Metallic accents steal the show in this beautiful Noida home.

noida house design

Who livs here: Alok Gupta with his wife and son along with his parents

Location: Antriksh Golf View 2, Sec 78, Noida

Home Size: 3BHK spanning 1,400 sq ft approx

Design team: Interior Designer Pulkit Manchanda with Quality Manager Sandeep Jain

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Alok Gupta was deprived of the chance to decorate his first home due to personal reasons. However, it boosted his determination to get his next home done up like a dream. With this in mind, the family approached Livspace and met their designer, Pulkit Manchanda.

To be honest, Alok was initially skeptical about how the whole arrangement would work. However, over time when the design was finalised and Pulkit was able to give him a stunning design, his doubts vanished. The home is a statement with metallics to infuse a rich look and enticing accent walls are the centre of attraction.

Strike Gold!

noida house design

The entryway is a compact, yet a fascinating passage with simple wallpaper and an ornate wall-hanging to embellish it.

Blue & Beiges for Serenity

noida house design noida house design

An adorable marriage of blue and beige work well for the living room. Highlighted with golden accents this space transforms into a beautiful area which is a treat for sore eyes. Adding to the luxurious ensemble, the blue chenille sofa extends a comfortable invite to sink in. In case the guest-list runs long, then the leatherette sofa cum bed accommodates them easily.

Dine like Royalty

noida house design noida house design

This plush dining room with comfortable seating and lush design is classy in every element. The accent wall beautified with mirror-work and golden trims and the rose-gold false ceiling adds to its lavish experience.

Interior design Prestige Ferns Residency

Contemporary Charm

noida house design noida house design

The kitchen has a muted palette compared to the rest of the home. The light tones of acacia and champagne give the compact space the right brightness. The mood here is contemporary with enough storage and counter space.

Majestic Beauty

noida house design noida house design

Warm and snug, the master bedroom is simple yet elegant. Here too, the golden trims work their magic in creating a grand appearance. The leather tufted headboard gives it a touch of opulent comfort. However, the ivory membrane finish of the wardrobe balances the overall look.

noida house design

Pulkit had to put in extra efforts to create a perfect design. The wardrobes have varying depths as there were many pillars on the wall obstructing a seamless design.

Cool Blues

noida house design noida house design

The cornflower blue wallpaper adds a breezy look to the kid’s room. Alok wanted a play area for his child owing to his young age. This is a perfect zone for his son to relax and showcase his toy collection. A display unit featuring his prized car collection adds to the fun.

noida house design

The room also features a compact study with an Eiffel base shell chair that compliments the aesthetics. It is a practical design that can seamlessly cater to his growing needs.

noida house design

“ Alok is a perfectionist and wanted a flawless design for his home. The end result is a luxurious home where every element comes together beautifully.”

— Pulkit Manchanda, Livspace Interior Designer

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