The biggest cities and countries in the world often have the smallest homes. Singapore is no different and if you own one of the spatially challenged HDBs or condos, we understand your plight. But hey, it’s also an opportunity to get creative with your storage needs, and we are here to help. So, here’s a list of space-saving ideas for every room in your home.

But before we go there, here are some versatile tips that you can apply for any room:

  • The minimalist style is a godsend for small homes
  • Use multi-functional furniture
  • Odd niches are actually perfect for storage
  • Wall-mounted storage and shelves save space

1. Space Saving Ideas for Living Rooms

a. Maximise Space With a Mix of Seating Options

This home also takes layering to another level to create a finished look

If you wish to seat many people even in a compact living room, pair your three-seater sofa with ottoman and pouffes that can be stacked easily when not in use.

b. Opt for a Wall-Mounted TV Unit

No better way to save floor space than opting for a minimal TV unit

Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf, freestanding TV console, invest in getting a custom wall-to-wall design with ample shelves and storage to place your books and knick-knacks.

c. Select Wall Storage Spaces

You can turn hidden and unused areas on the wall into valuable storage spaces. Get all the storage space you need without using up eating floor space.

d. Get a Customized Bay Window Seating

Add seating as well as a Victorian character to your space by opting for a bay window seating. It gives you a romantic edge as well as additional practicality.

e. Use Dividers to Save Space

When you use room partition ideas to break up an open layout, you can end up saving a lot of space. Using walls might close off an area and make your living or dining room look visually cluttered.

2. Space Saving Ideas for Dining Rooms

a. Choose a Compact Dining Table

A compact dining table for four is ideal

If you’re looking for a space-saving dining table which seats two or three people, then choose a square design, as its compact shape fits perfectly in a small dining room design. If you often have people over, you can also consider investing in an expandable dining table set.

b. Choose a Built-In Crockery Unit With Display Shelves

A built-in crockery unit with display shelves

Instead of freestanding consoles and sideboards, one of the best space-saving ideas is to free up floor space by opting for wall-mounted storage and shelves that can be used for display.

c. Save Vertical Space by Going for Full Height Kitchen Carpentry

Use space-saving ideas for your kitchen design. Consider adding built-in shelves and a pull-out drawer to save some floor or horizontal space.

d. Choose Multipurpose Furniture

When you choose multipurpose furniture (a storage unit that can work as a bar unit, or a storage unit can double up as a crockery unit), you end up saving space while not compromising on the need for your possessions.

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3. Space Saving Ideas for Kitchens

a. Say Yes to Closed Storage Space for Kitchens

Get lots of closed storage for your compact kitchen

Planning a kitchen well, at the time it’s being designed, will solve a lot of storage problems that you may face later on. Assess the number of utensils, appliances etc. that you plan to have and ask your designer to accommodate each one without using countertop space.

And you will be surprised with what is achievable with all a space-saving home design and closed storage options.

b. Use a Breakfast Counter to Divide Available Space

A breakfast counter can function as a divider for an open kitchen

Want a breakfast counter in the kitchen? Opt for a wall-mounted, retractable table which can be tucked away between meals.

c. Declutter Your Kitchen & Categorize Your Stuff

Decluttering your kitchen countertop by designating specific storage areas for specific appliances, utensils and items. Keep appliances out of sight and use a hanging basket to store away things that occupy valuable counter space.

d. Add Creative Storage Within Kitchen Island

Throw in a kitchen island to add some extra counter space; not only that, you can have pull-out drawers and bottom cabinets under a kitchen island to help you achieve a space-saving design.

3. Space Saving Ideas for Bedrooms

a. Go for a Built-In Wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe can solve your storage issues

If there is a niche, a good space-saving idea is to get a built-in closet.

b. Replace Bedside Tables with Shelves & Add Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Swap bedside tables with open shelving

Opting for a bed frame with storage might be an obvious choice, but it can sometimes make small bedrooms appear cramped, especially if your bedroom lacks proper lighting.

A remedy for some rooms is to instead add lofts above the wardrobe. In a tiny bedroom, you can also replace the mandatory bedside table with wall-mounted shelves.

c. Another Great Space-Saving Idea is Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is perfect for keeping needed items out of sight. That way, you can keep your bedroom organised while saving wardrobe space or having them lie around.

5. Space Saving Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

a. Add a Niche Shelf for Books in Your Wardrobe Design

Get a niche shelf for books and toys in the wardrobe design

You can add open shelves in the wardrobe for toys and books. This also frees up a lot of space for your kids to have a separate play area!

b. Tuck the Wardrobe Neatly Into a Niche

Tuck the wardrobe neatly into a niche

For the kids’ room, either go with bunk beds or beds with built-in storage and study. Plus, find a corner for the wardrobe to save additional space.

c. Go Vertical With Beds

Just back to what we said, go for bunk beds if you’ve two or more kids, and you’ll end up saving a lot of floor space.

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d. Choose Creative Corner Storages

Don’t leave your wall corners unoccupied or messy. Instead, turn them into creative storage options that help house toys, books and other items while giving the room a beautiful edge.

6. Space Saving Ideas for Common Rooms

a. Add a Wall-to-Wall Wardrobe

A wall-to-wall wardrobe will add ample storage space

The secret is using the common room as your storage space too! Invest in a full-wall wardrobe, but make sure that there is enough free space such that your guests feel welcome in the room.

b. Get Multifunctional Furniture for Common Room With Hidden Storage

Get multifunctional furniture for your common room

If it’s a compact room, you can also use multifunctional furniture like a convertible sofa-cum-bed or a Murphy bed for a space-saving design.

c. Get Floating Shelves

You can use floating shelves to save additional floor space while tucking away your knick-knacks.

7. Space Saving Ideas for Toilets

a. Use a Glass Shower Cubicle

Ensure you have a glass shower cubicle

Having a glass shower cubicle divides the space while adding an aesthetic edge to the bathroom. In fact, if anything, it adds tons of practicality and privacy!

b. Opt for a Customized Vanity Unit

Get a customised vanity unit for your toilet

Under the sink storage and lots of shelves are the way to go when designing a small toilet. Since it’s usually a highly compact space, make sure you consult your ID before making any decisions, as ergonomics are the key in ensuring a functional yet space-saving toilet.

c. Use the Wall Wisely

When you decide to use the wall wisely, you’re able to add wall-mounted shelves and cabinets that give you extra storage space.

d. Conceal Items in Bins

Use bins, use baskets, use a combination of both to ensure that you don’t air your dirty laundry in public. <wink, wink>

Tips to Keep in Mind for All Compact Spaces

a. Use platform beds

Platform beds always have an option to add storage beneath

Platform beds are a great deal for small bedrooms. They come with storage underneath and you can stow away all your linen and extra pillows here. Also, these beds look cosy and do not use up too much space.

b. Wall Shelves for Added Storage

Sturdy wall shelves can hold your essentials comfortably

When you need some extra space in a small room, you can always rely upon vertical storage. Use the wall behind the bed and add wall shelves for little things. You can also put up open bookshelves to keep essentials.

c. Corner sofas work wonderfully

Make use of corner space by getting an L-shaped sofa

Make the most of the little space you have by opting for a corner, chaise or L-shaped sofa. A sofa like this can also be used as a room divider, dividing open plan spaces without overcrowding the space.

d. Open up the Space With a Mirror

Decorating a tight space doesn’t have to be all boring. Use mirrors and glass to create an illusion of space.

e. Pick the Right Paint Colours

Neutral and monochrome colours can give a home a spacious look. Natural light and ample artificial lighting can save your home from looking cramped. Low seating and sleek furniture can make the home appear lighter visually.

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