You might have come across our story on wall painting ideas where we covered the various techniques you can employ to create stylised interiors. However, did you also know that paint isn’t the only way to get a stunning wall design? Accent wall designs or feature walls come in an array of styles featuring different materials to suit every need. 

If you’re looking for a specific living room wall design or if you’re just browsing through ideas for bedroom wall decor you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some inspired ideas on how to style your bedroom and living room walls:

#1: Accent Wall Designs for the Home

Create a sleek look by playing with mirrors for your wall design

An accent wall is nothing but a wall that is used to make a statement in the room it occupies. Typically, accent wall designs tend to be the standalone focal point of a room based on how detailed the wall design is. For a living room wall design that is both minimalist yet intriguing, mirror panelling is a great option. 

What’s more, when used as wall decor for a living room in a compact home, mirrors can also help amplify the illusion of space. So, if you’re in the market for space-enhancing accent wall designs, mirror panelling is your best bet. 

A sponge brush, some paint and a passion for DIY is all you need for textured walls

Similarly, textured wall paint needs no introduction when it comes to accent wall designs for the home. With just a few dabs of paint and an eye for creativity, you can transform your wall design from zero to 100. You can make this possible either with textured paint for a luxe look, or you can also experiment with the sponging method for your wall design. 

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#2: Living Room Wall Design with a Creative Twist

Love bold colours? Why not use them as a part of your living room wall design!

Textured paint isn’t the only way to make a statement in your living room. Apart from sponging your walls, another great option for living room wall design is to colour-block your walls. If you have an eye for bold colours but don’t want to risk drowning your space in bright hues with a heavy paint job, go for simple colour-blocking instead! 

All you need are colours that are diametrically opposite to each other in the colour wheel and you’re good to go. However, try to keep the rest of your living room wall decor minimal to prevent overwhelming the design. 

Show off your personality with a custom mural on your wall

Since an open floor plan might merge your rooms together, you can use murals as living room wall decor to demarcate the space. If you have a heavy-set furniture setup in your living room, try to keep the wall design light and minimal. Besides paint, you can also experiment with customised wallpaper for a more personalised look. 

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#3: Wall Decor for Living Room Interiors That are Nothing Short of Unique

Love the look of grids? Go for board-and-batten panelling or wainscoting

Board-and-batten panelling is a type of wall design that includes layering your wall with wooden siding to give it a grid-like look. This method of wall decor for the living room lends a touch of contemporary style to your space that you can either dress up or dress down. Pair it with luxe accents and suede-like soft furnishings to amp up the style factor. 

Decorate your wall with multiple artworks/trinkets to make a gallery wall

Another way to go about your living room wall decor is to play with art as much as possible. This is also a great way to infuse some elements of bohemian interior design into your living room wall decor. If you have souvenirs or collectibles from your travels, you can use them in your wall design for a well-travelled look. By arranging them together, you can also create a gallery wall flush with different art pieces and trinkets to add more interest to the space.

Abstract wall trims are a great addition to contemporary-style interiors

Besides board-and-batten panelling, you can also experiment with partial wall trims for your wall design. To use this method as wall decor for the living room, try to pick a wall that is broad and has more space. Given that the trims take up a section of the wall, this can create the illusion of a narrower wall, making your living room appear more compact than it is.

#4: Living Room Wall Decor That’s Packed with Functionality

Boost storage space with a floor-to-ceiling pegboard on your wall

Now that you know what accent wall designs to use in your living room, you might also want to consider some functional wall decor for the living room. Besides panelling and painting your walls, there are multiple ways you can get utility out of them as well. One such way is to go for a full-size pegboard as your wall design. You can use this to store day-to-day items or any other trinkets you would need easy access to.

Exposed pipes don’t have to be an eyesore. Turn them into shelves to boost utility!

How about using parts of your interiors as its own wall design? A simple way to make this possible is by using exposed pipes as shelves for an unfinished industrial look. If you already have exposed pipes coming down your walls, try to make the most of it by converting them into open storage. This type of wall decor for the living room lends both style and utility to your space in one go.

