It is true — the days of mixing wood furniture sets are a thing of the past now. Our ancestral homes had those heavy wooden dining and sofa sets, right? It was just an unsaid decorating rule that everyone followed. But, allowing a good mix of various hues of wood in a room, makes the room look and feel more inviting. It results in a more organic feel and lends warmth to your home.

Take a cue from these ideas and mix and match wooden accents perfectly:

Mixing and matching wood idea #1: Pick the shades for your home
Mixing and matching wood

Floors are versatile and it totally depends on what you like. It can change the look of your room completely. So, when you want to mix finishes, go for a light-toned floor and dark furniture or vice-versa. Honey-tones oak or pickled oak? Aged white-washed look or glossy finish? Take your pick!

Mixing and matching wood idea #2: Use a buffer
Mixing and matching wood

Well, wood on wood can be tricky at times and not everyone is a pro at it. But if you still want to try your hand at this trend then we have good news for you! A buffer, like a rug, between your wooden furniture and flooring, can break the monotony. You can play around with the finishes for the floor and the furniture.

Mixing and matching wood idea #3: Do not go overboard
Mixing and matching wood

Do you feel there’s something off with the image above? Yes, there are too many wood finishes packed in one small space. Even if you have an undying love for all things wood, we would suggest you not to go overboard with it! It will most likely result in an interior design faux pas and you will regret it forever.

Mixing and matching wood idea #4: Add a dominant piece
Mixing and matching wood

Using too much of anything is rarely a plus in an interior, and that includes wooden elements too. Choose one piece of furniture with a dominant wood tone and complement it with a matching pattern on the floor for added effect. Try combining a delicious herringbone patterned floor and a salt and lace toned piece of furniture. It would look wonderful!

Mixing and matching wood idea #5: White wonder
Mixing and matching wood

White and wood is like a magical combination of basil and tomatoes. They just seem to blend together perfectly! When you have a variety of wood finishes in one room and you feel it looks a tad bit tacky, temper it down with white. The result is going to astonish you!

Mixing and matching wood idea #6: Strike the right balance
Mixing and matching wood

To prevent your room from looking awkward, balance different toned wood finishes throughout the space. Here, brunette finished geometric walls give way to honey oak finished furniture and walnut flooring. Everything just falls into place. Make sure you break the look with a pop of colour.

While these are not hard and fast rules, we think it could guide you in making the wooden elements work for your home. Try it out and feel the difference!