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Becoming a Livpreneur

Partnering with Livspace

1. Why should I join Livspace as a Livpreneur?

The Livpreneur program is India’s biggest community of freelance designers turned entrepreneurs. As a Livpreneur, you choose the hours, the number of projects you work on and earn commissions while we grow your interior design portfolio and business. To know more, click here.

2. What does a Livpreneur do?

A Livpreneur will pitch, design and manage the execution of their projects. While Livspace provides all the back end support; fresh quality clientele, access to our proprietary online tools, vast catalog of furniture, decor, products and services and the incredible network of community managers, vendor managers, category managers and service partners.

3. How does Livspace help me earn more money?

The mantra is simple: design more, earn more! Our proprietary online tools, vast catalog and network of installation service partners ensure our Livpreneurs can pitch, convert and design faster. This empowers our design partners to not just choose their work hours but also choose to work on more number of projects.

4. How do I register to become a Livpreneur?

It’s easy! Just go to our 'Partner with us' page, click on “Request Invite” and submit your details. Our team will then reach out to you.

5. How much work experience do I need to become a Livpreneur?

We expect a minimum of 2-3 years of work or freelance experience.

6. I am not an individual. I am a design studio. Can I enroll?

Of course! Our Livpreneur program is all-inclusive, whether you’re a niche studio, one-man army or have offices in all our operating cities, you’re welcome to join our growing community.

7. Which cities are you currently hiring Livpreneurs in?

Our Livpreneur program is currently active in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai,  Mumbai and Hyderabad.

8. Is there an interview process involved to become a Livpreneur?

Yes. To enroll as a Livpreneur, you’ll have to attend a standardised interview process, which includes a basic test and face-to-face interviews. Don't worry, this process ensures we get to know you better.

9. Is it mandatory to attend the training and on-boarding process?

Yes, it is mandatory. As a Livpreneur, understanding our processes and policies is crucial so that you can represent our brand better. Also, we rely heavily on technology to design and manage project pipelines, which requires some training to get familiarised with.

10. Who will be my Livspace point of contact once I become a Livpreneur?

Your assigned community manager will be your point of contact once you successfully complete the onboarding process and become a Livpreneur.

11. How will my community manager help me?

From onboarding, training, process assistance to escalations, payments and even moral support, your assigned CM (community manager) is your go-to person for anything and everything at Livspace.

Designing & earning

1. How many project leads can I expect to receive?

As many as you’d like. And no, we’re not kidding. Your community manager will assign you fresh leads as your sales pipeline clears. For instance, if you can juggle three projects at the design stage, and you already have two at execution and only one at the pitch stage, your manager will assign you fresh leads for you to start pitching to immediately. These numbers are all indicative. Each Livpreneur has a different capacity, some can handle more, some less. So, you as an individual/ studio/ entrepreneur need to gauge your capacity.

2. Does Livspace filter the leads sent to Livpreneurs?

Yes. Our technology and digital marketing tools are designed to validate each lead that comes in. For instance, if a lead is outside of our scope or serviceable pin codes, the leads are automatically disqualified. Our community managers will then assign leads to the Livpreneurs based on their serviceable location, scope and budget.

3. How many projects can I work on simultaneously, as a Livpreneur?

As many as you can handle! You will have unlimited access to fresh project leads to take up. On an average, we have seen our design partners working on about 6 projects at a time at various stages in their sales pipeline.

4. What is Canvas by Livspace?

Canvas is our very own proprietary, cloud-based platform that will help you design, organise and manage your projects, collaborate with your team, schedule meetings and even track orders — so you can design and earn without any hassles!

5. What is in the Livspace catalog?

Livspace has been touted as India's No.1 Home Interiors Brand not only because of cutting-edge design but also for housing a vast catalog of designer products ranging from furniture, decor, furnishings, fittings, appliances to modular kitchens, wardrobes and storage units. As a Livpreneur, you get insider access to our exclusive catalog and use it to design your Livspace projects.

6. Can I meet my clients at any of the Livspace Design Centers?

Yes of course! Our Design Centers are designed for you to meet, convert and design better for your clients.

7. Do I get design assistance from Livspace?

Yes, you will. For all modular products, design assistants will be assigned to help with visualization and validation of the modular design.

8. What is the incentive/commission structure?

Your incentives structure has a fixed component and a variable component. The variable component is directly linked to your ratings. If your project completes with minimal hiccups and maximum client satisfaction, you can be sure to earn more. However, your overall earnings are directly linked to the project order value. The higher the order value, the bigger your earnings.

9. How do payments and incentives work?

Commission payouts will be transferred via NEFT on or before the 10th of the subsequent month of when your client makes a payment to us.

10. Are my ratings and earnings linked?

Yes. Your ratings will be based on your performance and overall client satisfaction. If your client has a superior home design experience, it will reflect in your earnings.

Delivery & installation

1. Do I have to supervise the on-site work on a day-to-day basis?

Apart from the stipulated site visits through your project lifetime, not necessarily. However, you can visit the site to check on progress and quality as often as you’d like. As the owner of the project, you can either appoint a supervisor on your behalf or request a site supervisor from Livspace (which is chargeable). Livspace will however regularly audit the work and share feedback (if any) with you and the service partner.

2. Can I recommend contractors to work on my Livspace projects?

Yes, definitely! Do make a recommendation to our Services team and they’ll be onboarded should they meet our quality standards.