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Spacious Modular Parallel Kitchen Design


Spacious Modular Parallel Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Details:

• Layout: Parallel kitchen

• Room Dimension: 16x8 feet

• Style: Contemporary

• Colour:

1. Base, Wall & Tall : Concrete and Allies Micas

2. Loft : Silver Frost

• Cabinet shutters:

1. Base, wall & Tall : Laminate in suede finish

2. Loft : Laminate in high gloss finish

• Countertop Material: Granite

• Storage Features:

1. Tall unit and lofts in the kitchen to maximize storage.

2. Lot of countertop space in hob area for comfortable prepping zone.

• Special Features: Multiple toned finishes making the space much bigger.

• Ideal for: Large families

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