This home at Rustomjee Urbania has a cool kids room to inspire you.

Rustomjee Urbania_living room

Who livs here: Ashish & Pooja Tripathi with their son and daughter

Location: Rustomjee Urbania Azziano, Thane

Size of home: A 2BHK spanning 592 sq ft approx. (carpet area)

Design team: Interior Designer Hannah Patel and Project Manager Piyush Parmar

Livspace service: Full home design, excluding kitchen

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

A home derives its character from those who live in it. So the quirky decor of this 2BHK in Rustomjee Urbania, Thane, draws its spunk from two super cool kids, Ashita and Ayaan, who live here with their parents Ashish and Pooja Tripathi. The kids’ room in particular is a riot of youthful exuberance. The Tripathis had plenty of fresh ideas about designing their new home. They connected with our interior designer Hannah Patel to give shape to those ideas. Take a look!

Bikes & Blues: Living Room at Rustomjee Urbania
Rustomjee Urbania_blue and white

The challenge was that this home, like most homes in Mumbai, was really compact. So our designer used a deft hand at designing to transform this space. This Rustomjee Urbania apartment is now a personalised home that serves all the needs of this young family.

Rustomjee Urbania_bike wall accent

The metallic bike fixture on the wall from our Experience Center enthralled Ashish and was the first finalised element of the room. In a way, the living room has been designed around this particular wall accent. A combination of white and grey used throughout the living room helps to open up the space. The dappled effect of blue and metallic accents adds vibrance to this home in Azziano – Rustomjee Urbania. 

Rustomjee Urbania_TV unit
Rustomjee Urbania_wall cladding

Blue leatherette is the material used for the couch and the ottomans. The family preferred this material as it easy to maintain and has dust-resistant properties. The upholstery of the dining chairs matches the sofa. The entertainment unit, centre table and shoe cabinet are all made of pristine white laminate. The room gets some much needed texture from the 3D panelling behind the TV unit adds. The grey wall panel that extends from behind the shoe cabinet to the passage also adds texture to the space. These panels help to bring in continuity along with the metallic glints that match the bike fixture on the wall.

Rustomjee Urbania_mirror panelling

Another interesting feature in the dining space are the tinted mirror panels that make the space look roomier than it is.

Tranquil Retreat: Master Bedroom at Rustomjee Urbania
Rustomjee Urbania_master bedroom
Rustomjee Urbania_blue headboard
Rustomjee Urbania_beige wallpaper

Ashish and Pooja had a clear agenda regarding their bedroom; they wanted it to have a relaxing aura that soothes them to sleep after a long day. They opted for a white laminate bed from the Livspace catalogue with a sea green headboard, which is the only pop of colour in the room.

There are two different beige wallpapers in the master bedroom, one behind the bed and one in front of it. The wardrobes in this room are made of white laminate. One of the wardrobes is cast into a niche and it has mirror shutters. The ensemble of whites and beige in the room works because it gets plenty of natural light from the balcony that overlooks the expanse of Rustomjee Urbania.

Rustomjee Urbania_info box
Two For Joy: Kids Room at Rustomjee Urbania
Rustomjee Urbania_manchester united wallpaper

The Tripathis have a daughter, Ashita and a son, Ayaan. Thus, they were particularly keen on doing something interesting for their kids room. While Ayaan loves sports, his elder sister can play the guitar, and their room is inspired by both their interests.

A custom-made Manchester United wallpaper highlights one of the walls in the Ashita and Ayaan bedroom. There is a foldable table by this wall that can be opened up to become two separate study tables for the two children.

Rustomjee Urbania_bunk bed
Rustomjee Urbania_kids room

The kids have bunk beds with pullout drawers to store their personal collection of toys. Moreover, the ceiling of the room displays a football ground, which is also a customised wallpaper. Any guesses what Ayaan dreams of when he sleeps in this room? We bet you do!

At the end of the bunk beds, there is a white laminate cabinet that is cut into the shape of the bedstead for continuity. It is a miscellaneous storage unit for books and toys. The wardrobe here is cast into a niche to save space. It has mirror shutters that also double up as a dresser. The wall adjacent to this has a decal of a girl playing a guitar, alluding to the Ashita’s interest in music.

Rustomjee Urbania_client quote

“The Tripathis are an amiable family and they understood the value of good design. They were always open to new ideas and even when the project went slightly over budget, they cooperated because they knew we were trying to optimise their space in the best possible way.”

Hannah Patel, Interior Designer, Livspace

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