Things aren’t working out for you? 
It’s okay, we can still be friends. 
Read our cancellation & refund policy. 

Cancelling your project

If there’s a situation where something’s not right and you want to break up with us, we understand. We’ll try our best to end things with no confusion and a sense of closure. Here’s our updated policy that tells you about the applicable refunds on cancellation post the booking payment period. 

Cancellation period*0-2 days3-7 days8-15 days15+ days
Site measurement/ First design meeting: Done100% cash refund100% refund as store credits only50% refund as store credits onlyNo refund
Site measurement/ First design meeting: Not done100% cash refund100% cash refund100% cash refund100% cash refund

*Cancellation period starts after the initial booking is done.

Cancelling/ replacing product(s) in your order

Design stage: Any product in the tentative quotation can be replaced or removed while you’re still discussing designs with your team i.e. till the Sales Order is not created.

Post final order: Because each item is made to order, Livspace cannot offer to cancel, replace or modify items once the final order is placed i.e. a sales order is created. However, please be assured that your design team will always explicitly discuss all items with you before placing orders.


Q: From when does the new policy come into effect?
A: 1 December 2021

Q: What is the applicable cancellation policy for projects booked before 1 December 2021?
A: We’re all about more joy where possible. As opposed to the old policy, the new policy offers customers a chance to get a refund even after 7 days, so the new policy would be applicable.

Q: What is site measurement? 
A: Site measurement is when work on the project begins and a Livspace draftsperson heads over to the site to measure its area.

Q: What is the first design meeting?
A: Due to the recent amplified covid restrictions across most states, a site visit may not happen in some cases. Instead, the designers virtually discuss the floor plans with the customers to commence work.  

Q: What is the process for project cancellation?
A: It’s quite easy really. The simplest and quickest way would be to Raise a Cancellation Request using ‘Raise an issue’ on Hub. Alternatively, you could also drop an email requesting the cancellation to

Q: Where can I follow up or track my refund status?
A: Refunds are usually disbursed within 15 working days of raising the cancellation request. The customer care team will notify you once the refund is processed.

Q: Will the mode of refund be the same as the mode used for payment?
A: In cases of a cash refund, the mode of refund will be Bank Transfer, to a bank account as provided by you.

Q: What if the ‘site measurement’ or ‘first design meeting’ status is not updated on canvas?
A: Once the cancellation request is made, the customer care team will reach out to the project stakeholders to understand the work done on the project. If the status of the process isn’t marked appropriately, the designer would be asked to update it to move forward with the refund.

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