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Nothing like having friends and family over for a tipple and some delectable food, right? While there are plenty of bar counter designs available in the market, why choose something basic when we can give you a home bar design that’s personalised, unique and chic?

Check out the 35+ bar counter designs and get ready to be inspired.

#1: A home bar design with a stylish display

Sleek shelves are perfect for displaying your wine glasses

Almost every home is furnished with a crockery unit. So, why don’t you take advantage of the same and double it up as a bar? You can also create a zone to stash your liquids. The sleek wooden shelves can help you display your wine glasses, fancy bottles or even some pretty decor.

#2: Home bars with a gorgeous view

Drinks with a view!

There’s nothing quite like sipping your favourite brew while admiring the beauty of the city. This compact bar counter design is perfect if you want something that doesn’t take up too much space. In addition, the dark wood finish pairs perfectly with the chocolate-brown textured accent wall, creating visual depth.

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#3: A white and classy home bar design

Hints of gold add to the elegance of this home mini bar

Simplicity is beauty, and this white home bar design is a point in case. If all-white is not your taste, add some drama with gold accents in the form of panels.

#4: Quirky home bar ideas

When space is scarce, look towards your walls

While luxurious bar design ideas are common, quirky ones like the one above are equally popular. So, if you are looking for a mini bar counter design that will fit into a small space, choose any empty wall in your home and add some shelves. You can also use the space under your stairs. Anyway, a spandrel isn’t utilised in most homes and can be an innovative way to add in a bar unit.

#5: Tuck your home bar inside a niche

Lighting will add a glam effect to your room bar design

For those who like privacy, a mini bar inside a niche can work wonders! Don’t forget to add some seats and let ambient lighting help set the mood.

#6: Traditional and old-school home bar designs

Bar tables that double up as storage units will always remain popular among homeowners

Not everything has to be unique and modern. A traditional home bar design in wood, with display racks for your glasses and closed storage for your expensive bottles, is a great option. Additionally, you can also use your countertop space for preparing drinks and displaying decor.

#7: Bold and vibrant bar unit designs

Have you ever seen a bar inside a wall?

When it comes to unique bar decor ideas, this one’s a winner! The home bar design has been built into a niche in the wall. The combination of the blue paint and mirror panels gives it a striking look.

#8: A bar counter design that’s both a bar and a display rack

A modern take on the Japanese style of seating

When you have a compact home, it’s best to optimise the space on your walls and use them for storage. This type of wall-to-wall open shelves storage cabinet can be converted into a modern bar counter design. The rest of the cabinets can be used to store expensive bottles, crockery and other items.

#9: A private corner to enjoy a drink

Mirrors can make any space look glamorous

If you have a niche somewhere in your house, use that space to fit in a sleek table where you can keep a bottle or two. Also, add some chairs to help you sit back and relax.

#10: A home bar design inside a wall

We love such smart and trendy options!

If you are looking for small home bar designs, pin this image! If you don’t already have a niche in your wall, ask your designer to create one for you and use that space to display your prized alcohol collection.

#11: A home bar design reminiscent of one in a pub

The lighting adds to the pub-like effect

If you are someone who loves to party and wants to recreate a similar setup in your home, this bar counter design is the one for you. While the design itself is basic, the lighting creates a party-like atmosphere.

#12: Colours of happiness

Steer away from traditional dark colours and opt for something bright and vibrant

Generally, bar cabinet designs either feature dark colours like brown or light ones like beige and white but you can also add vibrant hues of blue and yellow as fun elements. Such a unit can serve the dual purpose of storing your bottles and displaying your decor.

#13: A vibrant blue home bar with storage

The blue cabinet goes so well with the patterned flooring and bare walls

Not everyone’s fond of displaying their alcohol collection. If that’s you, go for this closed-home bar design. Such units will not only help hide away your bottles but also double up as a storage cabinet. Consider a vibrant colour like blue to elevate the look.

#14: Play peek-a-boo with this house bar design

Monochromes look amazing with all types of interiors

Bold and beautiful, this home bar design stands out due to its striking colour combination. While the majority of the unit features closed cabinets, an open rack for bottles has been carved out in the middle.

#15: A unique home bar design to display your bottles

The blue brick-like accent wall complements the bar unit

If you have a swoon-worthy collection of bottles, why not display them? A grid-like wall-mounted mini bar counter design for home with a sleek table and bar tools is a modern and convenient option. Additionally, you can also consider a closed cabinet for your glasses.

#16: A minimal veneer bar counter for your home

Simple designs can also be luxurious

If you want something that’s both simple and glamorous, this type of veneer home bar design will look remarkable in your living room. While the design in itself is quite minimal, the dark wood colour and gold trims give it a luxurious look.

#17: Sleek bar ideas for compact homes

The blue stencilled accent wall shows you how to decorate on a budget

Bulky furniture is a strict no-no when you have a compact space. So opt for a sleek home bar and customise it to fit into a niche to ensure maximum space efficiency. You can also add a decorative element to your bar counter design for home with an economical stencilled accent wall.

#18: A home bar inside a cosy lounge

A cosy and private spot to enjoy a tipple while gazing at the view

Fancy some privacy while enjoying your favourite single malt? Carve out a private space for yourself, which you can convert into a lounge with a home bar. Don’t forget to add some cosy seating!

#19: Playoff open shelves and closed storage

Shades like white and pastel pinks will make your room look both spacious and elegant

Not everything has to be fancy – simple home bar design ideas will always remain evergreen. A combination of open shelves to display your bottles and a closed cabinet to store more expensive options and glasses is a winner!

