If there’s one thing that can improve the look and feel of a space, it is definitely plants. As we spend most of our life in a concrete jungle, having some lush greenery to refresh our senses is a welcome change. However, maintaining an expansive garden is a luxury not many can afford given space constraints and maintenance costs. In such cases, a small garden design takes priority as it can give you some bang for your buck while still being easy on the eyes. So, why not fulfil these desires with some modern small garden ideas that are well suited for Malaysian homes! 

No matter the size of your home, there’s a way to incorporate some mini garden ideas into it. Join us as we explore some garden ideas for small spaces that every homeowner is sure to love.

#1: Herb Garden for the Kitchen

Use a small pegboard to create a hanging herb garden for all your seasoning needs

Cooking is an important activity that most of us do not take lightly. When so much time and energy is committed to preparing the perfect meal, a functional and convenient kitchen layout is essential. You can improve the cooking process by introducing modern small garden ideas in available spaces. One such example of mini garden ideas is the indoor herb garden. 

All you need is a pegboard or shelves that can hold common herbs you use in your cooking. This type of setup is at the top of the list of functional and easy garden ideas for small spaces.

#2: Mini Greenhouse for the Stay-at-Home Green Thumb

Create a mini greenhouse at home with self-sustaining terrariums

Among the many small garden ideas you might come across, terrariums are a sure-fire way to create a small garden space at home. Since they are grown in a self-contained environment, they qualify as an easy-to-install and low maintenance small garden design. 

What’s more, when grown in glass containers, they mimic the look of a mini greenhouse! Besides serving the purpose of house plants, these mini garden ideas also work well as decor. Make the most of it by including multiple terrariums as decor for your shelves or desk.

#3: Garden Ideas for Small Spaces That Lack Privacy

Use a plant screen to keep your balcony private with a lush view

It’s no surprise that small condos and compact apartments come with a lack of space. This could also mean there’s a slight possibility that the units next to you can look into your balcony. In a world where privacy is paramount, exploring modern small garden ideas that safeguard these basic needs is ideal. 

Use mini garden ideas that feature a plant screen to keep things private yet classy. You can either use an artificial plant screen or go for vines and creepers for a more authentic look. Just this simple addition can work wonders for a small garden design.

#4: Use Artificial Grass for a Low Maintenance Small Garden Design

Consider using artificial grass for a low maintenance small garden design

Almost all the mini garden ideas that are worth exploring include the use of grass for a fresh and vibrant look. However, real grass can be expensive to install and maintain, making it unsuitable for budget small garden ideas. 

Though real grass can pose a few roadblocks to a low maintenance small garden design, you can still get the look with artificial turf. Not only is it low maintenance, but it can also give your space the illusion of luxury where real greenery is scarce. 

While artificial turf works well as low-maintenance and budget small garden ideas, please also note that it can heat up with direct exposure to the sun. Similarly, depending on the quality and make of the grass, it can also be environmentally harmful. Only invest in mini garden ideas that include artificial turf after ample research. 

#5: Budget Small Garden Ideas That Play with Planters

Introduce some colourful planters in different shapes and sizes for a curated look

Planters are one staple you’ll find across every list of mini garden ideas no matter where you look. They come in a variety of styles and designs that offer different functions and utility. Due to this, they make a versatile option for budget small garden ideas. 

Hang them on your balcony grills/railings or suspend them from the ceiling for a chic look. However you choose to display them, they’re guaranteed to pretty up the place. Here’s an article on budget interior design you can refer to for more details on how to design on a budget.

#6: Free Up Floor Space with a Plant Stand/Rack in Your Small Garden Design

A plant rack is a great way to keep your floors free from clutter and crowding

Whether you’re looking to make room for mini garden ideas inside your home or in the balcony, floor space is vital in small homes. Keep the floors free of clutter by moving your plants and greenery upwards with plant racks and stands. 

Similarly, for budget small garden ideas, you can also repurpose an old shoe rack or bookcase as a plant stand. Pick an empty nook in your balcony/room and decorate the rack with plants of your choice. 

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#7: Stick with Natural Materials for Garden Furniture

Stick with wooden accents and natural materials to amplify the look of the garden aesthetic

You might focus more on the use of plants for mini garden ideas, but the furniture you use can amplify the look of a garden just as well. To borrow some small garden ideas directly from nature, go for materials such as wood or rattan.

#8: Get Creative with an Indoor Vertical Garden

A vertical garden can be used as an indoor feature wall wherever you have space

Your balcony isn’t the only space you can experiment with for mini garden ideas. Depending on your home’s layout and design, you can also try to include a vertical garden indoors! Similar to how feature walls function, all you need is a bare wall that draws the focus of the room. You can either decorate the wall with open shelves for your mini greenhouse and small garden ideas, or you can cover the length of it with plants. 

#9: Use as Many House Plants as You Can for an Indoor Garden Theme

Go for a nature-themed garden design with green walls and wooden accents

Bring the outdoors right into your living room with mini garden ideas that are perfect for modern interiors. Mimic the look of grass with green rugs that pair beautifully with wooden floorboards. 

Additionally, you can also go for green wall paint to build on the nature-inspired theme. Pepper the space with house plants and small garden ideas for decor to tie the whole look together.

#10: Keep Things Simple with a Planter Wall

Keep things minimal with a simple wooden planter for the wall

If a full-size vertical garden is not your cup of tea, perhaps a smaller planter wall might be easier on the eyes (and pocket). While vertical gardens can be an expensive affair, mini garden ideas that use planter walls as decor are more affordable options.

#11: Love the Look of an Outdoor Garden? Why Not Recreate It with a Lawn Chair

Pop a lawn chair on some artificial turf and you have a ready-made balcony garden!

Though using plants as decor is one of the more common small garden ideas, specific furniture can get the garden look down just as well. Besides gunning for furniture made of natural, the design you choose can also play a part. Go for a relaxed lawn chair or floor seating with pouffes to use with your mini garden ideas.

#12: Add Some Interest To Your Small Garden with a Swing

Adding a swing in your balcony garden is a great way to add interest to the space

Lawn chairs have their charm but a dedicated swing is undoubtedly a winner when it comes to small garden ideas. Comfortably lounging on a swing with your choice of beverage before a spectacular view is an unrivalled experience. Alternatively, you can also make use of an egg chair in the same space for a similar vibe. 

#13: Your Wall Design Can Also Double as a Garden Nook

Use existing arch-shaped niches in the wall to store plants for a framed garden look

Sometimes, what you need for mini garden ideas can be found right at home without the need to invest in new materials or tools. If you have existing architectural features like an arch niche in your wall, you can use it to store plants. Make use of these existing arch niches to create a framed look for your small garden ideas.

#14: Decorate Empty Corners with Plants and Greenery

Bring those empty corners and dead spaces to life with some colourful plants

Empty corners can leave your space looking sparse and boring. So why not highlight them with some lush mini garden ideas! This can also double as garden ideas for small spaces by using plant racks or side tables decorated with plants.

#15: Don’t Forget to Include Lanterns as Lighting Options while Exploring Small Garden Ideas

Illuminate your small garden with garden-style lanterns for a rustic vibe

Besides furniture and the many ways to use plants for mini garden ideas, it’s also important to know how else to decorate these spaces in the process. Here’s where lights play an important role when it comes to creating an ambience for your small garden ideas. 

To recreate the look of the outdoors, go for lantern lights that you can either place down or suspend for a rustic-chic look. Also check out 6 Best Balcony Ideas for Homes in Malaysia That Are Practically Useful.

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