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What Kind of Wood Makes the Best Bed?

5 solid recommendations

wooden flooring-cover

Does Wooden Flooring Really Mean Solid Wood in India?

This flooring material looks like wood but is cheaper than wood

vitrified tiles vs marble-cover

Marble vs Vitrified: Which is the Best Flooring for Your Home?

Covers durability, pricing and installation


Ultimate POP Design Guide for Indian Homes: Is it the Better Option?

With 5 latest designs from #Livspacehomes


Pick the Right Finish for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Consider maintenance, durability and more

What Kind of Wood or Wood-like Materials are Used in Home Interiors and Why?

What Kind of Wood or Wood-like Materials are Used in Home Interiors and Why?

Including a comparison of their features.

wardrobe finish-cover

Here’s Why Designers Recommend a Combination of Wardrobe Finishes

Budget, usage and other factors considered!

Jaali materials 03 scaled

4 Materials You Can Use for Jaali Panels at Home

Better ‘lattice’ than never!


Where to Use Mahogany At Home

A traditional option for a modern home.

Dining Table Tops 05 scaled

What’s the Best Material for Your Dining Table Top?

We’ll help you wine and dine in style!

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