When it comes to owning your own home, there’s a lot of ground that needs to be covered before you can move into it. Besides finding the right appliances and fittings to take care of comfort and functionality, you’d also want your home to look the part. However, getting luxury-themed interiors might not always be the easiest on every homeowner’s pockets. For an interior design on a budget, you might have to rely on a few simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your home. 

So, if you’re wondering how you can get the best of interior design on a budget without breaking the bank, this article is for you. Here are some budget-friendly interior design solutions that are easy on the pocket, and even easier on the eyes!

#1: Need Home Decoration Ideas on a Budget? Opt for Textured Paint or Unique Painting Techniques Over Wallpaper

Adopt a mix of wall painting techniques and paint ideas for refreshed interiors

While wallpapering your interiors might have great appeal in terms of customisation, it can also greatly increase your design costs. Another way to work in some personalised edge for interior design on a budget is by opting for paint instead of wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to take any home from basic to beautiful in a matter of strokes. 

If you prefer a more detailed look, consider going for textured paint as it can help add some dimension to your space. Other than this, you can also consider using various painting techniques such as sponging or colour-blocking for more variety in interior design on a budget.

#2: Try to Refurbish Old Furniture Instead of Buying New Pieces

For interior design on a budget, be sure to refurbish whatever furnishings you can

Just as most things deserve a second chance, so does your furniture. If you’re familiar with interior design on a budget, you might already know that investing in new furniture can be an expensive ordeal. While there might also be a handful of home decoration ideas on a budget to choose from in the market, they might not come with the guarantee of quality. 

If you currently have a good set of existing furniture that still has a considerable amount of life left in it, refurbishing is your best bet. You can either change the upholstery or go in for a fresh coat of varnish to seal the deal. However you choose to refurbish your furniture, it’s sure to add a premium feel to interior design on a budget.

#3: Experiment with Bed Accessories for Low Budget Interior Design

Want a princess-like low budget interior design? Get a bed canopy!

Looking to add some budget-friendly interior design flair to your bedroom? Consider experimenting with a simple bed canopy for a touch of interest. This works especially well if you’re looking for easy-to-install budget decor. You can either use simple curtains for an elegant look, or also choose to style them with LED lights for added warmth. 

For further inspiration on home decoration ideas on a budget, try to change up your bedding and headboard for a more streamlined look. The great thing about using a headboard is that it can also double as a statement piece for your bedroom. 

What’s more, it can also be DIY-ed or upholstered, which is perfect for low budget interior design projects. Either keep it simple or embrace a pop of colour, depending on the other design elements you have in your space. 

#4: Use Accent Furniture for a Pop of Style

Add just the right bit of drama with a statement chair

There’s no better way to spice up a plain room than with a statement piece like an accent chair. If you’re wondering what exactly an accent chair is, it’s nothing but furniture that adds a touch of luxury to your space. And when you need interior design on a budget, what better way to achieve this than with cost-effective statement pieces.

For home decoration ideas on a budget, you can upholster or refurbish one of your existing furniture pieces to make them work as your decor. By giving it a look that stands out, you can easily use any armchair in your possession to draw interest to dull areas. 

#5: Play Around with Soft Furnishings and Different Textures to Make a Budget-Friendly Interior Design Statement

Go bold with a statement rug or try to add contrast with your choice of curtains

Accent chairs are not the only way to make a statement in interior design on a budget. You could also achieve a more refined look with the right kind of soft furnishings for your interiors. Soft furnishings typically refer to the fabric-based accessories that decorate your space, such as rugs, throw pillows and curtains. 

To add an element of luxury to budget-friendly interior design, consider playing around with different textures among your soft furnishings. Embrace a bit of velvet fabric in your throw pillows or mix in a touch of faux fur to your rugs for some catered style. However, also make sure that your soft furnishings complement the textures and colours used in the rest of the room.

#6: Lighting Systems are a Great Way to Support Low Budget Interior Design

A mix of different lighting options is a good way to add interest your space

Gone are the days where a single tube light is the sole source of light in each room. These days, a mix of different lighting options are responsible for dictating the mood in your home. Besides adding to the overall ambience, the lighting you choose can also have added functionality. This can offer an extra perk to your low budget interior design and boost the convenience factor as well. 

Go for LED lights if you’re looking to cut down your overall expenditure on lighting as they are fairly cost-effective and energy-saving in the long run. In terms of lighting fixtures to use in interior design on a budget, you might want to go with designs that can enhance your space. Metal accents can easily lend a touch of the industrial style to the aesthetic of your home.

Pendant lights, track lights and recessed lights are a few other options you could consider for your low budget interior design. For more details, check out 7 Living Room Lighting Ideas to Make Your Room Go From Dull to Dazzling

#7: Add Indoor Plants for a Touch of Vibrancy in Your Home

Bring some colour to your home with house plants and natural materials

The use of indoor plants is the most basic interior design on a budget trick to spruce up your home. If you’ve looked around your home and felt like it was missing something, chances are you were thinking of plants. House plants are an easy way to add vibrancy to your space without the fuss of making any changes. 

What’s more, plants are also an eco-friendly take on interior design on a budget. This is because they help purify your home while also decorating it. You can look at incorporating big house plants to liven up dead corners or use smaller potted plants to dress your shelves. 

#8: Consider a Simple Gallery Wall Instead of a Feature Wall

Artworks are great interior design ideas for small homes in a low budget

Want to make a splash with an intricate feature wall but don’t have the budget for it? Your interior design on a budget doesn’t have to forgo a feature wall; you just have to get creative with it. Instead of a highly decorative feature wall that could run up your costs, look at creating a gallery wall instead. 

This can be done with artworks or decorative items like painted plates for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, this method works especially well as interior design ideas for small homes in a low budget.

#9: Embrace Creative Storage Solutions

Get creative with vertical storage space to prevent crowding your floor space

Whether you live in a luxurious penthouse or a compact two-bedroom home, storage will always be a concern for most homeowners. Consequently, investing in several storage units might also cramp your style and further the cost of your interiors. For this reason, you might need to think of interior design ideas for small homes in a low budget. Instead of crowding your home with storage units, consider embracing concealed or multifunctional storage instead. 

These units work well for budget interiors as you get double the benefit for the price of one. You get the benefit of furniture along with storage space without having to compromise on the other. Utility pegboards, modular shelves and vertical storage are a few other options to consider for storage. Similarly, if you’re facing space constraints, embrace vertical storage to prevent cramping the floor space in your room. 

#10: Mix and Match Different Accessories for a Unique and Well-Travelled Look

Mix and match all your accessories for a carefree and unique look

If you’re familiar with bohemian interior design, the mix and match style of decor might be something you already know. This design style makes use of an assortment of accessories and collectibles that give the home a unique look. What’s more, it’s a great way to approach interior design on a budget too. If you’ve travelled a bit or have souvenirs and accessories from  cultures/places, be sure to use them in your decor.

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