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10+ Easy Tips and Tricks to Remove Vastu Doshas From Your Home

It can be turned around


4 Ways to Fix Your Bedroom Vastu to Keep Peace and Romance Alive

Did you know that the bed is the key to this?


5+ Vastu Expert Tips to Avoid Making These Pooja Room Design Mistakes

Vastu doshas and how to overcome them


5 Expert Tips From Acharya Manoj Shrivastava to Improve the Vastu of Your Home

For health, wealth and happiness


Welcome Goddess Lakshmi With These 5 Vastu Tips to Light a Diwali Diya

Also, learn how to make a diya at home


6 Vastu Tips That Will Help You Bring Happiness Into Your New Home

Guidelines for health, wealth and emotional wellbeing


What Is the Difference Between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui?

Know how to reap the benefits of each.


7 Vastu-Approved Colours That Can Bring Prosperity Into Your Home + Shades to Avoid

Make informed colour choices!


5 Feng Shui Tips That Can Help You Balance the ‘Chi’ of Every Room in Your Home

We say do it using basic Feng Shui tips.


15 Vastu Shastra Tips to Help You Stay on the Right Side of Luck

We’ll tell you what to follow and why

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