You’ll find that the biggest cities have the smallest homes. This space crunch is also pretty visible in Malaysia and if you own these small apartment interior design HBDs or condos, we totally understand your house interior design plight. But worry not! We are here to tell you that you can always get creative with your storage style. Here are some space saving suggestions, room by room, for your compact home. 

But before we go there, here are some versatile tips that you can apply for any room:

  • The minimalist style is a godsend when it comes to small apartment design
  • Multifunctional furniture is another great space-saving idea
  • Odd niches are actually perfect for storage
  • Wall-mounted storage and shelves save space

#1: Optimise Space in Your Living Room 

Get a mix of seating options to maximise space utilisation
Opt for a wall-mounted TV unit to save floor space

Small apartment interior design usually means a compact living room. If you wish to seat several people in your small space, pair your three-seater sofa with ottoman and pouffes that can be moved easily when not in use. Consider getting a custom TV console that fits your living room layout, instead of purchasing a free-standing, off-the-shelf TV console. Also make sure that your custom design holds ample storage space with shelves to place your books and knick-knacks. Opting for nested tables instead of a regular coffee table gives you great flexibility in your house interior design.  

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#2: Get Nifty With Your Dining Room

A dining room of four is a great  small apartment  design idea
small-apartment-interior-design dining-room-crockery-unit
Built in shelves are bonus storage in a house interior design, like this crockery unit

If you are looking for a compact dining option for your small apartment interior design, go for a square design dining table. However, if you know that you will frequently need to accommodate people in your small apartment, investing in an expandable dining table is a must. Free up floor space in your house interior design by going for floating shelves. They can be easily custom built or if you want a cheaper option, piece it together with modular pieces.

#3: Tidy Up Your Small Apartment Interior Design Kitchen

Load up on closed storage for your compact kitchen
A breakfast counter can function as a divider for an open kitchen

Planning a kitchen well in your small apartment interior design will solve a lot of storage problems that may come up later on. Assess the number of utensils, appliances, crockery, cutlery and other kitchen essentials that you plan to have and ask your designer to accommodate each one without using countertop space. You will be surprised with what is achievable with all the accessories and add-ons that are available in the market. Want a breakfast table too? A small apartment interior design can always go for a wall-mounted retractable table that can be tucked away neatly after every meal.  

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#4: Declutter Your Small Apartment Interior Design Bedroom

A built-in wardrobe can solve your storage issues
Swap bedside tables with open shelves

A fancy bed frame is a popular choice. However, in a small apartment design, it can make the room look cramped. This is further exaggerated in the house interior design when the space  lacks proper lighting. The remedy then is to add extra lofts above the wardrobe. If there is a niche, a small apartment interior design can really be enhanced with a built-in closet. Another bedroom design idea for a small space is to replace the mandatory bedside table with wall-mounted shelves.

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#5: The Kid’s Room in a Small Apartment Interior Design is All about Space-Saving

 Incorporate a niche shelf for books and toys in the wardrobe design
Tuck the wardrobe neatly into a corner

In a small apartment, a kids’ room can have loads of storage and space when you opt for bunk beds or beds with built-in storage and study. Open shelves in wardrobes are also a great idea in small apartment design. This also frees up space for your child to have a separate play area!

#6: Add Extra Storage in Your Small Apartment Interior Design

Display your decor or hold your essentials on sturdy wall shelves comfortably

When your small apartment interior design needs some extra storage, you can go vertical. Such storage options can be tucked behind the bed, beside TV consoles or even be attached to a corner. You can also use open bookshelves this way.  

#7: Corner Sofas Fit Right into a Small Apartment Interior Design

Put your corner space to use by getting an L-shaped sofa

Make the most of the little spaces in your house interior design by opting for a corner, chaise or an L-shaped sofa. A sofa like the one shown above can also be used as a divider in a house interior design, separating open spaces without overcrowding.  

Decorating a tight space in the small apartment interior design can be equally challenging and fun. 

  • Use mirrors and glass to create an illusion of space
  • Neutral and monochrome colours can give a small home a spacious look
  • Natural light and ample artificial lighting can save your home from looking cramped
  • Low seating and sleek furniture can make the home appear lighter visually

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