This pandemic, a lot was put into perspective. We’d know because our customers, now, are coming to us more woke and aware of their needs. They know exactly what they want in their small house interior that would support their lifestyles. FYI, most homeowners are keen on minimal, space-saving interior design ideas for small houses. Since common constraints, such as space, present creative challenges and foster innovation, we got to use many small house interior design ideas from the playbook. Although such clever ideas are plenty, we could compile a list of the best ones that will outdo your expectations in this story. From space-saving furniture to storage hacks, we have solutions for all!

#1: Multipurpose/Mixed-Use Furniture

Choose furniture that will work for you to keep your home organised

When dealing with small spaces, we often tend to skimp out on furniture that we might actually need in the long run. Like this coffee table right here. What’s a living room without a centre table, right? But it’s a win-win for your small space design if you can incorporate storage within the table to make the most of it. Instead of choosing a simple table design, we suggest you pick something like this, that has drawers for storage. We also love the multipurpose display racks which come with drawers at the bottom.

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#2: Personalised Furniture for Bedrooms

A platform bed with storage and a study table at its edge offers a collected and decluttered look

Sometimes, modern and minimal interior design ideas for small houses are not about scaling down or keeping decor to the bare minimum. This bedroom features a platform bed with a study table attached to it. And not just that, there is hidden storage below the desk, stairs and along the window. This kind of setup ensures that your furniture is grouped and occupies one end of the room, leaving the rest of the space for free-movement activities. Such spaces are necessary to create in a small house interior. So, this customised set is a complete package when it comes to small house interior design and we have no complaints!

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#3: Heavy-Duty Foyers for Small Space Design

Small house interior design shouldn’t shy away from full wall cabinets and mirrors

Have you ever thought about what all you can do with your foyer, other than just placing a shoe rack or a seat? You can convert that passage into a full-blown storage area for yourself. This award-winning HDB BTO teaches us how, with some great small house design ideas. Storage requirements of a family are a dynamic property; they change depending on your plan for the future. The storage unit in the entryway, that also serves as a divider between the foyer and kitchen, is an example of how storage can be added smartly.

#4: Seamless Storage for a Clean Frame

Closed storage units create plain vertical surfaces that improve aesthetics

An absolute winner in this list of space-saving solutions for homes—concealed storage! Yes, you can never go wrong with this if your designer identifies the right space for this in your HDB or condo. In this clever small house interior design idea, you can spot hidden storage behind fluted panels in the foyer. It is ideal for bomb shelters where you can add these shelves to store extra things and miscellaneous items. It is well designed as it maximises the foyer space, which would otherwise be a wasted space. Also, it camouflages the door that leads into the bomb shelter.

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#5: Atypical Storage Solutions 

Use the space above your headboard for storage

What’s an idea beyond bedside tables? If you’re dealing with a compact bedroom and have a lot of things to store, you have to use your headboard wall for storage. A clever way to do it is to add sleek cabinets on top of the bed to keep extra pillows and other essentials. Merge it with the rest of your small house interior design so it blends in.

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#6: Flexi-Room Furniture

Flexi-room idea in this small house interior design combines their kitchen and dining furniture aesthetically

This is a very lucrative space-saving small house interior design idea for elongated floor plans. A retractable table from the island is designed to allow dining in the kitchen itself. The best thing about such convertible furniture is that they offer flexibility in the usage of a given space. 

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