It is the peak of summer and while we love the idea of short dresses and refreshing drinks, we aren’t too fond of the accompanying heat and humidity. Indian summers, especially, can dampen the fun of the season with the high temperatures. While the air conditioner or cooler is definitely your best friend during this time, it takes a massive toll on the pocket as well as the environment. So how do we beat the heat? Here are some easy but effective ways for cooling your home without an air conditioner:

cooling home without air conditioner
Home cooling tip #1: Shutters down

The most basic way to escape the heat without an air conditioner is to make sure that the drapes are closed and the shutters are down on the windows and doors. Keep the blinds shut so that no amount of hot air can enter your room. Do this before the heat peaks at noon and your home will remain cool through most hours of the day.

Home cooling tip #2: Lights out

Keep the lighting to a minimum. Regular lights or even energy saving lights emit quite a bit of heat, which raises the temperature in a room. Avoid using yellow lights at all costs. Try and keep the house naturally lit.

cooling home without air conditioner
Home cooling tip #3: Going green

A great way to regulate the temperature in the house is by adding some indoor plants. They lose water during transpiration and help cool the interiors.

You can also plant some shrubs outside along the boundary of your home or grow some climbers on the roof. They block the heat and keep the inside of the house cool and comfortable.

Check out indoor plants:

Home cooling tip #4: Adding exhaust fans

An absolute necessity during the summer is the continuous use of exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to get the heat out. Kitchens are obviously more prone to generate heat with ovens, microwaves and general cooking. Bathrooms too can become damp and suffocating after a bath.

cooling home without air conditioner
Home cooling tip #5: Opting for light fabrics

For the summer months, it is best to avoid dark and matte fabrics that absorb heat more quickly. Instead choose light and subtle cottons or related fabric to decorate the house. Cotton bed sheets and curtains can help the house breathe during this time.

Home cooling tip #6: Making cooling devices

This is an ingenious hack that is easy to pull off. Get a bowl full of ice and set it at an angle to a good table fan or standing fan in the room. It will instantly help in cooling your home without air conditioner.

Alternatively, you can soak a bed sheet or a large cloth in water and rinse it to get the excess water out. Hang it in front of the window or at an angle to the fan and enjoy the cool breeze.

cooling home without air conditioner
Home cooling tip #7: Live low

During summer, it is a good idea to get a low bed or throw some mattresses on the floor to sleep. The floor is always comparatively cooler than the rest of the house and will keep you cool as well.

Home cooling tip #8: Refrigerated sheets

Refrigerate your bed sheets and pillow covers in plastic bags. Take them out before you settle down to sleep and use them to cover the bed and the pillows to keep yourself cool.

Usually temperatures drop at night during summer. Use that to your advantage and keep a window open at night and let the cool breeze create the perfect ventilation in the room while your sleep. Don’t let the excessive heat get you down. Use these hacks and enjoy a beautiful and refreshing summer.