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Vastu for Home: 8 Vastu Shastra for Home Secrets You Should Know

These vastu for home tips will help you welcome positivity into your home


13 Vastu Items for Home Decor To Bring Good Luck and Positivity

Drive positive energy into your space with these easy-to-incorporate vastu items for home


10 Vastu Plan Tips for Every Room in Your North Facing Home

Placement rules for everything in your home


10 Vastu Myths You Were Made to Believe Finally Busted!

We answered all your FAQs on vastu myths to help you get a happy and positive home


Vastu for Bathroom: 10+ Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Vastu-Compliant

Now you know where everything goes!


10+ Money Plant Vastu Tips to Bring Good Fortune into Your Life

Welcome good luck to your home


8 Vastu for Home Entrance Tips That Will Help You Welcome Good Vibes

Do’s, don’ts and more vastu for home entrance tips to help you welcome positive energy into your home


10+ Vastu Colours for Bedrooms That Improve the Energy in Your Room

Know how colours can impact your psyche and mood

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8 Tips To Ensure Your Main Door Vastu Is As Per Vastu Guidelines

Guidelines for health, wealth and emotional wellbeing!


5+ Vastu Shastra Tips for the Perfect Mirror Placement at Home

Mirrors can eliminate negative energies from your home

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