A combination of subtle shades with bold elements makes this a beautiful retreat for a family of four!

contemporary interiors

Who livs here: Suresh Kumar with his wife Sireesha Kumar, 11-year-old son Sumit and 8-year-old daughter Soumya

Location: Palm Drive, Sector 66, Gurgaon

Size: A 3BHK home spanning 1,500 sq.ft.

Design team: Interior designer Sahil Suri with Project Manager Arjun Talwar

Livspace service: Full Home Design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

For designer Sahil Suri, working with clients like the Kumars is a dream-come-true. In his words, they were “warm, fuss-free, approachable and gave me my space to create something they would like”. This family of four is warm, lively and showed immense trust in their designer, who from the word “go” understood their need for a simple, elegant space to call home. From catching up on design updates to shopping outings, this project seemed to have been a breeze.

For starters, our designer Sahil wanted to give them Modern Contemporary interiors that would boast of clean lines, minimal decor, warm and neutral hues with a few bold elements. With a ‘less is more’ approach in mind, he has managed to give them designs with a ‘form follows function’ perspective. And this seemed to suit Mr and Mrs Kumar just fine since they wanted a beautiful, calming retreat.

Wine and Dine

contemporary interiors

Feast your eyes on this dining room! The mirrored wall with the diamond pattern and pebbled edges add an illusion of depth and give the room an industrial chic look. Sahil added a floating false ceiling which is perfect by design and function, as it doesn’t affect the airflow of the AC vents. Furthermore, combination of blue leatherette for chairs, wallpaper and curtains adds to the dramatic setting.

contemporary interiors

It all blends beautifully with the beige marble flooring. Sahil also added a stand-alone shelf to display accessories and a side unit for crockery. We’re talking clean lines, reflective surfaces and a minimal approach that leaves us with a spacious-looking room! The contemporary interiors at this home is bound to leave visitors in awe!

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The Warm Sanctuary

contemporary interiors

Perhaps the only change requested by the Kumars was the shades for the master bedroom suggested by Sahil. The family was certain they wanted warm earthy tones for their bedroom, so it was done up in brown and beiges — from the flooring to wallpaper and drapes! The bed has a tufted headboard in brown leatherette which is beautiful and easy to maintain. In addition to this, Sahil also gave them an entertainment unit with a panel, drawers and a bookshelf to complete the room.


contemporary interiors

Pretty in Pink

contemporary interiors

Mr and Mrs Kumar were very mindful of their children’s choices. Therefore, you can see how the daughter’s bedroom is tastefully bathed in her favourite pinks and whites — from the wall and bed fabrics to curtains and the chair. Sahil also wanted to ensure that the room would be flexible to her changing age and needs. As a result, the study is basic in white and space-savvy with a combination of storage and display.

Bathed in ample sunlight, the room comes alive and their daughter loves it!

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contemporary interiors

“It was such a pleasure to work with clients who place absolute faith in your design sensibilities. Interactive and cooperative, the Kumars made working on this project such a breeze!”

Sahil Suri, Livspace Interior Designer


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