Adding art to your home is an excellent way to liven up your space. However, you may not have considered your kitchen as a potential spot for displaying gorgeous artwork.

Why not?

If you, like the rest of us, spend some amount of time every day cooking and feeding people in your kitchen, then you should consider adding a splash of colour to your walls. Check out our tips below:

Things to consider while selecting art for your kitchen:

  • Keep the kitchen decor in mind and choose pieces that enhance it
  • Select works that aren’t too expensive or precious
  • Hang art at eye level, except in cases where you want to draw the eye up
  • Frame your pieces so that you can clean it easily every now and then
  • Keep colourful pieces away from direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • Don’t bring in bulky pieces or installation art that’ll get in the way of your kitchen chores

Now that you have the right artwork, you need to worry only about placement. Here are the top 6 spots for displaying art in the kitchen:

1. Above The Sideboard
kitchen decor

The area above your sideboard is an ideal place for displaying art. You can either hang one big bold piece here or opt to showcase a collection of framed pieces, against the wall, on top of the sideboard.

Recommended: A single vibrant piece such as a colourful painting or movie poster

2. Near The Kitchen Entrance
kitchen decor

Turn the kitchen into a warm, inviting space by displaying photographs of friends and family near the kitchen entrance or even your child’s artwork. This’ll energize you every time you walk in to do some cooking.

Recommended: A collection of framed family photographs

3. Above The Breakfast Counter
kitchen decor

Kitchen islands often double as breakfast counters in modern homes and studio apartments. Therefore it’s a good idea to add a few beautiful pieces or conversation starters above the breakfast counter.

Recommended: A stylish gallery of black and white photographs

4. Art Above Sink
kitchen decor

The space above the sink is an unusual spot for hanging art, but it’s worth considering. Just make sure the pieces are framed and hung above the splash zone.

Recommended: Framed kitchen quotes

5. Art In Open Shelves
kitchen decor

Open shelves aren’t meant for storage alone. Instead, you can use this area to display your recipe book collection, collectibles, vintage tea tins, dishes, and even artful displays of soup tins.

Recommended: A collection of decorative plates

6. Art In Upper Cabinets
kitchen decor

If you have space above your kitchen cabinets, you can use it to showcase unique pieces such as framed sketches, kitschy knickknacks, sculptures and more. This will draw the eye up and add an interesting dimension to your kitchen space.

Recommended: Framed sketches and sculptures

As you can see, your kitchen has immense potential to turn into a dynamic, inviting space brimming with personality. Go ahead, get artsy!