A home that’s a lesson in creativity at TDI Ourania in Gurgaon.

tdi ourania_blue sofa cum bed_pink table_exposed brick wall
A room with an easy-going vibe and quirky elements

Who livs here: Sonam Bisht with her parents

Location: TDI Ourania, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,800 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Gaurav Chaudhary and Project Manager Aditi Arora

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Every now and then comes a home that has so many striking elements to point out that leaves us at a loss for words. The service industry thrives on word-of-mouth and the right display of their work. For Sonam Bisht, a makeup artist by profession, residing at TDI Ourania, it was our Instagram page that got her to us. This fashionista is an ardent follower of lifestyle handles and on one such browsing trip she came across Livspace.

A lover of colours and all things classy by self-admission, Sonam has always envisioned her home to look like a fairy-tale. When she first met Gaurav Chaudhury, her designer, she was clear about her interest in cheerful colours and glittering gold tones. He instantly knew that he had to make this one worth it. While the living room embraces bold reds and golds, the lounge flaunts peppy pink and blue. This home is a playful riot of colours and you should not miss taking a tour of this one.

tdi ourania_infobox_client brief
Interiors for TDI Ourania: A Glitzy and Glamorous Affair
tdi ourania_living room_sofa_glass centre table_marble flooring
Doesn’t this look like you’re entering a dream?
tdi ourania_living room_tv unit_wall ledges
tdi ourania_living room_display shelves_floating false ceiling
tdi ourania_living room_red accent chairs_golden mirror_golden wallpaper

The moment you step into this sprawling 3BHk at TDI Ourania, you are hit by an unsinkable energy. Replete with ravishing red and glamorous gold, this living room is a treat for sore eyes. Gaurav planned the seating in such a way that there’s enough space to move around as well as lounge around. If you look at the TV unit wall, you will notice that it is one big empty wall, if not for the floating wall shelves. Gaurav intelligently broke the unending wall by placing these ledges that can hold everything from the set-top box to other little accent pieces.

Another striking element in this living room is the floating false ceiling that takes inspiration from a chess board. Recessed light is the perfect option when you have an accent ceiling like this. A golden wallpaper also acts as the highlight on corner wall.

Interiors for TDI Ourania: A Compact Dining Space
tdi ourania_dining room_white dining table_gold jaali divider
A compact dining space for a cozy family
tdi ourania_dining room_bar unit_crockery unit_chandelier_jaali divider
tdi ourania_dining room_white wall_white chairs_white table

Have you ever seen a dining room so compact and sleek? This dining room at TDI Ourania wins brownie points for being cosy, classy and stylish — all at once. Gaurav designed the grid style bar-cum-crockery unit that holds all the exclusive crockery and liquor. This zone turns into a party zone when Sonam has friends over. Do not miss the stylish chandelier that features hands that can be turned around. A simple jaali partition separates this space from the foyer.

Interiors for TDI Ourania: Backlit and Jaali Pooja
tdi ourania_pooja room_white unit_jaali panel
A compact pooja corner for divine times

The pooja corner in this home is built in a wall niche and steers clear of unnecessary pomp. All it flaunts is a backlit panel with Ganesha and an inscription on it. The idols rest on a storage unit complete with drawers and cabinets. A laser cut panel defines this divine corner.

Interiors for TDI Ourania: Blackcurrant & Champagne
tdi ourania_kitchen_purple kitchen_u shape kitchen
Talk about pops of berry on vanilla!
tdi ourania_kitchen_cream cabinets_frosted glass shutters
tdi ourania_kitchen_hob unit_quartz countertop
tdi ourania_kitchen_wicker baskets_laminate cabinets
tdi ourania_kitchen_microwave unit_3d tiles_backsplash

While cooking is not an activity that Sonam enjoys, she wanted her kitchen to be as functional as possible. Since this kitchen is going to be used by the house help most of the time, it had to be easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, Gaurav gave them laminate finish for the base and wall units. The quartz countertop is also easy to clean and does not require any special maintenance. This kitchen is equipped with all the modules that a kitchen should have. Also, 3D ceramic tiles make for a simple backsplash.

tdi ourania_client photo_sonam bisht

“It was an absolute pleasure to get my home designed by Livspace and all the credit goes to the designer, Gaurav Chaudhary. He has delivered over and beyond his responsibilities to give us our dream home. From design suggestions to decor ideas, he was always ready to help and I absolutely love spending time in the little reading nook that he created for me in my room.”

– Sonam Bisht, Livspace Homeowner

Interiors for TDI Ourania: An All-in-one Master Bedroom
tdi ourania_master bedroom_pendant lights_wooden flooring
A bedroom that can calm your senses
tdi ourania_master bedroom_swing door wardrobe
tdi ourania_master bedroom_wooden flooring_reading nook
tdi ourania_master bedroom_niche seating

In conversation with Sonam, we found out that her favourite spot at home is this cosy reading nook that Gaurav created for her. It has shelves on either side for her to store all her books and cute nothings. And did you know what is her favourite element here? It is the dreamy Krishna Mehta wallpaper!

She also revealed that she is a shopaholic and she wanted dedicated space to keep all her handbags. Simple swing door wardrobes with lofts is the ideal choice for someone who loves clothes. A dresser built in a niche with storage at the bottom and a focus light to illuminate the corner is something that she needed.

Interiors for TDI Ourania: A Beautiful Blue Escape
tdi ourania_guest bedroom_blue wallpaper_white bed
An ocean themed bedroom for the parents
tdi ourania_guest bedroom_white bedroom_swing door wardrobe
tdi ourania_guest bedroom_white walls_layered drapes

Every parent in this world deserves to have a room that makes them feel comfortable. Gaurav tells us how Sonam, her parents and he together chose this beautiful aqua blue colour for this bedroom. With hints of gold on the wallpaper, it acts as the perfect focal point here. Functionality won once again, with simple swing door wardrobes in high gloss laminate finish.

Interiors for TDI Ourania: A Pretty Entertainment Room
tdi ourania_lounge_entertainment room_sofa-cum-bed_pink table
Don’t you feel like chillin’ in this room?
tdi ourania_lounge area_colourful furniture
tdi ourania_lounge_blue sofa cum bed_pink table_red display unit
tdi ourania_lounge_entertainment room_tv unit

Now this is one spot at home that comes alive whenever there are friends and family at home. Sonam loves hosting her friends and she also loves her Play Station. This is where you can find her chilling on most days after work. We are crushing over the lousy vibe of this room. With a sofa-cum-bed in aquamarine, a pop pink table and a quirky red ladder display unit, this is one hot spot at home!

“It is always amazing when our clients become friends in the end. This is a sort of validation that we have done something right. It was absolutely thrilling to design for Sonam since she was very clear about certain things from the beginning. The designing phase did not take a lot of time and we could deliver her home on time. I made sure I took all her requirements into consideration and gave her exactly what she was expecting.”

– Gaurav Chaudhury, Interior Designer, Livspace

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