Choosing the right upholstery depends on the style of interiors, the type of sofa, the amount of use as well as maintenance considerations. Make a choice after knowing how each type of upholstery fares on these criteria.  


Will your sofa fulfill all your needs and expectations? The answer lies in the upholstery you choose as much it does in the material and structure of the sofa. To make a wise choice, it is important to understand attributes of all available upholsteries and make a decision based on your needs. For instance, the uplholstery used for a classic, vintage centerpiece in your formal living room would be very different from the type of upholstery you would pick for a comfortable, family-room sofa used heavily by kids and pets. Here’s a quick look at the common choices for upholstery and their advantages.


Leather sofas are the way to go for timeless comfort. Tough and durable, leather sofas are maintenance friendly and easy to clean. Regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth is enough to keep your leather sofa looking classy. Natural leather also tends to age very well, and gets more comfortable with regular use. However, to restore its nature oils using a leather conditioner is adivasable.

Winning feature

  • Easy to clean spills and stains when attended to right away

  • Gets more comfortable with use


Natural cotton is one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics available for sofa upholstery.

However, the soft and delicate nature of the fabric also makes it unsuitable for heavy daily use, since it tends to wear out easily. Available in a variety of textures, prints and patterns, cotton upholstery would be a great choice for living room centerpiece sofas reserved for visitors.

Winning feature

  • Extremely soft and comfortable

  • All-weather fabric — easy on the skin in summer and winter

Cotton/Polyester blends:

Polycotton fabric is a hugely popular choice for sofa upholstery since it combines the benefits of both cotton and polyester. Polycotton fabric looks good, is comfortable while at the same time is strong and durable. This fabric is also relatively easy to maintain and can be washed and dried without damage.

Winning feature

  • Comfortable and durable

  • Maintenance friendlyweston-3-seater-sofa


One of the softer choices, microfiber is popular for upholstery thanks to its easy to clean nature. A synthetic fabric available in various grades and thicknesses, microfiber is velvety soft to touch and quite durable. Since spills and stains can be easily cleaned away using a damp cloth, this is a great choice for homes with pets or young children.

Winning feature

  • No accumulation of lint or dust, great for people who suffer from dust and allergies

  • Spills and stains can be cleaned fairly well


One of the strongest synthetic fibers, nylon upholstery is highly durable and offers excellent resistance against wear and tear. This makes it ideal for sofas kept in your foyer or home office or essentially any space that sees heavy use. However, nylon has a tendency to fade in direct sunlight; so make sure to pick it only for pieces kept away from the windows.

Winning feature

  • Good choice for reupholstering projects and heavy-use pieces

  • Proof against scrapes, scratches, spills and stains

Faux Leather

A less expensive alternative to natural leather, faux leather or artificial leather is a durable and eco-friendly covering for your sofa. Though less durable than natural leather, faux leather upholstery is reasonably maintenance friendly — regular wiping with a damp cloth is enough to maintain your sofa. If you’re looking for attractive and inexpensive upholstery options, faux leather is the way to go.

Winning feature

• Available in a variety of finishes ranging from matte to glossy

• Requires little maintenance


Vinyl is a lesser known but highly durable choice for sofa upholstery. Similar to leather in terms of look and feel, the sleek finish can be used to bring an edgy, pop vibe to your interiors. Highly durable and relatively easy to maintain, vinyl comes in a variety of textures and colors to suit every mood. This also makes it a great choice for reupholstering furniture.

Winning feature

  • Very durable, can last for years

  • Ideal for children’s rooms or furniture that tends to get stained frequently


Another comfortable, natural option, linen is one of the strongest natural fibers. With a distinct woven appearance, linen is an all-weather upholstery option — remains cool to touch in summer and absorbs body heat to remain warm and snug in winter. Since this fabric is easily susceptible to wear and tear, this is a good choice for formal living rooms without heavy use.

Winning feature

  • Natural and comfortable

  • Attractive weaving; best suited for formal arrangements or centerpieces

Finally, while picking your sofa upholstery, be sure to pay special attention to all the care instructions. And don’t stop at picking the right upholstery — a little bit of regular maintenance can help your sofa last for years.