Just like decor and fashion, there is an element of trend for houseplants too. Raising your eyebrows, are you? Allow us to elaborate. Have you ever seen succulents or jade plant or monstera in anyone’s house when you were growing up? Doubt it. You might have seen potted palm trees, money plants and Chinese evergreens if you grew up in the 90s for these were the ‘in’ plants then. Influencer culture has seriously established a plant trend and millennials today don’t just garden, they decorate with plants. And these plants too are from a very specific set that tie in with contemporary design principles like clean lines and geometric texture. 

But the hero of this article is the unassuming jade plant, with its comely heart-shaped leaves that makes the cut with other millennial favourites like the monstera, philodendrons, snake plant, peace lily, spider plant and poinsettia. Let’s find out why 30-somethings are so obsessed with jade as a houseplant and if you should be too!

Why should you have a jade plant at home?

jade plant-potted plants
It’s not just lucky but easy-to-maintain too!
  • It’s very low maintenance and easy to care for
  • It’s a succulent, so you can leave it without watering for weeks; basically, you can travel without the fear of killing your jade
  • It is affordable, not as expensive as the other trendy plants like monstera or poinsettia 
  • You can propagate it at home in water
  • There is no dearth of variety as we have more than 20 types of jade plants and some are flowering varieties too
  • When cared for, it can live from 70-100 years
  • Jade is a good luck plant and according to Feng Shui, helps attract money and prosperity into your home

Does the jade plant attract money into your home?

jade plant-feng shui plant
It’s good for getting some dough as per feng shui

Yes, it does, provided you use it properly. According to Feng Shui, potted jade plants were given as a house-warming gift to friends for it promotes both friendship and prosperity. In fact, this plant was also gifted to those who were starting a new business to usher in good luck for their finances. Flowering jade plants are a sign of growth and prosperity. Moreover, the positive ‘chi’ that a jade plant emanates in your home is closely associated with jade gemstones that stand for wealth. 

How to use a jade plant to attract more money into your home?

How to get the feng shui right?

jade plant-flowing jade plant plant
A flowering jade plant stands for growth and prosperity

The main purpose of keeping this plant at home is to usher in good fortune. You might have seen potted jades at the entrance of Chinese restaurants. By the same logic, you should place jade plants as close to the entrance of your home as possible. Additionally, the southeast is the best direction to keep this plant. However, make sure that you keep it in the southeast corner of your living room; this plant is not beneficial when kept in the bedroom or bathroom. 

How to choose a healthy jade plant for your home?

jade plant-healthy plant
The one with the thickest stem is will thrive best

Only a healthy and thriving plant can help you improve your financial health. So it is of utmost importance to pick a plant that looks healthy to begin with. 

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But how do we determine if a jade plant is healthy or not?

  • Look for a plant that has a strong central stem that is branching out
  • Check how strong the leaves are by tapping the plant; if the leaves fall of easily, the plant is weak
  • Check the general health of the leaves: do they look burned or malnourished?
  • Beware of mealy bugs and other plant diseases like root rot
  • Avoid buying fancy terrariums of jade as it is a succulent and does not thrive well in moist environments

How to care for a jade plant?

pruning plant-house plant
Just don’t fuss over them


A jade plant needs 12 hours of sunlight if possible. If you have a balcony or porch that gets sunlight, keep it out for sunning. If not, keep it by a window that gets the maximum sunlight in your home. 


Being a succulent, jade needs very little water. There is no set time frame for watering your jade. You can water it whenever the soil is totally dry. Check this with your fingers before you water. Also, never spray water on the leaves of jade, only water the soil. The leaves might fall off if you water them. 


Jade plants need very well draining soil that does not retain moisture for a long time. If they are planted in soil with high clay content, their roots tend to rot. That is why, ensure that your soil has plenty of sand and gravel. Also, the pot must have a watering-hole underneath to release extra water. 


Jade is not a plant that requires too much care. Typically, with the right amount of sunlight and water, it grows. So you basically do not have to fuss over them. As a houseplant, it might grow a little slowly. The rate of growth also depends on how large your pot is. It will grow if it gets rooms to grow. Alternatively, you can use supplements like the Greenstix by Lazy Gardener to foster growth. 


Jade plants do not need pruning on a regular basis. However, if your plant is growing too fast, you can prune to keep it to an acceptable size. Infact, you can use the cuttings you make while pruning to propagate more plants and fill up all the tabletops!

What not to do with the jade plant

watering plant-succulent plant
More jade plants die of too much watering than not watering

#1: When in doubt, don’t water. Most jade plants die from too much watering and not too little

#2: Don’t place jade plants where they get no sunlight. 

#3: Do not use closed potting systems like terrariums for jade plants as they need well draining soil

#4: Don’t fuss over jade plants; they take their status of being low-maintenance very seriously! 

PRO TIP: How to propagate jade plants at home?

jade growing in water-jade propogation
Stem propagation is much faster than leaf propagation for jade plants

Jade plants can be propagated through their leaves and their stems. Also, they can be propagated in water or soil. The success rate for stem propagation is very high and the same is true for propagating in water. 

So here is how you do it:

#1: Take cutting of a healthy branch that is at least 3-4 inches long.

#2: Allow this cutting to dry in the sun for 1 or 2 days. This resting period is given to ensure that the moisture at the tip of the cutting dries up. If you plant the cutting immediately, the roots might rot.

#3: Place the cutting in a pot that is at least 7 inches deep and has well-draining soil. Keep it in a spot that gets moderate sunshine. 

#4: If you are propagating in water, make sure that the cutting does not touch the base of the vase or bottle in which it is placed. This hinders the growth of roots. 

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