The COVID-19 pandemic came out of nowhere and changed our lives forever. As we all grappled with the “new normal”, so did celebrities we so look up to. Since their jet-setting lives too came to a jolting halt, many of them have been putting their time to good use by recognising the importance of eating clean, growing their own food and putting their terrace garden space to good use! To start with, you can try planting these easy growing vegetables.

Of all the celebrity gardens, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, R Madhavan and Milind Soman stand out for their notable green thumbs! Let’s show you how these celebrities are turning their terrace garden space into green havens and harvesting fruits of their labour for their table! You may want to take notes.

#1: Samantha’s #Growwithme Movement

Samantha Ruth Prabhu aka Akkineni is one of the most vocal celebrities when it comes to the concept of eating what you grow. In fact, since the lockdown started, she used her sizable social media following to flag of the #Growwithme campaign. While Samantha is busy turning her terrace into a vegetable patch and growing leafy green in hydroponic pods, she has urged her Instagram followers to do the same. 

She educates her followers on how you can grow your own food in soil, water and even use discarded materials like plastic packets to cultivate. This celeb sure isn’t scared to get her hands dirty!

Rakul Preet & Lakshmi Manchu

Oh yes, Samantha did not stop with encouraging her fans to turn gardeners, she called upon her friends too! The Southern belle nominated her Rakul Preet and Lakshmi Manchu to dip their fingers in soil and grow organic greens at home. This move is intended to start a chair reaction that promotes gardening as a productive hobby as the pandemic keeps us at home and boosts our immunity as we are eating clean!

Takeaway: What Are Hydroponics?

To put it simply, hydroponics is a system of growing plants without any soil. Usually, plants draw their nutrients for growth from the soil. But in the hydroponic system, the soil is replaced by water mixed with essential plant nutrients. Alternatively, soil could also be replaced by peat, coir, bark or other organic materials. 

Most hydroponic systems do not take up much space; they fit easily into balconies. Moreover, hydroponic plants have easy access to nutrients and thus grow large and healthy. And last but not the least, as there is no soil, the risk of pests or diseases is eliminated completely!

#2: R Madhavan’s Terrace Garden

Up next is the guy whose ‘Maddy’ act we can never forget! R Madhavan prides himself on using all the open spaces in his home to grow vegetables and fruits so that his family can eat clean and healthy food during their extended stay at home. Teaming up with his gardener, we can see Madhavan take great pleasure in harvesting cherries from his terrace garden and various gourd vegetables from the balcony garden attached to his bedroom. 

Takeaway: How To Grow Gourd Vegetables

Gourds are traditionally vegetables that grow in the hills. So they fare best in cool temperatures but love sunny spots. Not only do gourds have a wealth of seeds within them, but these seeds sprout very easily! However, they have delicate roots so make sure you plant the seeds deep. Also, these plants are typically greedy when it comes to nutrients, so add generous amounts of compost to the soil to keep it rich. 

#3: Milind Soman’s Greenhouse

The ever-inspirational Milind Soman who motivates us with his fitness videos and also gives us couple goals is now, in his own words, ‘a bearded farmer’. The former supermodel has set up a greenhouse on his terrace that is overrun with green climbers. His Instagram account shows him posing with freshly harvested gourd vegetables. 

Takeaway: How To Create A Greenhouse

First, pick a spot that gets enough sunshine throughout the day. This spot should preferably get sunlight in the morning. You can create a basic structure with planks or bamboo shoots. Over this up with UV-stabilized polyethylene or acrylic sheets. And your greenhouse will retain warmth and the heat will help your plants grow!

Other celebrities who are indulging themselves in their terrace garden are Anushka Sharma (caught chilling with her plant buddies), Twinkle Khanna (seen harvesting Ceylon spinach) and Shilpa Shetty (spotted plucking brinjal with son). Also explore the 10 best houseplants for lazy people.

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