We understand that a common concern among every homeowner right now is how long can coronavirus stay on various surfaces. While we have told you about cleaning norms and routines that you should follow at home, you must be wondering how to clean different types of surfaces. Especially when it comes to the foyer, since this is the first area you touch when you come back home. In this article we will cover the various surfaces that are present in a foyer and how you can clean them. We will also tell you how long you can expect coronavirus germs to live on these surfaces.

How long does coronavirus stay on different surfaces?

The coronavirus can stay for as long as three days on certain surfaces. Experts say that if you touch that surface during that time – without cleaning it – you stand a chance of getting infected. The virus lives longest on steel and plastic, surviving for up to 72 hours. But the amount of viable viruses decreases over this time. It does not survive for very long on copper. Four hours is the maximum amount of time it survives there. On cardboard, it survives up to 24 hours, which suggests packages that arrive in the mail should have only low levels of the virus. With these basic statistics in place, we have compiled a list of surfaces that are present in entryways or foyers and how to clean different types of surfaces to get rid of the virus before it infects anyone.

#1: Metal

Key holders

Coronavirus does not last very long on metal surfaces

Metal tables

Soap and water solution is an effective cleaning agent

This is possibly the best of the lost and that’s why we wanted to start from this. Metals like copper and aluminium are not a great home for coronavirus. They dislike this material and die in about four to eight hours. Therefore, we suggest you clean these things like you would on a regular day. Use a soap and water solution to clean your metal key holders and console tables. This should ensure that the virus does not thrive on these items.

#2: Wood

Shoe racks

Coronavirus stays on this for up to four days

Wooden tables

Clean it with a solution containing ethanol alcohol

According to experts, the coronavirus can live on wood for upto four days. If you ask us, this is a cause of concern. Given that Indian homes have extensive use of wooden furniture in every room, we have to follow caution while cleaning these pieces of furniture and know how to clean different types surfaces. Two main things that you can spot in foyers are wooden shoe racks and console tables. You can effectively inactivate the virus by disinfecting these furniture pieces with cleaning solutions containing ethanol alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

#3: Plastic

Plastic decoratives

Consider removing these from your foyer for the time-being

Door bells

Potentially dangerous surface since a lot of people have touched it

Plastic is another material where the coronavirus thrives. It can stay upto five days on anything that is made of plastic. Hence you should regularly clean any plastic items in your foyer. Door bells qualify as a high-touch surface as well – which requires special cleaning agents. Similarly, if you have any plastic decor items on your foyer table, we suggest you put them away for the time being. Reduce or minimise the use of plastic items at home during these times.

#4: Stainless steel


A super high-touch surface that you must keep disinfecting

Key holder

Easy to clean so swipe it clean several times a day

Steel as a material fairs slightly better than other metals and plastic when it comes to coronavirus lifespan. The coronavirus can live on steel for upto two days. Which again makes it essential for you to keep disinfecting all stainless steel items. In the foyer we have identified these as doorknobs and key holders. Another high-touch surface, doorknobs should compulsorily be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaning agent several times a day.

#5: Glass


Virus can stay upto four days on your mirrors

Table tops

Use an alcohol-based spray for disinfection

Let’s admit it, we all love adding accent mirrors in our foyer, but who knew that piece of decor could be home to the coronavirus. Experts say that coronavirus can stay on glass for up to four days. Therefore, it is important to keep cleaning your mirrors and glass table tops with a soap and water solution. And follow it up with an alcohol-based spray to disinfect it.

Is there anything else that affects the lifespan of coronavirus on these surfaces?

Yes. While these time spans are all approximations given by experts, these are not accurate. They are mere indications on how long it might survive on certain surfaces. Also, you must take into consideration that there are external factors that affect the lifespan of the coronavirus on these surfaces. For instance, some studies suggest that the higher the surrounding temperature, the lower the chances of survival of the coronavirus.

These trying times do sound grim but there’s a silver lining. If you maintain home hygiene and keep your immunity levels up, chances of the coronavirus getting to you or living inside your home are decreased. We urge you to follow cleaning and health guidelines provided by experts. For more details on cleaning things at home, read this: 10 High-touch Surfaces That you Must Clean at Home.

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