Have you ever looked at an apartment booth at IKEA and wondered what it would be like to actually live in it? From the general design to the placement of furniture, every single component of the booth is always so immaculate. While the setups exist to give you an idea of what your rooms could look like, we thought we’d take it a step further. Here, we’ve created an IKEA-inspired condo interior design to help you better visualise your dream home. 

Join us on this visual tour as we take you through each room and share some insight on ideas you can borrow. Let’s get started!

#1: Condo Living Room Design That Embraces a Touch of the Industrial Style

Earthy colours bring a touch of rustic charm to any space

The living room has a mix of elements that give it a beautiful industrial look. From the cement-style floors to the earthy colours and cool-tone grey palettes, this condo interior design has a lot going for it. As the home follows an open-concept floor plan, the wooden partition behind the three-seat Vimle sofa from IKEA gives this area its own demarcated space.

If you have artworks in your living room, use spotlights to highlight them

Look Out For

The Linnebäck easy chair is a great option to add a little extra seating space to your condo living room design. In tune with the rustic industrial theme, and to bring a few more wooden elements into the design, a Besta TV console was used.

Design Takeaway

If you want condo interior design suitable for a big family, opt for modular furniture or a sofa as big as the Vimle unit. Such units can help seat multiple people without overpowering the space.

Featuring a Cosy Prayer Area

Carve a niche out of your living room to create a multipurpose prayer room

If you have a large living room, consider carving out a portion of it to create a reading nook or prayer area. Here, our designers have portioned off a section of the main living room to create a cosy area flush with natural light for prayers or reading. 

The addition of the Buskbo armchair and Liatorp console table helps give this space more utility. Similarly, the use of the Vindum floor rug paired with the carved mihrab gives this area its own tranquil personality. 

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#2: Use Elements of Wood and Metal for a Modern Condo Interior Design

Simple Rönninge chairs from IKEA can dress up a dining area without clutter

Remember the wooden partition we saw in the living room? This is what lies on the other side! Much like the living room, the dining room also has a mix of industrial and minimal themes that give this space a clean look.

Use a pendant light as a statement piece in minimally designed areas

To better compartmentalise the dining space, our designers have added an extended breakfast counter that separates the dining area from the kitchen. This also serves as extra seating space for guests or large families.  

Look Out For

For the dining room, the designers have selected a Skogsta dining table suited to seat up to six people. To complete the look, Rönninge chairs have been added along with a handy Råskog trolley to boost storage space.

Design Takeaway

Nothing says modern condo interior design like metal-framed accessories! In this case, light fixtures like the Felsisk pendant lamp can also help anchor the space in your dining room. What’s more, they can be used as a statement piece in minimal-style interiors as well.

#3: Improve Workflow with Separate Wet and Dry Areas in Your Kitchen

For extra counter space, extend your countertop to create a multifunctional breakfast counter

By creating separate wet and dry areas, you have ample space to get more done without the problem of clutter. In the same way, our designers separated this kitchen into a storage-intensive dry area and a well-lit wet area to improve workflow.

Including a kitchen island can help it act as an added storage unit

Look Out For

Featured here is the Vadholma kitchen island with a rack that offers an additional element of storage in the dry area. What’s more, the island can also be used as extra counter space if the breakfast counter area is in use. Similarly, to make the best use of vertical wall space, we’ve used Enhet shelves for easy-to-access storage.

Make use of empty wall space with simple loft cabinets

Pictured here is the wet area of the kitchen that receives ample natural light due to its placement. But what we like best about it is that it’s not visible from the other common areas of the house. This helps keep the heavy-cooking areas out of sight from guests, especially in an open-concept condo interior design.

Design Takeaway

If you have an open floor plan, ensure your condo interior design does not place your wet kitchen in the view of common areas.

#4: Condo Bedroom Design Made Simple

Use IKEA’s Kornsjö side table for easy-to-access items and accessories

Though this condo interior design follows an industrial theme, we finally embrace a more comfortable minimal style in the bedrooms. And in keeping with minimal interiors, we have big French windows adding ample natural light to the master bedroom. However, this could also lead to sleep disruptions due to the constant light source.

Due to this, our designers specifically opted for block-out curtains to ensure sleep is never disrupted at any time of the day. Accordingly, Blåhuva curtains from IKEA were used to complete the look of the room.

Opt for concealed bed storage if you want to embrace minimalist design

Look Out For

The sleek PAX wardrobe along with the Kornsjö side table bring maximum storage to this minimal bedroom. But that’s not all! The Idanäs bed used here comes with in-built drawers for added storage.

Design Takeaway

To keep your condo bedroom design minimal, use concealed storage units like the Idanäs bed frame.

No Master Bedroom is Complete Without a Walk-in Wardrobe!

Make the best use of excess space in your master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe

Of course, every beautiful bedroom needs its own designated closet space! In the same way, this condo interior design includes a stunning walk-in wardrobe featuring a PAX corner wardrobe. A lovely multifunctional Stocksund bench is also featured, which adds a storage boost to the space.

Use Neutral Colours for a Minimal-Style Condo Bedroom Design

Grey, beige, white and black are great colours for a minimal bedroom design

A common palette most often used in minimal condo interior design are neutrals. And rightly so, as these colours are highly versatile and can really enhance your style. The cement-effect walls paired with ash grey wooden floors offer a great canvas to work a pop of colour into. 

In this room, we love the use of IKEA’s Pinnig clothes stand as an open wardrobe unit. This can be used as an easy-to-access storage unit to store clothes and accessories you’d need on the go.

If you’re short on space, use IKEA’s Fjällbo laptop table as a study area

Look Out For

For the study area, our designers have included a Fjällbo laptop table paired with a Sakarias armchair in dark grey. The bed used here is a Malm bed frame which brings an element of warmth to the room, owing to the shade of wood used. To light up the space, simple track lights and a stunning Solklint pendant lamp offer the best of ambient lighting.

Design Takeaway

Use spotlights to draw attention to statement artwork on your walls.

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#5: Double Up Storage Space in Shared Bathrooms

Adding two individual washbasins can help save time in shared bathrooms

Bathrooms that are used by more than one person are sure to run out of storage space without the right furniture. To prevent this, our designers have included two separate mirrors and cabinets to create sufficient space for couples who share a bathroom.

Look Out For

The combination of the Godmorgon washbasin and Lindbyn mirror set make this a beautiful ‘his and hers’ style bathroom.

Design Takeaway

Bigger bathroom wall tiles can help create the illusion of space as they have fewer grout joints.

#6: A Multi-Work Study Room Completes This Condo Interior Design

Convert an unused room to a multi-work area for the entire family

If you have a big family, creating a personal home office or study area for each family member might not be feasible. Instead, a great solution is to devote one spare room to a multi-work area that everyone can use. Whether it be for work or tutoring children, this space is sure to come in handy for the entire family.

Look Out For

Hate being disturbed while you’re working? Then you certainly need Gunnlaug sound absorbing curtains to keep the peace. And since no workspace is complete without a pegboard to track each person’s schedule or note down reminders, the Skådis pegboard might come in handy. Similarly, if you need to store confidential items in a private space, consider using the Bekant storage unit that comes with a smart lock.

Design Takeaway

While planning the layout of your multi-work study space, be sure to set your furniture in a way that does not disturb traffic flow.

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