Vastu shastra or vastu is the ancient science of balancing the forces of nature and its directions. It combines the five elements and maintains balance in the cosmos by keeping them all in unison. This unification of the five elements is the core idea of understanding vastu shastra. Vastu tips for house are something that a dweller needs to follow to ensure that his or her five senses are in unison and alignment with the five elements in nature. Hence, there are parameters for people who are settling into new homes to ensure that the vastu in their home is correct. 

According to Vastu Shastra for home, there are five vastu elements in the universe. Fire, water, air, earth and space. The balance and propriety of these five elements bring prosperity to living beings. That is why there is so much emphasis on vastu. Let’s look at these vastu elements in detail and learn how to ensure they are aligned properly when designing your home.

#1: Water

vastu-tips-for-house-using-water-vastu element-in-your-home
Create a water body in your home in the north

Water is considered to be one of the largest elements as 80 percent of our body is made up of water. Even two-thirds of the earth is made up of water. According to Vedic tradition, water is supposed to represent consciousness and purity. As water reflects what is against it, the metaphor of consciousness falls into place. This is why according to vastu shastra for house, it is suggested that a water body be placed at the north of the house. Since the north of the house is where all the energy waves collect, the water will exert positivity. Vastu tips for house also lay emphasis on the body. Thus it is essential to make sure your body has enough of this vastu element, which is why staying hydrated is imperative to the human body.

#2: Earth

Bring home the earth element by potting some plants in your home

While following vastu tips for home, don’t forget to pay homage to Earth. Earth, the second element in vastu shastra for home, does not only influence human life but it also has great complementary significance to the other elements. Earth is associated with things like soil, mud, trees and plants. It resonates with trust and groundedness and represents a solid foundation for the universe. According to home vasthu plan, the southwest area of the house is perfect for the earth element. Here you can maintain plants, grow a few trees and invite the balance of the universe into your home. The greenery also adds to the domesticated aesthetic of your household.

#3: Fire

All the spaces dominated by fire should be in the southeast corner of the home

Vastu tips for house also talk about the importance of fire as it is the force that is a provider for the universe. The element resonates with the sun that provides the entire world with warmth and light, and similarly fire as an element is the provider of food in a household. It aids in cooking, keeping us warm and safe and much more. Although fire is a provider, it is also a rogue element and can quickly smoulder what intensifies it. Fire represents stronger emotions such as passion, determination, courage and devotion.

As per home vastu tips, the fire element should be placed in the southeast part of the house. Therefore, places dominated by the fire element such as the kitchen, the fireplaces and major electrical devices should be placed in the southeast direction. Moreover, a house should be properly ventilated so as to invite the fire element into the home through the sunlight. The sunlight brings positive energy into the home as a reflection of the fire element.

#4: Air

Add a wind chime on your window to invite the element of air in

Vastu tips for house talks about the art of maintaining a good and healthy home. It emphasises the need for good ventilation across the rooms of the house and for this, it has precise directions for the length, heights and breadth of windows, doors, and even their exact positioning. The air element is one of the most vital elements according to vastu tips. Without it, life as we know it would come to an end. The air element, according to vastu directions, should enter from the north-east direction. To complement the element of air, one can use metal bells in your home or wind chimes for pleasant sounds exerting positivity.

#5: Space

The centre of the house should always be vacant and open

Space is considered to be the most important Vastu element according to vastu tips for home, as it is quite limitless. It represents the sky and the universe alike. The vastness of space influences daily life for humans and it is important to maintain a balance of this element inside the home. According to vastu tips for house, it is advisable that the space centre in the home is vacant and well ventilated. There should be no obstructing objects in and around this space, and if the space is open to the sky this is quite beneficial for a household. Direct entry for space invites air, sunlight and even water. This unison of elements can bring positivity into the home, and bring along prosperity for the dweller of the home well.

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