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  • Price match guarantee²

    Price match guarantee²

  • 45 day move-in guarantee³

    45 day move-in guarantee³

  • 10 year warranty⁴

    10 year warranty⁴

  • 146 quality checks

    146 quality checks

Technology that makes our products long lasting

Has a robust, sturdy build. Designed to avoid moisture-related damage.

Has a robust, sturdy build. Designed to avoid moisture-related damage.

Ensures the panels are smooth and bubble-free.

Ensures the panels are smooth and bubble-free.

Guarantees moisture-resistant cabinets.

Guarantees moisture-resistant cabinets.

The Livspace Edge

Livspace experience Typical experience¹


  • No hidden costs

  • Price Match Guarantee²

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • One-stop shop for all interior needs

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Personalised designs with 3D visuals

  • Cookie-cutter designs with 2D visuals


  • 45-day installation³"

  • "Regular updates with project tracking

  • Unreliable timelines"

  • "No communication on updates/ delays


  • Branded materials

  • 146 quality checks

  • 100% in-house team

  • Inferior materials used to cut costs

  • No quality checks

  • Outsourced to small contractors


  • Up to 10 year warranty⁴

  • India’s first & only on-site service warranty

  • No warranty offered for products or services


  • Dedicated team for prompt response & support

  • No after-sales support

  • 2 homes delivered every hour*

    2 homes delivered every hour*

  • 1,500+ expert designers

    1,500+ expert designers

  • 2.5 lakh+ catalogue products

    2.5 lakh+ catalogue products

  • 15 cities & 2 countries

    15 cities & 2 countries

We'll let our clients do the talking

Here’s what they have to say

  • “Hats off to the entire team at Livspace. They finished the project ahead of time. They said 45 days but finished it much earlier.”

    Rohit Paul & Shveta

    Modular kitchen, Gurugram

  • “Our experience with Livspace was nice thanks to the project managers. They worked so much on this project, and finished it on time.”

    Swati & Gaurav

    2 BHK, Bangalore

  • “This house is a part of me.
    We reached out to Livspace and they
    designed the house that
    we really wanted.”

    Puja Bhatia

    2 BHK, Gurugram

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