Living in a rental home has its limitations when it comes to the way you’d like to design it. You might be bursting with an array of rental apartment decorating ideas to try out only to find out that it goes against your lease. While this certainly is a let down, it isn’t quite the end of the road either. After all, when one door closes, our Livspace designers can create another one for you.

This is more or less the story of how Jasryn got her renter-friendly 3-bedroom rental home design. Since Jasryn is putting this home for rent, her main concern was whether her tenants would truly feel comfortable living here. Dedicated to the cause, our Livspace designer, Nur Zarifah, knew exactly what rental home decor ideas to use. 

With the help of some handy loose furniture from IKEA, Zarifah completed the entire set up in just three days! Want to know how you too can go about your rental home interior design? Be inspired by how Livspace designed this cosy and functional apartment with IKEA furniture. 

Who Livs here: Rental home leased by Jasryn
Location: Mont Kiara Pelangi 
Size of home: 3-bedroom condo spanning 28 sqm
Design team: Interior Designer Nur Zarifah and Project Manager Isadhora Omar 
Livspace service: IKEA loose furniture design for the common areas and bedrooms 
Budget: RM 20,000



To design a functional rental home that’s comfortable and renter-friendly

What We Loved

The minimalist approach to design across all rooms

Look Out For

– The use of plants and photo frames as rental house design ideas 
– Seamless IKEA furniture units for a clean and tiny look 
– Cosy lighting and colours to bring the whole house together

Smart Buy

The IKEA dining set is sturdy, durable, and stylish

#1: A Comfortable Living Room to Unwind in 

A storage-intensive TV bench is a must for all rental house design ideas

One of Jasryn’s major requirements for this rental home design was that it needs to be comfortable for her tenants. To achieve this, Livspace designer Zarifah picked out cosy design elements and colour palettes that are relaxing and welcoming. Notice how the natural light softly filters into the room through the sheer curtains. This further helps add to the ambiance of this cosy rental home interior design. 

How many rental home decor ideas can you borrow from this living room?

For the living room, Zarifah picked out a comfortable Långaryd 3-seater sofa so that the tenants can relax and unwind while watching TV. To add a bit of storage to this rental home design, a Kvistbro coffee table and Rannäs TV cabinet complete the design. Much like the rest of this rental home interior design, the living room makes use of neutral colours. Accordingly, a simple Morum rug ties the entire space together.

#2: Enter Into a Simple Foyer and Dining Area

Rental apartment decorating ideas that use mirrors help enhance the space

When designed effectively, your foyer can be a relatively functional space. And in a rental home design, it’s important to make the most of your available space. Here’s where Livspace designer Zarifah uses a combination of storage cabinets like the Lixhult to optimise the area. A Lindbyn mirror decorates this rental apartment while pairing beautifully with the louvred storage unit.    

Beautifully subtle minimalist colour palettes decorate this rental apartment

Since the home follows an open-layout concept, Zarifah keeps the design minimalist and modern, in line with what Jasryn wanted. A Mörbylånga dining table is paired with a set of Ekedalen chairs to anchor a dining area into the open space. The shade of wood used for the dining set matches with the furniture in the foyer, creating continuity across this rental home interior design. 

#3: Spacious and Airy Master Bedroom

For inexpensive rental apartment decorating ideas, use plants and greenery

Your bedroom is one space where you can let your imagination run wild and personalise it as you see fit. However, with a rental home design, you might feel like your options are somewhat limited. Don’t let this discourage you as Livspace can help you with details and elements that will spruce up your rental home interior design. Zarifah uses some classic pieces from IKEA to give this master bedroom some personality, while keeping the design clean and unfettered. 

A minimalist rental home interior design gives tenants the freedom to change things up

The Malm bedside tables are the perfect accessories in this inviting rental home design. The brown stained ash veneer tables seamlessly pair with the neutral shades in the bedroom. In fact, you might just do a double take to notice the Rodelund area rug because of how well it blends into the space. To get the look for your rental home interior design, consider decorating your bed with Grönamarant pillows and a Småsporre duvet. 

#4: A Place for Rest and a Place for Work

Use warm lights to make the space more cosy and comfortable

For this bedroom, Zarifah wanted to create a space that is restful and comforting, especially after a long day of work. This space allows you to unwind and feel at home, without the distractions of the outside world. Don’t you think this room looks the cosiset in the entire rental home design? 

Be sure to take note of these rental house decor ideas for bedrooms

A few similarities you might notice between the master bedroom and this room is the use of plants and a matching bed frame. Unlike the all-white bed dressing in the master bedroom, this space uses a Vitklöver duvet cover to add some interest to the room. A simple Hauga bedside table adds storage to the space. 

A simple study can further maximise the efficiency of your bedroom

The inspiration behind this room was to create a multifunctional space that is suitable for simple living. The addition of the Brusali desk turns this room into the ideal area for working from home. Another thing to note about this rental home interior design is the fact that there are no shelves or wall storage. 

Get in touch with us for more rental house decor ideas for your condo apartment

Here, Zarifah got creative with the choice of storage solutions by keeping everything on the floor, in corners or against the wall. This helps ensure the traffic flow is unobstructed and that the entire rental home design looks uncluttered and spacious. We also asked Livspace designer Zarifah what she did differently while designing this space, and here’s what she had to say:

“I tried to put myself in the homeowner’s shoes to see how best I could design the space for a tenant. I wanted to ensure that it was a suitable and comfortable space for them to live in, so they can call it their own home”

Nur Zarifah, Livspace Designer 

How Can Livspace Help You?

Inspired by this rental home decor idea? Livspace can help you with your own renter-friendly interior design! All you have to do is book an online consultation. If you prefer meeting in person, you can also find Livspace designers at the IKEA Damansara and IKEA Cheras stores. Hurry up and get quality home interiors from the best in the industry.