It’s not within everyone’s budget to give their dining room a complete do-over, especially in a rented home. Besides, who wouldn’t love a few easy-peasy ways that makes a big difference? Here are a few ways to replicate those magazine dining room makeover pictures without breaking the bank. 

Dining Room Makeover Pictures Tip #1: Add an Accent Wall
A splash of colour from the wallpaper

An accent wall is a feature piece that will draw the attention of anyone who walks in. Choose a bright bold paint colour or a floral print wallpaper as the backdrop of your dining space. If you’re up for it, pick something quirky. You can take a look at ideas from the brand Wall Design. In a crafty way, this also directs the eye away from other potential eyesores in the room! 

Market price range: ₹125 onwards

Dining Room Makeover Pictures Tip #2: Spruce Up the Lighting
Parrot-inspired light fixtures

Switch out your basic fixture for a statement piece. Depending on the size and proportions of the room, you can decide between a row of pendant lights, a solo chandelier or something offbeat. If your budget allows you to, consider further adding a lamp to add to the ambient lighting. You can take a look at brands like Basant and Kapoor Lights.

Market price range: ₹799 onwards

Dining Room Makeover Pictures Tip #3: Refurbish Chairs
Pretty fabrics for elegant dining

It’s amazing how just replacing old dining table furniture with new pieces can instantly revamp the space. But you don’t need to buy new ones, simply refurbish them! You can look at fabrics from Create Your Couch for a range of choices or your local shop. An eclectic way to approach this is to mix and match- this way you can retain older pieces and also bring in a new piece!

Market price range: ₹2,000 onwards
Dining Room Makeover Pictures Tip #4: Whip Out a Centerpiece
Think focal point

A surefire way of bringing a radical change in your dining room design is to accessorise. Place statement plants as a centrepiece. Check out the gorgeous choices from Fourwalls. Alternatively, add a few candle holders as practical accent pieces or large art prints that can act like a focal backdrop for your dining nook.

Market price range: 299 onwards

Dining Room Makeover Pictures Tip #5: Dress Your Table
Top your table with fancy elements

If you can’t change the elements themselves, you can change what they look like! Perk things up with a bright runner that will keep food stains off the table. We suggest makeshift with old dupattas to give it an ethnic vibe.

Market price range: ₹290 onwards

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