There is a certain perception about owning a condominium apartment. With the price tag associated, condos are perceived to be stylish, modern, comfortable and have a touch of luxury. As a form of private housing, staying in a condominium comes with a certain level of prestige. This however, doesn’t mean that HDB owners can’t achieve a similar level of glam! Livspace has many versatile design ideas that can make an HDB look like a condo. Here are some spiffy condominium design ideas that Livspace designers can bring into your own HDB flat.

#1: Keep that Compact Bedroom Stylish and Functional

Tailor make your bed for a more functional design
Custom-made display shelves are fitted to perfection

This compact condo is made with unique designs to suit the needs of two sisters. Given that 55 sqm. isn’t a lot to work with, Livspace designer Willian Chong decided to customise their interiors to the best of his abilities. You can take the full home tour here. However, we think that one design that will fit well from HDB to condo, is the bedroom.

Design Takeaways from This Bedroom: 

  • See your bed as a multifunctional piece of furniture that can do much more. In this case, this bed also doubles as a study table.
  • When dealing with compact spaces, concealed storage is the key. This bed is led up by stairs which have concealed storage.
  • Opt for a mixture of open and closed cabinets to visually balance a space.

#2: Welcome the Cafe Style Warmth into Your HDB That Looks Like Condo

Create a modern art deco vibe with geometric art
Deep blue slash over warm woods impart a chic glam vibe

A relaxing vibe is all we need in both our HDB and condo design. Livspace Designer Desiree Ng’s condo manages to establish just that in a tight space. Splashed with teal tones, this design gives us a lot of ideas  on how to make your HDB look like this condo. Take the hometour here

Design Takeaways From this Cafe Vibe Exuding Condo:

  • Experiment with contrasting colours. Since more people are preferring to use colours, it is good to contrast a bold colour with your furniture.
  • One quick way to get an HDB that looks like Condo is to add artwork. It will instantly add an air of sophistication to your space.
  • Make smart choices by adding leggy furniture to your compact spaces. It will lighten up the room visually. 

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#3: Swap Your Boring Furniture for Sauve and Efficient Ones (Cue: Multipurpose Furniture!)

Wooden furniture to fit in every corner
Modern furniture designs for a dresser (left) and a storage unit (right)

Do you think only a full house renovation can change an HDB to a condo lookalike? This condo will prove to you otherwise. With only a few changes in flooring, painting and decor, Livspace designer Wanting Liu worked magic into this 31 sq.m. condo to create a functional and aesthetically-appealing space. There is so much more to explore in this condo design so you can take the hometour here. However, the furniture is our favourite part so allow us to talk about that for a hot minute. 

Design Takeaway from This New Furniture:

  • Keep colour continuity throughout the house. It makes every HDB condo design put together. Pops of green appear throughout the condo interiors. 
  • Warm lights win all the way! They are not harsh as the white lights and give a subtle look to your space.
  • Do not wait for someone to walk in and label a furniture as multifunctional. A furniture is multifunctional if you decide it to be.

#4: Opt for Contemporary Styles to Get an HDB That Looks Like Condo 

Nifty lighting ideas are a foolproof way to light up your living space
Yet another example of a multifunctional bedroom: kids edition

Let’s face it, a good home renovation can really change the way a place looks and feels. In fact, they are one of the most efficient ways to  make an HDB look like a Condo. We particularly love the kids room and the living room in this home design. There are so many other design takeaways from this place that can turn an HDB flat into a condo, so you can take the hometour here

Design Takeaways to Make an Inspired HDB That Looks like Condo: 

  • Do not shy away from statement lights. Pick one or two statement pieces and watch your HDB to condo journey unfold. 
  • Allow the space for ample natural light, especially if you have a compact space.
  • Want to copy this condo’s subtle texture and visual depth? Swap the paints for a wallpaper. It is easier to clean and durable too.

#5: Optimise Your HDB’s Storage Option Inspired from This Condo

Do not waste corner or vertical spaces
Upper cabinets made with metal exude an industrial chic vibe

Singapore loves to make compact HDB condo designs. This definitely makes your job harder especially when you are trying to figure out how to make HDB look like a condo. Livspace designer Shalom Hong saw this as an opportunity to work with dark hues in this compact condo. You can find gorgeous pictures of this condo here

Design Takeaways to Turn HDB Flat into Condo: 

  • Consider dark hues in compact spaces to give it an alluring appeal and blur the edges of the wall, concealing the lack of space.
  • Use vertical spaces, in case, you run out of floor space. Any HDB that looks like condo knows how to optimise space like a condo does. 
  • Steal the foyer design. Just steal it directly from this condo. It’s a perfect cosy corner.

#6: Zen Vibes are Important for an HDB That Looks Like Condo

An all-white pristine well-lit condo works for any flat design
Why ignore the balcony? Turn it into a relaxing haven
The secret to a chic bathroom is a neutral pallet and moody lights

Turn a dingy space into a dazzling one? Sounds like a job for us! We renovated this beautiful 2-bedroom condo with luxe accents and pretty pastels. Our material girl loved how her house turned out! Want to translate the same in your HDB? Keep reading here

Design Takeaways That will Turn Your HDB to Condo lookalike:

  • Use mirrors and reflective elements. Not only do they give any compact spot the illusion of space, they also add an uber chic vibe to the place.
  • Never forget to use the balcony space. No matter how limited it is, squander the space with scented candles and apt seating to get that resort vibe.
  • White is the way to go if you want to stick to a generic colour pallet. Make sure to break the monotony with accents or a splash of bold colours.

#7: A Sleek and Modern Interior Design from this 4-Room Condo

A modern TV unit concealed by sliding doors
Get a sleek home office to work in style

A classic design with a modern twist! This will sit well for an HDB that looks like a condo. This is because of the sheer versatility of the style that focuses on functional furniture pieces with an aesthetic appeal. This Pebble Bay condo nails the look. You can check the home tour here while we show you how to make HDB look like this condo. 

Design Takeaways to Inspire HDB That Looks Like Condo 

  • A foyer is an opportunity to add more storage at times and you can see that from loads of Livspace homes. Customise your foyer to give you that much extra storage space.
  • Sliding doors are a boon for compact spaces and seamlessly turn HDB flat into condo. These also make for an effective way to hide bomb shelters into your home seamlessly.
  • Grab the opportunity to get a home office on a simple wall. This will give you more space to work with and may even bless you with extra storage. 

#8: Want an HDB That Looks Like Condo Inspired From This Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece?

Blend in colours and patterns seamlessly to manipulate the illusion of space
Vintage furniture with modern decor perfects the mid-century modern theme

Looking to inspire the  design of your HDB to a condo design that looks like this? We realise that an HDB may not look that spacious but we do know how to layer accents, lights and colours just to give your home the illusion of space  Read all about it here!  

Meanwhile, here are some gems to take away:

  • Combine sleek, modern furniture with vintage furniture for that mid-century modern aesthetic. It will help balance out the overall look. 
  • Adding pops of patterns here and there is a crafty job. But once done right, they will give your space an expensive look.
  • HDBs may not have such large, unobstructed windows. However, do your best to ensure that natural light filters make the space look instantly uncluttered.

We hope we  gave you some valuable insights into how to make HDB look like condo. If you want something like this for yourself, reach out to us. Also check out our recent story on 7 Décor Ideas for Your Minimalist House, HDB or Condo Apartment.

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