Everyone loves the gram! And the gram loves trendy homes. So Anisa came with a vision for her 3-room condo interior design. She wanted a home that was homely, cosy and had instagrammable spots. As an influencer and thus, she wished her home to be inspired with quirky patterns and colours.

She was greatly inspired from her Swedish friend’s home. Hence, her condo interior design ideas were a medley of Nordic, Minimalist and Scandinavian influences. Livspace designer Xuan Qi Chew helped bring out this vision perfectly through furnishings and trendy home decor from IKEA. Let’s take a look at this modern condo design

Warm vinyl flooring lends a cosy vibe to this open layout living space

Who Livs here: Anisa
Location: Damai Residences, 326, Jln Sungai Besi, Sungai Besi
Size of home: 78 sq. m.
Design team: Livspace designer Xuan Qi Chew with Business Manager Chin Wai Fan
Livspace service: Furnishing, electrical works, painting and vinyl flooring


To create a bright and airy space with a Scandinavian influences

What we loved?

The artisanal corner using the green chest of drawers in the master bedroom

Look out for:

– Dining room with hanging wall shelves
– The vinyl flooring in the living room and bedroom
– Quirky Instagrammable corners

Biggest indulgence:

The decor of the home. Catch glimpses of it below.

Smart buy:

The Sagstua IKEA bed that adds a rustic touch to the bedroom

#1: A Warm Living Space in This Condo Interior Design

A bright and inviting living space to get comfy in
Wooden accents added brought in by IKEA furniture

Since Anisa wanted a homely condo interior design ideas, designer Xuan Qi Chew decided to go with wooden accents. Thus, you can spot a minimal TV unit design paired with the beige Linanas sofa. The beige pallete balances the wooden elements of the room. The warm wooden vinyl flooring contributes to the overall warmth of the space too.

Xuan Qi added the Hol table to bring out the warm expression in the room. Note that the table is equipped with storage too! The Lauters lamp on the side brings ambient lighting into this condo interior design. The rug placement, long drapes and modern furnishings bring strokes of Scandinavian influences to the area.

#2: Bringing Fresh Condo Decorating Ideas in the Dining Room

A light, yet sturdy wooden dining table continues the cosy theme in the dining space
Break the monotony through visual breaks

You can find the dining room to be somewhat contrasting the living space. It continues the wooden warmth theme. However, there are interesting visual breaks brought in by the table decor and curated painting framed in Hovsta frames. The mirror adds to this modern condo design with a much needed reflexive element.

The Lisabo dining set in the dining area continue the theme of the living space. Notice that this is the space where colours are subtly introduced in the mix of plants and art decor. Look up to notice the Ranarp pendant lamps from the ceiling. What you have here is a cosy area with modern and Scandinavian influences-just like Anisa pictured.

#3: A Quirky Master Bedroom for a Modern Condo Interior Design

Let us introduce the most quirky spot of the house-the master bedroom!
Take notes on how to do trendy home decor right!

The master bedroom is easily the star of this condo interior design. With bold strokes of colour, the trendy home decor brings out a unique personality to this room. The Sagstua bed frame is decorated with vine leaves alongside the wooden table where Anisa can work from.

On the opposite corner, stands the Nikkeby chest of four drawers that offer storage to this minimal bedroom design. Paired with a side table of checkered muted pink and olive green, this definitely stands as a memorable corner in the house.

#4: A Minimalist Bedroom With Ample Storage

A simple bedroom with clever usage of accent colours through furnishing
A functional single-door wardrobe for all your storage woes

The guest bedroom in Anisa’s house focuses on storage. The Malm bed from IKEA is storage intensive bed with concealed storage boxes. Just lift the mattress to discover a huge storage space. The Fardal wardrobe on the other hand, is another handy addition to the room. The guest bedroom is made with minimal, modern condo design.

#5: Chic Condo Interior Design With Insta-Worthy Spots

Cleverly paired up furnishings and trendy home decor; a perfect recipe for social media friendly-home
Play with bold patterns and colours to create a visually pleasing aesthetic

This condo decorating ideas are absolutely stealworthy. Notice how each space is a stunning amalgamation of colours which deliver a stellar picture clicking spot. The chic corners are a thoughtful colour palette that gear to Anisa’s personal style. Aren’t these just the perfect spot to serve totally effortless slices of inta-worthy heaven?

#6: Condo Interior Design With Curated Trendy Home Decor

The decor brings a cheery vibe to this IKEA furnished modern condo design

At last, we come to the biggest indulgence of the home-the curated decor. They are also Anisa’s favourite part of the home. The decor is a tying factor in the home. It brings together the theme of the home effortlessly. The decor reflects the deep understanding that Xuan Qi has showed in bringing the whole condo interior design together.

We hope you can get some condo decorating ideas from Anisa’s home. If you are looking for other IKEA inspired condo interior design ideas, check out Ashiqin’s IKEA-Furnished 3-Room Condo Design Got the Best of Cosy Interiors, Here’s How. Feeling inspired by these designs? Reach out to us.

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