The Delhi smog situation has finally grabbed the attention of people about the quality of air we breathe. However, pollution does not restrict itself to the outdoors. Your home harbours pollutants and allergens like formaldehyde, dust mites, pollen and pet dander, to name a few. If you set your mind to it and enforce some good habits, it’s possible to maintain better indoor air quality. Here are ways you can improve the quality of air, naturally:

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #1: Spotless Floors

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From dirty shoes to food crumbs, floors have a messy life! If you don’t maintain it well, you’re bound to end up with allergens and dust mites. Clean your floors daily by sweeping and mopping. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner, check for HEPA filters that can deal with pet dander and pollen too.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #2: Avoid Humidity

indoor air quality

There is nothing wrong with wanting a hot bath and cooking too produces steam, but these can add to the humidity level at home. Humidity above 30-50 per cent increase the chances of mold and dust mites. Ventilation and exhausts play an important role in reducing moisture. Also try using a dehumidifier for better results.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #3: No Smoking

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We know its a no-go for the people who smoke despite the warnings, but you might want to take this seriously at home at least. Cigarettes release many chemicals that can result in passive smoking at home. So try to smoke in the balcony with the door closed or on the terrace, preferably.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #4: Go Natural

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People who love to quickly spruce up their homes with air fresheners might find this laborious, but artificial fragrances can hamper the quality of air. People with asthma are usually allergic to scents and fresheners. Instead, opt for natural incenses, flowers, or even sliced citrus fruits to control odour. Lighting a beeswax candle can also reduce toxins and purify air.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #5: House Plants

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It’s a no-brainer that plants absorb many toxic and harmful gases. So make most of household plants that can reduce the harmful effects. Plants like Peace Lily and Lady Palm can come to your rescue here. Refer this list for indoor plants that are easy to maintain as well.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #6: Keep a Tab on Your Appliances

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Appliances like your refrigerator and oven can emit harmful gases without regular maintenance. Make sure you take up the scheduled services and have a professional look at your devices at regular intervals.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #7: Regular Dusting

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Every home is prone to dust and dirt accumulation. While you clean your floors and upholstery regularly, you might miss out on the nooks and corners and also the roof of tall furniture sets. In this scenario, a deep cleaning can reduce the risk of dust particles that can become irritants.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #8: Choose Paints Carefully

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are low-level toxic emissions that can seep into air for years after the first application. Conventional paints have high amount of VOC, so the best option is to pick low VOC or zero VOC paints that are now available in the market.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #9: Open the Windows

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We know this might sound funny as you’re trying to keep the pollution from outside at bay. But the air at home can be more harmful as it can high concentration of pollutants compared to the outdoors. Keep your windows open for 5-10 minutes daily or strategically place ventilation ducts to tackle the issue. Sunlight and ventilation can go a long way to keep you and your family healthy.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Tip #10: Invest in a Purifier

Air purifier

While these are some easy-to-apply ideas, we’d advise you to invest in an air purifier in case the situation gets dire. If you’re confused about how to buy the right air purifier for your home, we’ve got you covered. Read Buying an Air Purifier? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Let us know if these tricks worked out for you.