statues in new clothing and jewellery. Essentially, they would wash the idol in a large plate (parat), adorn it with new clothes (poshak), crown (mukut), flute (bansuri) and necklace (haar). Remember to buy these things if you don’t have them already. And if it’s any help deciding, Krishna’s favourite colour is yellow. 

However, in Andhra Pradesh, the devotees prefer to keep the pictures or paintings of Krishna instead of a statue. They chant bhajans and slokas in front of the picture during Janmashtami. So, if you’re looking for an easy Krishna Janmashtami decoration idea at home, you can consider this.

A clay statue of Krishna, easily available in the market for Janmashtami decoration

If you don’t have a statue that you can do Janmashtami decoration on, you can buy a clay or metal statue from the market before Janmashtami. These are available at economical prices and generally come in different sizes.

The Bal Gopal or Bal Krishna statues that are more popular in northern India

In states like UP, West Bengal, Delhi, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh, people prefer to bring the Bal Gopal, Bal Krishna or Ladoo Gopal home. They place the statue in a cradle or a swing and rock it to enact the birth moments of Lord Krishna. The Janmashtami decoration ideas at home often include ideas and moments revolving the swing (jhula) or cradle. Keep reading to find ideas for Krishna jhula decoration at home.

Set a Theme for Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

The Govardhan Mountain Tale from the many tales of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna was known to impress his people with intelligence and strength. To set a theme for your Janmashtami decoration at home, you can choose from many tales and legends. These themes can a beautiful way to share the tale of Krishna’s life with your children. 

The Makhan Chor Bal Krishna theme is the dearest one to devotees in UP

The most common and popular Krishna Janmashtami decoration theme is the ‘Makhan Chor Krishna’. This is when Maa Yashoda catches little Krishna for stealing makhan from various houses. Since makhan was his favourite food, devotees offer him makhan along with their prayers. Hence, you will find the statues of Bal Krishna or Ladoo Gopal extending his hand forward, trying to reach for butter. 

The Raas Leela theme common in UP, West Bengal, Odisha and Manipur

The second most popular theme is the ‘Raas Leela’ by Krishna. Lord Krishna, his friends and the gopis used to love dancing to his flute. Raas leelas are a common way to celebrate Janmashtami in Mathura and Vrindavan in UP. Either actors are hired for the performance, or family members themselves dress up for these plays. 

Make a Stage/Stand/Base for the Idol

Usually the idol is set above on a stage/base that is also decorated to mark the birth celebration

For Janmashtami decoration ideas at home, the base can be made out of a stool or a box. For bigger celebrations like Kirtans and Bhagavad Gita Paths (where Bhagvad Gita is recited for 3,5 or 7 days and there’s a havan), the stage is generally larger than this. 

But if you’re looking for easy Krishna Janmashtami decoration ideas at home, use temporary cardboard boxes. You can also use red cotton/ satin cloth to hide these bases. The colour red is auspicious for conducting Poojas. 

Ready the Parat To Wash the Statue for Janmashtami Decoration

The Krishna statue is bathed in Ganga jal, water and milk after the specified time of his birth

Typically, a small-scale celebration at home involves bathing the statue in honey, milk and water before dressing the statue. This is done twice. Once after you have decorated your entire set-up and placed Krishna in his ‘palna/jhula’.

And the second time during the specified ‘mahurat’ of Krishna’s birth. This time again with ‘ganga jal’, water and milk. Hence, a large plate (parat) forms a part of the Krishna Janmashtami decoration. 

Decorate the Palna/Jhula for Your Bal Krishna 

There are many ways to decorate the ‘palna/jhula’ for your ‘Ladoo Gopal’. Steal these ideas below for your krishna jhula decoration at home. 

Use Satin Clothes (Reshmi) for Janmashtami Decoration

A Krishna jhula decorated with colourful satin clothes and tied to a satin rope to rock the swing
A wooden swing lined with satin clothes and pillows to create a seat (asan) for Krishna
A metallic seat lined with velvet has a yellow satin cloth background

Use Peacock Feather for Janmashtami Decoration

The use peacock feathers also common to Krishna Janmashtami decorations

Lord Krishna always wore a peacock feather in his crown (mukut), so it is only natural to decorate his ‘palna/jhula’ and his ‘mukut’ with it. 

Janmashtami Decoration With the Matikis and Handis

One of the traditions on Janmashtami is to break the matki/handi full of butter to remember the mischievous ways of Krishna

In Maharashtra, Janmashtami is all about having fun. They have ‘handi contests’ that are quite competitive as local companies and political parties offer cash prizes to the winning groups. The participants form human pyramids and try to break the ‘handis’ hung high above the ground. 

Nevertheless, ‘handis and matkis’ are a part of the celebrations everywhere. The janmashtami decoration ideas for these include flowers, paints and satin clothes. 

Use Lights for Janmashtami Decoration

The use of fairy lights is becoming increasingly popular to decorate altars during poojas

The lights are a good option for Janmashtami decoration at home as they add visual interest to the space. While the use of lights is not limited to altars, they are used in many ways to decorate home interiors and exteriors during Janmashtami. Lights are especially helpful when you’re hosting Kirtans and Bhagavad Gita Paths. 

A grand image of Krishna created using lights for Janmashtami decoration

Add Flowers in Your Janmashtami Decor Ideas

Roses and marigolds (genda) are the most auspicious flowers to use during such celebrations

The use of flowers is not limited to just the altar you make for your Janmashtami decoration. They can also be used to decorate your doorways, walls, railings and ceilings in your house. The more you decorate, the more celebration spirit you will have. 

Best Rangoli Options for Janmashtami Decoration

Since peacock feather is symbolic to Lord Krishna, try peacock rangolis

A Janmashtami decoration is meant to be a colourful one. That’s why peacock ‘rangolis’ work the best during this festival. Moreover, the peacock feather is symbolic to Lord Krishna, and thus, fits the theme perfectly.

A simple yet colourful rangoli design for the occasion of Janmashtami
A grand and colourful rangoli idea for Janmashtami Kirtans or Paths

We hope our ideas have made you eager for the upcoming Janmashtami festival. Most of these Janmashtami decoration ideas can be used at home, and some for Kirtans and Paths as well. This dearly festival, let’s bring all the family together and remember the legend of Lord Krishna who liberated us from evil in his own fair ways. 

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