While looking for interior designers in Noida, this family chose Livspace to do up their home in exotic colours and multi-functional furniture.

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Who livs here: Ankit Kumar with his parents

Location: Gaur City Avenue 3, Noida Extension

Size: A 3 BHK home spanning 1,500 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior designer Ashima Razdan with Project Manager Sandeep Jain

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

When Ankit Kumar approached Livspace for interiors, he knew exactly what he wanted. Inspired by his stay in Singapore, he felt that adopting Western lifestyles and design sensibilities would definitely amp up the home’s style quotient.

Ashima Razdan, their designer, took in all these details and put together a design that was exemplary of just that. The home resonates Ankit’s passion for opulent touches and stand-out elements. From a beautiful blend of colours to masterful ergonomics, an airy appearance to mindfully curated designs, we love how this Noida home flaunts understated luxury.

Brilliant in blue

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The entryway welcomes you with beautiful blues that calm the senses. Balanced with neutrals, the setting is perfect after a tiring day. Comfy seating with clean lines, a dash of patterns with a geometric rug and a center table with built-in aquarium welcome guests and mesmerize them too.

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Once you step into the living room, buoyant blues take over the setting with an actual mini-stage for Ankit to perform and entertain his guests. However, it is hard to take our eyes off the aquarium. Stunning, isn’t it?

interior designers in noida

The stage area is a slightly raised wooden platform. To give it the well-deserved spot light, a blue wall with stencils and photographs have been chosen. This is to match the beauty the aquarium brings. There is also an actual spot light about the stage to give it a dramatic effect. A jali mount on the shoe rack gives them the necessary privacy from the foyer area.

Elegance comes calling

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The kitchen is a perfect extension to the rich theme the home is dressed in. An American Walnut finish paired with a glass backsplash, fancy lights and a bar-cum-breakfast counter, it easily is the favourite corner of all. The bar counter can be removed to make space for more. However, with two bar stools, a ceiling-hung glass holder, it is a great spot to entertain guests.

In addition, Ankit wanted speakers all around the home with volume controls in each room. This idea also takes inspiration from his stay abroad.

interior designers in noida

The kitchen is well-equipped with enough storage, and is lit up well with light fixtures not just above and below the counter but inside as well. The American Walnut finish works well with frosted glass shutters to give it an airy feel. Despite its compact size, the kitchen is a welcoming space to work in.

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To enhance the efficiency, the storage has a mix of drawers, pull-outs, a tall unit, wicker baskets and more. The sink finds a place in the utility area to make space for more storage units.

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The wall units are lined with either open cabinets or frosted glass shutters to balance the wooden tones of the kitchen. This also works well to increase the efficiency of the kitchen.

The Meditative Zone

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A simple mandir design is provided for the family with built-in storage units and wood panelling. A calm and composed atmosphere prevails in this zone making it the perfect to relax.

Pretty & Poised

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The parents’ bedroom is a perfect mix of beauty and functionality. From a neatly placed bed to the beautiful prints that the wallpaper and rug add, the setting is elegantly done up. The pendant lights add just enough charm to enhance the luxurious appeal.

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A dresser also finds a place beside the bed with storage behind the full-size mirror. Soft furnishings in gold and cream complement the ensemble well.

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Elegant Touches

interior designers in noida interior designers in noida

Ankit wanted his room to be an exact replica of the parents’ room. However, as a designer, Ashima wanted to ensure they had a distinct colour palette to bring in some uniqueness. A golden wallpaper and a colourful geometric rug bring in pattern to the break the monotony.

Rich Textures

interior designers in noida

The luxurious style prevails in the bathroom too with an elegant vanity in stone-finish. Even the bathroom is connected to the sound system with speakers. We’re sure some good music and a hot shower can remove all the stress!

interior designers in noida

“Ankit is very friendly and had done his research on what he wanted. This made the design easy and challenging at the same time. However, the family was supportive throughout the design stage and the execution as well.”

— Ashima Razdan, Interior Designer, Livspace

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