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#20: A mirrored bar counter design for home

Luxe designs in a mirrored finish

A space-saving hack that every designer will tell you is to use mirrors to create the illusion of space. As such, why not go for a home bar design in a mirrored finish? This is not only perfect for small spaces, but will also look very glam.

#21: Wooden cabinet-cum-bar counter design

This simple wooden cabinet makes the most minimalist bar counter

Not sure about getting a separate bar counter? Get this cool wooden cabinet-style one to show off your fancy ceramics. Customise the wall behind it with your own art for a personal touch!

#22: The timeless Yin and Yang bar counter design

Raise your bar counter game with mirrors and storage!

Why go for Yin and Yang? It’s the perfect mix of chic greys and blacks with a touch of mirrors. Keep your wine and glasses tucked away in stylish cabinets with interior lights, and the mirrored panel adds a classy vibe with extra storage below.

#23: A wine rack for your drinks

Pouring practicality from the walls, the bar is raised – literally

Hang a wooden wine rack on your wall – it frees up your floor and lets you grab your favourite bottles and glasses in a snap! With its flat shelves for lots of bottles and upright holders for different glasses, it’s a stylish space-saver.

#24: A glassy bar counter nook

Just hang a glass shelf for a unique bar counter

Turn a little corner in your room into a cool mini bar by putting up a clear glass shelf on the wall. Add two small lights on top for a cosy vibe, surround it with dark brown panels, and throw in a colourful rug for a stylish touch!

#25: Built-in bar counter shelves

Shelf to bar in 1, 2, 3

Put up a wall shelf to create a stylish bar counter—saves space and looks cool! Divide it with a custom Japan-inspired room divider screen, throw in some chairs and a small table, and voila! Your cosy bar counter design for home is ready to roll.

#26: Antique bar counter design

Wine a little, laugh a lot in this retro bar!

Check out this bar counter made just for antique furniture lovers! It’s got a retro dark brown wine cabinet with carefully arranged wine bottles and glasses, and we are loving the subtle wooden carvings.

#27: U-shaped bar counters along with wall

Turn columns into a trendy tipple temple

Turn your room’s big pillars into a stylish bar set up with a unique hairpin-shaped counter and a cool waterfall countertop. Picture a dark wood bar, glass front, surrounded by cabinets – one on the left with glass and the other on the right, a sleek dark wood piece with classy glass doors.

#28: Utilise your corners with this bar counter design

Sip and chat in this pint-sized party corner

Check out this cute small built-in bar counter nook in the dining room, nestled in a corner beside the table. It lights up inside, giving off a warm vibe for a relaxed meal or just chilling with friends.

#29: Sip, chat, repeat with this roomy bar counter

White, wood, and wonderful: Your bar, your rules

Create a cool hangout spot with this bar counter design for a room with a lot of floor space. A sleek white counter with wooden cabinets, paired with a plain wall, draws attention; throw in a couple of lamps, place a couch nearby, and voila – your bar corner is ready!

#32: #GoSimple with this bar counter design

Cheers to multitasking furniture – wine, dine and shine

This cool piece of furniture has a spot for your wine, shelves for your stuff, and a handy countertop for making drinks or meals. Plus, the upside-down wine glass rack and mirrored panels add a stylish touch!

#32: Green dreams meet kitchen scenes

Victorian vibes and wine sips – it’s kitchen couture

Turn a corner of the room into a cool home bar with a green grass wall for an actual bar feel. The kitchen counter doubles as the bar, complete with a BAR sign, hanging wine glass rack, and a touch of Victorian cafe charm from the white window.

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#34: Customise your bar counter

Fridge, ice maker, beer tap – the bar, but cooler

This modern bar counter design stands out with its waterfall design that smoothly connects to the floor, giving it a sleek and modern vibe. Plus, it’s perfect for hiding messy cords. Customise the bar’s material, finish, and size to match your home style, and add cool extras like a fridge, an ice maker, or a beer tap if you want!

#33: Movable bar counter design idea

Boogie with a bar that follows your party groove

Roll this portable bar anywhere you like! This wheeled rack makes a great home bar, just slide it against a wall, throw in some decor, or a neon sign, and top it off with lighting that complements your wall colour and drinks for the ultimate cosy bar nook.

#34: The bar counter from the Bond movie

Who doesn’t want an 80s bar in their homes?

Creating this home bar setup might cost a bit since, well, vintage stuff can be pricey. But if you are up for a splurge, save this idea – the dark wooden cabinets and cosy yellow lights give off serious James Bond vibes. Throw in some tall stools with bright seats to lighten up the rich, dark look.

#35: Panelled bar counter design

Bar brilliance in three words: panels, lights, perfection!

Now this is what we call high-end home interiors! The tall wooden panels make your bar spacious, enhanced by subtle ceiling lights showcasing the expansive wood walls. A sleek wooden counter completes the look, and don’t forget some cool light fixtures to fill up the vertical space!

#38: Another 80s-inspired bar counter?

80s nostalgia with a modern twist: LED magic!

This bar may seem like a throwback to the 80s at first, but check it out closely – the interiors are actually pretty modern. What’s the trick? The contour LED strips in the shelves and under the counter. Plus, comfy leather chairs and a tidy display of bottles give your home that legit bar cafe vibe.

#37: Bar counter with exposed woodwork

Woodwork edition with a side of beige

The exposed woodwork is an ode to the beige aesthetic. With the complementary dark brown countertop and chairs, you have the most minimalist yet modern bar counter design for your home.

#38: Block shelves bar counter

Beautiful bar with warm ceiling lights in a luxurious house

The separate block shelves are the highlight of this bar counter design; it’s the perfect place for your wine collections! This modern bar counter design is actually around a kitchen counter with a sink (multipurpose, anyone?). The warm lights make it a cosy place for you to hang out and not just another bar counter.

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