We all have to stop thinking of dining tables as a spot to just eat. So much more happens around it; family discussions, last minute homework, having a cup of chai while chilling with a friend, and sometimes even a makeshift office desk on an odd day.



Your dining table deserves more credit than just being a slab for food to be placed on. If you know your dining area is going to witness a hotbed of activity, we strongly suggest ditching the wood kind and investing in a beautiful marble table top design that will not just look regal but is so solid that it will last you years.

The best part? Marble table tops fit right into most home interiors regardless of whether it’s a contemporary home or a traditional one or even one that follows minimalist design aesthetics.

Here, we’ve carefully handpicked five gorgeous marble table top designs that we think you should consider when you’re upgrading next.

Marble table top design #1: White wonderMarble table top

White never fails! A pristine white marble table top dining table with ivory-hued dining chairs is a sure winner. The natural marble veins and reflective surface that encourages light to bounce around the room is a treat for the eyes. Play match-match with neutral walls and drapes!


Marble table top design #2: Keep it thickMarble table top

If there’s beauty in thin and slim, there’s beauty in thick and dense too. Marble is sturdy regardless, so it doesn’t matter how thick or thin your slab is. But to make a bold statement, don’t think twice about looking for a marble table top that’s bulky. Just make sure to offset it with chairs that aren’t too ornate. Choose from natural shades like whites and browns for added effect.

Marble table top design #3: Sleek and stylishMarble table top

Doesn’t this dining room mesmerise you in one look? Well, everything about this room is appealing, and the marble top dining table is definitely one of the highlights. Mounted on slender metal legs, this sleek dining table will leave you asking for more.

Marble table top design #4: Shape mattersMarble table top

When it comes to marble top dining tables, don’t just go for the conventional straight lined version. You can get your marble slab cut into a round or oval table top. Sometimes square and rectangular can be so mainstream. This should help change the look and feel of your dining room completely. A round marble top table will lend softness to your dining area.

Marble table top design #5: Grace in simplicityMarble table top

This textured marble table top is a must-have for those who love things on a grandiose scale. It is so simple yet so grand that it leaves its mark on anyone who lays eyes on it. Not too glossy and not too minimalist, this marble table top keeps things simple in the most refined way.

Don’t let your dining table be a boring piece of furniture. Take a cue from these delectable marble table tops and give your dining room an instant uplift!

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