Home gardens are a great money-saving hack if you have a penchant for gardening. A few easy to grow vegetables at home in India can keep you active and healthy while also being wonderfully beneficial to the environment. While we all love greenery, many of us are afraid of killing our plants before we’ve even begun. Read on to learn more about which vegetables we can grow at home with this comprehensive guide on home gardening. We’ll turn you into a master horticulturist in no time.

First, prep your soil

As everybody knows, soil helps to transmit nutrients to your plants. As a result, it has a significant impact on the health and vigor of your plants. These easy-to-grow vegetables at home in India don’t need anything fancy. The DIY recipe below works wonders in most home gardens.

Soil Mixture

  • 30% cattle manure
  • 10% of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium)
  • 10% bone meal fertilizer
  • 50% good soil

If the soil is too dense, add some river sand to loosen it up. Now that your soil is prepped, it’s time to get your garden started. The following plants are easy-to-grow vegetables at home in India regardless of your skill level:

#1: Spinach

Simply bury the stem in soil to grow this plant

Plenty of local spinach varieties are quick to grow and give you a regular yield. Most can be planted in a 6 inch pot by simply burying the stem in soil. These plants can also be left in broad sunlight. You can now whip up spinach-based recipes with your very own homegrown leaves.

Pro tips:

  • Prefers full sunlight but thieves in partial shade as well
  • Requires 3-4 light soakings per week, as opposed to one long deep soak

#2: Chilies

Simply sprinkle the seeds and your chillies will start growing

No list of home grown veggies is complete without chilies. They are not affected by too much water or harsh sunlight. Sowing them is also super simple. Just cut up a chilly from the market, sprinkle the seeds in soil and watch a plant grow in a few weeks.

Pro tips:

  • They thrive in full sunlight and away from strong winds
  • During average summer weather conditions they will need watering two to three times a week

#3: Onion

Cut a bulb and plant the roots to grow an onion plant

With onion prices going through the roof, you can get a better ROI by planting one bulb. Cut up a bulb, plant the roots in soil, water everyday and reap the rewards in 2-3 months. You can even use its leaves and stem to add flavour to gravies.

Pro tips:

  • Onions prefer full sunlight but can survive in partial shade
  • 0.3 – 0.4 inches of water/day is ideal and drip irrigation is the best way to apply small amounts of water frequently

#4: Tomato

Just buy some seeds and plant them in the soil

Level up your gardening game by planting a few tomatoes. However, the baby shoots are prone to white bug infestations that can kill your plant if left unattended. But that’s nothing that can’t be solved with a natural insecticide like neem oil.

Pro tips:

  • Tomato plants require at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day
  • As long as you maintain an even soil moisture they should be good

#5: Legumes

Plant some beans to have a full-grown legume plant

Not only are leguminous plants like soybeans, peas and beans easy to grow and reap, these are also healthy for the soil. They infuse nitrogen into soil making it rich for the next batch of veggies.

Pro tips:

  • 8 to 10 hours of sunlight daily is ideal for legumes
  • Legumes need about one inch of water a week for good growth

Still not sure which vegetables we can grow at home? Then start with a few simple, yet flavourful herbs. Both mint and coriander grow well in any deep container. Just make sure they get plenty of light but remain at least partially in shade.

Those are our top 5 easy to grow vegetables at home in India. We hope you now have a better understanding of which vegetables we can grow at home. Here are some herbs that you can grow at home, too: Why Buy Herbs When You Can Grow Them at Home?

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