Picture this: warm lights, soft colour palettes and enough room for your young family to grow in. While these may seem like some very basic necessities for any young family, it was the main thing Ashiqin had her heart set on while envisioning her dream home. And if there’s one thing we have in common with Ashiqin, it’s that we love creating dream homes as much as homeowners love living in them! To give Ashiqin’s 3-room condo design the cosiest of interiors, we put together the best of what Livspace and IKEA have to offer. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for cosy home interior design, you don’t want to miss out on Ashiqin’s IKEA-furnished condo design.

Who Livs here: Ashiqin and her family 
Location: Sunway Geolake Residences 
Type of home: 3-room condo
Design team: Interior designer Batrisyia Muhammad and business manager Chin Wai Fan
Livspace service: Full home design


To create a cosy and inviting home that’s perfect for a young family to grow in 

What we loved

The continuity in warm lighting across the condo design creates a comforting ambience 

Look out for

– The chic rustic-style dining chairs paired with framed doors in the dining area 
– The use of recessed lighting in the common areas of the home 
– The matching colour palettes that give each room a soothing personality

Smart Buy

The single bed in the study room provides concealed storage. The kid’s bed is actually stackable, and can be split into two to form a larger bed.

#1: This Modern Condo Interior Design Embraces Warm Earthy Palettes 

Cosy home interior design made easy with warm-toned colour palettes

When it comes to furnishing your home with products from IKEA, one trademark feature you might notice is the consistency of colours. Most of the furniture items you’d find are either monochromatic or warm-toned. This colour scheme makes them great additions to a cosy condo design.

The living room is now one of Ashiqin’s favourite rooms in the entire home, and we can see why! If you’d like to recreate the look, try to go for condo design ideas that offer similar colour palettes.

Use condo design ideas with wooden finishes to add texture to the space

In Ashiqin’s condo design, warm-wooden accents support the overall theme of an inviting space. Notice how the golden brown shade of the Vimle sofa and Borgeby coffee table perfectly pairs with the wood-grain fronts of the entertainment unit. The interplay of these warm-toned colours help tie into the cosy interior design the family was going for. 

Sheer white curtains and a fuzzy rug add an additional layer of texture to the room, creating depth and dimension in this condo design. Another important feature to take note of is the use of warm light to complement and soften the brown and white palettes in the living room. Similarly, try to make use of textures wherever possible while implementing these condo design ideas.

#2: The Dining Area Comes With a Touch of Rustic Charm 

Nothing says cosy interior design like rustic-style furniture

The dining area of this condo design has a personality of its own, without straying too far from the overarching design of the home. The first thing you might notice is the strong farmhouse-style theme reflected by the Ingolf chairs and framed doors. 

The consistency in design from the chairs, door frames, and wall trims behind the Liatorp table further strengthens the rustic theme of the dining area. However, despite sharing an open layout, this room breaks away from the warm-toned approach of the living room. 

The colour palettes used across the open layout of this condo design gradually shift from warm to cool between the two rooms, in an effortless way. The lighter colour palettes also open up the space, creating the impression of a bigger room. Using accessories such as the Lindbyn mirror further accentuates the illusion of space in this condo design. 

#3: A Cosy Kitchen Nook Carved Out for a Small Family

Carve out a niche for each room to optimise space in an open-layout condo design

Besides using light colours to create the impression of space, you can get similar results by using reflective surfaces in your condo design. The kitchen nook makes use of white wall tiles and glossy cabinets that help reflect light, creating the illusion of a bigger space. 

Since this condo design follows an open layout, a breakfast counter helps carve out a niche for the kitchen area. Without this, the entire space would merge into one, leaving it bare and unoptimised. The inclusion of Ingolf bar stools paired with the Burhult/Sandshult shelf stays in theme with the rest of the dining area. Further, it helps balance the rustic elements present in this modern condo interior design.

#4: Simple, Uncluttered Master Bedroom Design With Just the Essentials 

For a modern condo interior design, stick to clean lines and minimal visual clutter

While planning your master bedroom design, you might be full of elaborative ideas for how you’d like to use the space. Though there’s no harm in exploring the possibilities, sometimes a simple design is all you really need. The master bedroom in Ashiqin’s condo design does just that by following a storage-intensive design without the clutter of storage units. 

Wall storage can be a great alternative to bulky floor units in compact rooms

To add storage to this compact master bedroom, our designer used simple modular storage solutions such as the Eket wall-mounted storage cabinets. Here, you have the option of rearranging the cabinets based on your requirements. You can opt for either open or closed cabinets for your master bedroom based on how you’d like to display items in your condo design.  

What’s more, by using wall storage, you free up floor space and allow the room to stay clutter-free. You can also explore concealed storage options like the Hauga bed if you want to downsize on furniture. The Grimo sliding doors complete the overall look of the master bedroom in this condo design, as they match the rest of the cosy home interior design. 

#5: Every Kid Deserves a Room as Colourful and Engaging as This! 

Cue Life in Technicolour by Coldplay

Stepping away from the minimalist colour palettes used in the other rooms of this condo design, the kid’s room design is straight out of Sesame Street. A mix of colours embrace the walls and furniture in this space, making it an ideal environment for a young mind to grow in. 

Steal these space-saving condo design ideas from the kid’s room for a well-optimised space

Adding to the theme of this kid’s room is the Flisat dollhouse wall shelf, offering both design and functionality. The entire room makes use of vertical storage with Flisat shelves wherever possible, to ensure the floors stay empty for playtime. Tying into the same function, the Utåker stackable bed helps save space. 

Since the bed is stacked, it makes it easy to pull out an additional bed whenever the family has guests at home. It’s no wonder this turned out to be a budget buy for the family’s condo design as it offers multipurpose utility while still being space-saving.

#6: A Calm and Clean Study Room Design Makes it Easier to Focus on Work 

This minimalist study room perfectly matches the cosy interior design of the condo

A study room is most-effective when designed well. In fact, a poorly designed study room can even make it hard to work in, which entirely defeats the purpose. For this condo design, the study room takes on a minimalist design, with only the essentials. 

Light colour palettes are used to cut down visual distractions and the furniture in the space is kept minimal. Since the room is on the compact side, it’s important to plan traffic flow accordingly. A single Flintan office chair occupies the centre of the room while the other furniture is kept against the walls.  

Stick to neutral colours and minimal furniture to avoid visual clutter

In a small room, storage can be a concern. This is where the Hemnes daybed comes to good use because it doubles as a storage unit with bottom drawers. Also, notice the floor rug in this space? It helps protect the floors from scuffing while the office chair is in use. Given the functionality in design paired with the calming nature of this room, it stands to be the family’s second favourite room in the condo design. 

Here’s What the Homeowners Think About Their Condo Design:

Our ID Batrisyia was transparent about the scope of work we are able to achieve. Even though Livspace charges were slightly higher compared to the other ID firms we approached, the level of professionalism, the design ideas, transparency and the collaboration with IKEA really strengthened the value they offer.

Ashiqin, Livspace Homeowner 

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