While curtains play a very important functional role, in maintaining your privacy, they also have the potential to elevate the aesthetic of your house. Among the various types of curtains available in the market, it’s important that you choose the right one, based on the overall design scheme of your HDB or condo as well as your requirements. This guide will help you identify the different types of curtains to help you choose the perfect one for your space.

Different Types of Curtains

#1: Single-Panel Curtains

Create a chic look with single-panel curtains pulled to one side

This type of curtain style can be effectively used for small windows. Moreover, pulling them to one side creates a chic look.

#2: Paired Curtains

These are the most common types of curtains

When it comes to window curtain types, these are the most common. While you can use them anywhere within your home, make sure they match the rest of your furnishings.

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#3: Pinch-Pleat Curtains

Pleated curtains ensure that your home has a clean and organised look

Pinch-pleat curtains usually vary from two-finger pleats to five-finger pleats. The greater the number of pleats, the fuller is the appearance of this curtain. Considering the elegant and formal look this type of  window curtain provides, it will look the best in the living room.

#4: Box-Pleat Curtains

Use these type of curtains when you want to create a seamless look

Contrary to the pinch-pleat style, the box-pleat types of curtains are pleated in a manner that gives them a seamless and uninterrupted finish.

#5: Goblet-Pleat Curtains

Notice how this type of curtain top looks like a goblet

These types of curtains can be identified by the goblet-like appearance of the top portion of the pleated fabric. You can use these curtains anywhere in your condo or HDB, like the bedroom or living room.

#6: Pencil-Pleat Curtains

Use this type of curtain in the kids’ bedroom to create a neater look

Pencil-pleat curtains feature neat and narrow pleats. Similar to pinch-pleat curtains, these help in creating an organised look.

#7: Grommet Curtains

Choose this option when you want a simple yet elegant design for your HDB or condo

Grommet curtains are also known as eyelet curtains. To identify these types of curtain styles, look for deep folds of fabric that hang uniformly from top to bottom. The biggest benefit of grommet curtains is that they provide a neat look with minimal effort.

#8: Tab-Top Curtains

The perfect design for your contemporary HDB

A tab-top curtain is one where exposed tabs of fabric are drawn through a curtain pole. With a unique design, these curtains look stunning in the living room.

#9: Blackout Curtains

These will be particularly useful if you love sleeping in on weekends

As the name suggests, blackout curtains ensure that no light enters your room. While these curtains look great in any room, they are best-suited for the bedroom, especially if you love to sleep in on that lazy Sunday.

#10: Windowsill Curtains

Ideal for small windows

Curtains that are approximately the lengths of your windows are known as windowsill curtains. They are perfect options for small windows, especially ones in your bathrooms.

#11: Apron Curtains

We love how the curtains and cushions work together to create a cosy setting

Apron curtains are longer than windowsill curtains but not completely full-length. These half-length curtains, a little longer than your windowsill, are a good choice when you want something that is child- or pet-friendly.

#12: Window Scarf Curtains

Window scarf curtains create a glam, royal look

Window scarves are horizontal pieces of fabric that are placed between curtains. These types of curtains create a very luxurious and royal look, making them perfect for the living room.

Additional Types of Curtains

  • Rod-Pocket Curtains: These feature lightweight fabric with ‘pockets’ at the top. The curtain rod can be easily inserted through these pockets
  • Tie-Top Curtains: The fabric of these curtains is tied at the top, near the curtain rod
  • Energy-Efficient Curtains: Also known as thermal curtains, these provide insulation by trapping and preventing heat, air or cold from escaping
  • Cafe Curtains: These types of curtains are also known as kitchen curtains and usually consist of a short curtain and a valance

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Types of Curtain Hooks

These are the different types of curtain hooks:

Pin-On HooksOne end goes into the
fabric while the curved end
goes into the rod carrier
Pleater HooksThese include four prongs
and a back hook to
hang the panel
Clip RingsThis is the most common type
of hook. The clips are
attached to the top
of the curtain
before being suspended
from the rod

What Are the Different Materials for Curtains?

#1: Cotton

Cotton curtains are available in a wide variety

When it comes to materials for different types of curtains and blinds, cotton is a popular option due to its versatility. This light fabric offers a crisp look. In addition, you can opt for lined or unlined designs depending on your tastes.

#2: Silk

Opt for silk when you want a glam and royal space

Due to its aesthetic appeal, silk is a good option for formal areas and bedrooms. However, keep in mind that silk is high maintenance.

#3: Linen

Opt for linen for an airy and open look

Among the different types of curtain materials, linen helps in creating an airy look and feel. While they do not block out the sunlight, they’re great for letting in air.

#4: Polyester

Polyester is an economical and long-lasting option, making it popular among homeowners

Unlike silk and linen, polyester is very easy to maintain. Moreover, it is also durable and affordable.

#5: Velvet

A material that is fit for royalty!

Apart from looking royal and glamorous, velvet curtains also help in insulation. This fabric effectively blocks out the cold as well as light and sound.

#6: Brocade

Whether you prefer traditional designs or more sophisticated ones, brocade can give you the look you desire

Brocade is a type of woven fabric that features intricate designs. While generally giving a more traditional look, you can choose this fabric for more modern settings provided you choose the right colour.

#7: Lace

Create a romantic corner in your condo or HDB with a pair of lace curtains

Lace curtains will always remain a favourite among homeowners due to their romantic appeal. Pair them with other types of curtains of the same or contrasting colours to elevate the look of your room.

#8: Voile

A lovely option that gives your space a distinctively beachy feel

This open-weave, sheer fabric is a great option when you want an airy space while also maintaining your privacy.

Advantages of Different Types of Curtains

Here are the advantages of different types of curtains:

  • Blocks sunlight from entering your room
  • Traps cold and hot air from entering or escaping as per your needs
  • Ensures privacy
  • Noise insulation
  • Improves the look of your HDB or condo

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