There is a nip in the air and we can see lights being strung up in homes. Yes, the festive season is here. But the festivities aren’t as grand as every other year as we can’t plan elaborate parties or travel freely. However, nothing can stop you from doing some Amazon shopping for decor to make your home pretty. Especially when Amazon home decor items are on so much discount!

If you love to do some itsy-bitsy decor but feel guilty about spending too much (particularly this year), we have just the Amazon shopping list for you! And everything on our list is priced under ₹1,500. What are you waiting for, start adding to cart!

#1: Decorative Wall Mirror with Carved Wooden Frame

red mirror-wooden frame-round mirror
The perfect companion for your foyer wall

What is this?

A decorative wooden framed mirror made by hand and carved for a distressed look. It is available in three different colours.

Where to use it?

This carved wall mirror can easily become the accent piece on a wall. Use it in your living room or foyer for a stunning effect. 

Works best: On a white, cream or grey wall. 

Cost: ₹1,187

#2: Rustic Foldable Side Table

amazon shopping-wooden side table-folding table
Perfect for any cute little corner!

What is this?

A handmade wooden folding table that fits into any corner due to its small size. It is available in a number of pop colours, so add it to your Amazon shopping list. 

Where to use it?

This table is ideal for balconies, terraces or other outdoor spaces. You can also use it in your living room to keep a vase or potted plants. 

Works best: In a bohemian setup with plants or flowers set on it. 

Cost: ₹570

#3: Boho-chic Round Rug

amazon shopping-round rug-boho chic rug
Just pop of colour you need for your living room

What is this?

A braided jute carpet with colourful cotton details that is round and reversible. This carpet is available in two dimensions depending on your space. 

Where to use it?

This rug has a rustic charm about it and fits right at the centre of your living room. You can place a small coffee table on it or place a large floor cushion next to it for a cosy feel. 

Works best: To add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. 

Cost:  ₹799

#4: Antique Candle Holders 

amazon shopping-wooden candle holder-teal candle holder
Candlelight dinners, here we come

What is this?

Mango wood candle holders in a teal with a distressed finish. The best part about these is that they cover the entire length of the candle!

Where to use it?

On a console or coffee table in the corner to have diffused lighting. You can also use these as centrepieces for your dining table.

Works best: In a traditional setup with plenty of polished wooden finishes.

Cost: ₹699

#5: Vintage Table Lamp

 amazon shopping-vintage lamp-wooden table lamp
The ideal bedside mate for bibliophiles

What is this?

A table lamp that gets its vintage vibes from its classically carved wooden base, which is perfectly complemented by the textured fabric lampshade. Its a must have on your Amazon shopping list.

Where to use it?

You can keep this by your bedside or on a lone table in your reading/coffee corner. 

Works best: In a room with a rich colour scheme with obviously antique elements or an eclectic mix of decor items. 

Cost: ₹1,119

Check out lighting tips for your home:

#6: Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

 amazon shopping-ceramic oil diffuser-night lamp
Also serves as a night lamp!

What is this?

A ceramic aroma diffuser or dani to burn aromatic oils or camphor. 

Where to use it?

This diffuser you buy from Amazon shopping can easily be used as a night lamp too! 

Works best: In a colourful setup with bright coloured walls or soft furnishings. 

Cost:  ₹569 Articles

#7: Handmade Terracotta Pots

amazon shopping-pottery items-ceramic pots
 Support local artists by buying their art!

What is this?

A pair of handpainted kiln burnt ceramic pots that can be used for decoration. These are available in a range of colours. 

Where to use it?

You can keep in on display shelves or on top of consoles. 

Works best: In a room that has earthy colours with rustic finishes. 

Cost:  ₹749

#8: Decorative Wall Clock

amazon shopping-travel themed wall clock-mdf clock
Place where everyone can see it

What is this?

A travel-themed wall clock made of MDF and painted in metallic tones. Each of the numbers is marked by one of the great wonders of the world. 

Where to use it?

This obviously has to go on a wall. If you take our advice, put it on a wall that is visible from the most number of points in your house. 

Works best: On a white or cream coloured wall. 

Cost: ₹995

#9: Iron Storage Racks

amazon shopping-iron shelves-wall shelves

What is this?

Iron shelves or organiser trays that can be mounted on the wall. 

Where to use it?

You can mount these on your balcony wall or your kid’s bedroom to keep knick-knacks. 

Works best: in an industrial setting with metallic finishes. 

Cost: ₹999

#10: Copper Planter with Stand

copper planter-planter with stand
Need some glam and gloss? Here it is!

A floor-standing copper planter with a black metal stand. 

Where to use it?

You can place it in any sunny spot or corner in your home and grow an indoor plant in it.  

Works best: In a minimal glam home where the glossy copper finish fits just right. 

Cost: ₹803

#11: Floor Cushion for Sitting

floor cushion-seating for floor
Just right for an evening cuppa or session of meditation

What is this?

A square shaped colourful floor cushion with natural prints that is reversible. 

Where to use it?

You can keep it near a rug and floor lamp to make a reading corner or in the pooja or meditation room. 

Works best: In a breezy room with plenty of whites and subtle pops of colours. 

Cost: ₹440

#12: Retro Movie Posters

framed movie posters-mughal-e-azam poster
Hanging up some nostalgia on a gallery wall

What is this?

A framed original movie poster of the classic film Mughal-e-Azam. Being easily relatable, it makes a great cultural marker and pop art. You can explore other cult movie posters like Pulp Fiction, The Joker and more. 

Where to use it?

Movie posters look great on gallery walls or in passageways or in your entertainment room.

Works best: On a white, cream or yellow wall surrounded by other pop art. 

Cost: ₹819

#13: Lanterns With Wooden Shelf (for outdoors)

wooden shelves-shelves with lanterns
Just what you need to light up your garden or balcony

What is this?

Wooden shelves attached with brightly coloured metal lanterns. There is space above the lanterns to keep small decoratives or essentials like glasses. 

Where to use it?

These fixtures are perfect for a balcony or porch just outside the house. 

Works best: On a textured wall surrounded by plants. 

Cost: ₹949

#14: String Light Curtains

 string lights-fairy lights-lights for diwali
 A personal curtain of stars

What is this?

The classic string lights or fairy lights that have 8 different modes of lighting. This is a Diwali or New Year staple in any Indian home. 

Where to use it?

These could be strung up on balcony grills or on windows or in a garden. 

Works best: Literally anywhere. 

Cost: ₹999

#15: Embossed Vase

red vase-embossed vase
The ideal centrepiece

What is this?

Red coloured ceramic vase with an embossed texture for decorating your home. 

Where to use it?

You can use it as a flower vase or an accent piece in itself. 

Works best: Around white or light backgrounds so that it colour pops! 

Cost: ₹499

*** Prices and availability of the products are subject to change. This article reflects prices as on November 11, 2020. We do not get paid to promote these products, we do it simply to spread the joy of getting a good deal!

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