#5: Wooden Bedroom Wall Decor for a Touch of Rustic Charm

Fluted or textured wooden walls; no matter the choice it’s bound to make a statement

Wood has always been a common component in traditional Malaysian interior design. Despite the shift to more modern styles, wood is still a sought-after material when it comes to designing homes. Owing to its popularity, no list of wall design ideas is complete without featuring wood. For bedroom wall decor that exudes rustic charm, wooden wall panelling is a must-have. 

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#6: Why Not Try Something New with Your Wall Decorations for the Bedroom

Raise your wall decor game with some angular wall trims

Similar to board-and-batten panelling, geometric trims are also a great way to incorporate textured wall decorations for the bedroom. Unlike traditional Victorian wall design, these trims come in angular patterns, offering more visual interest to your bedroom wall decor.

Take things up a notch with a floor-to-ceiling headboard as your accent wall

If wall trims as wall decorations for the bedroom are not your cup of tea, maybe a full-size headboard might be more your speed. A floor-to-ceiling headboard can double as a wall design if you know how to go about it the right way. 

To bring in a touch of opulence, go for a headboard that has velvet padding. You can also consider designing the rest of the room in neutral colours to make your wall design pop. Throw in some statement light fixtures to complement your wall decorations for the bedroom and you’re good to go!

Other Wall Decor Ideas for the Bedroom You Can Consider:

Still looking for more wall decor ideas for the bedroom? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered with a few more designs you can explore. Be sure to check these out for more inspiration:

1. Fabric Wall Panelling

Go for thicker fabric panels to cut out noise

If textures are your thing, there’s no better way to achieve it than with fabric panels as bedroom wall decor. What’s more, this type of wall design also offers great utility when it comes to noise control. You can consider insulated panels or go for panels with thicker padding to help minimise external noise. 

2. Modular Shelves or an In-built Display

Use modular or in-built shelves as a display unit to dress up your walls

Storage is one commodity that is always good to have no matter the size of your home. Depending on your wall design, you can opt for open storage solutions to maximise the storage space in your bedroom. You can either use in-built shelves or modular shelves as wall decor ideas for the bedroom to support this.

3. Wallpaper Framing

Wallpapering only a segment of your feature wall will give it a framed look

The wallpaper is one of the most tried-and-tested wall decor ideas for the bedroom that never goes out of style. However, this type of wall design can lean towards the expensive side depending on the area you’re looking to cover. To minimise costs, you can consider using it for a smaller section of the wall for a framed look.

4. Customised Wall Art or Murals

Paint within your wall trims for a framed mural design

Other than wallpaper, you can also explore custom murals for a personalised wall design. This can also double as a fun family activity if you prefer to DIY it. Grab a bush or reach out to a professional for similar wall decor ideas for the bedroom.

5. Statement Art Pieces

Let your walls be the focal point of your bedroom with standalone statement art

Art has always complemented design in more ways than one. Given the role it plays in amping up a space, it’s only natural that it serves as a great option for wall design. If you prefer keeping your wall decor minimal, go for a statement artwork in the centre of your wall.

6. A Gallery Wall Featuring Natural Materials

Opt for natural materials to build a boho-chic / rustic vibe in your bedroom

Interested in sustainable wall decor ideas for the bedroom? A wall design that uses natural materials might be of interest to you. Go for decor specifically made with materials like bamboo or rattan for an eco-friendly approach.

7. Embedded Mood Lighting

Ambience lighting is just one LED strip away when embedded in your feature wall

What better way to light up your wall design than with lights! You can keep things traditional with the usual sconce or recessed lights; or you can also experiment with embedded LED strips. However you choose to go about it, it’s sure to offer some comforting mood lighting.

8. Stencilling or Wall Decaling

Keep things simple with a stencil-style design for your feature wall

If the DIY wall design route is something you’re keen on, stencilling is a fun option for you. All you need is a stencil cut-out and some paint and your bedroom wall decor is set. Similarly, you can achieve the same look with stickers or wall decals depending on your preference.

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