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Mosaic Flooring vs Terrazzo Flooring: Which One Wins the Battle of the Tiles?

Confused about which flooring option to choose? This guide on mosaic flooring vs terrazzo flooring can help you decide!


Italian Marble vs Indian Marble: Cost, Benefits, Durability and Which Is Best for You

If you want to know the differences between Italian marble vs Indian marble, this guide is for you. From types to cost, we have covered everything


All About PVC Kitchen Cabinets: A Comprehensive Guide With Pros and Cons

A heat, termite-resistant and economic alternative


All About Laminates: Cost, Types, Finishes, Maintenance and Tips to Choose

With all the cost details you need, including the high gloss laminate price


Granite vs Quartz: Cost-Effective Factors When Picking the Best Kitchen Countertop

We’ve discussed six quartz vs granite kitchen countertops factors to help you decide the best (costs included)


What Are Vitrified Tiles? What Are Their Types, Advantages and Costs?

Learn all about vitrified tiles price, types, advantages, disadvantages, properties, and cleaning tips here


Latest Wooden Flooring Ideas and Costs: Textured Wood Floors for Your Home

Know the latest wood tiling trends that you can use in your home


CNC Cutting Design: A Complete Guide With Stunning CNC Jali Design Ideas

This guide will help you understand everything about CNC cutting design


Cost of Wallpaper for Walls: Installation and Per Square Foot Price

Given the variety of wallpapers available in the market, no wonder it is difficult to choose one for your home. We’re here to make things simple.


Marble Flooring Price: What Is the Cost of Different Types of Marble Flooring in India?

We’ve included the prices for different types of marble flooring per square foot along with all the additional costs like polishing, installation, inlaid flooring, etc.

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