An organised kitchen is a happy one, but the journey to this destination is usually fraught with trouble. When faced with piles upon piles of dishes, overflowing cabinets, next-to-zero countertop space and too much clutter, kitchen organisation seems like an impossible mission. We’re sharing 10 kitchen organisation ideas that you can tick off one by one to get to a clean, organised kitchen that’s ready for your next culinary undertaking.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #1: Empty Cabinets and Drawers
Empty and clear out everything to begin with

Begin by emptying out your cabinets and drawers– pull out dishes, food items, cutlery and one-off baking dishes, then lay them all out on a flat surface. Wipe down the interior of every cabinet and drawer with soapy water and a clean cloth.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #2: Get Rid of Unwanted Items
Replace the old items with new ones

Culling unnecessary items is key because, without this process, your cabinets will return to dump status in no time. Keep items that you use regularly and toss out those that are worse for wear. If you’ve hoarded new items over the months, now is the time to use them as replacements.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #3: Create Task Racks
Create zones that are helpful in everyday cooking

Consider grouping items according to function. Baking trays, pans and other equipment can go into one cabinet while everyday plates and bowls can go into a space that is easiest to access. Move seasonal or holiday items to the top so you don’t need to pull them out unless needed.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #4: Put in Drawer Dividers
Keeps your drawers super organised

To make use of existing drawer space and divide items based on use, insert some durable drawer dividers or divider trays. These will keep your cutlery and utensils in one place and, more importantly, make it much easier to return things to their place after use.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #5: Use Kitchen Rods and Hooks
This will free up your counter

Move frequently-used tools like scissors, ladles and cutting boards to kitchen rods and hooks. This frees up space in drawers for lesser-used items and keeps important tools accessible.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #6: Move Knives and Cups to Respective Stands
Put away mugs and knives in cabinets

If you have been blessed with counter space, a safe way to store knives and cups is to use stands. Knife stands are especially useful in preventing cuts that come of cluttered drawers, while cup stands keep tea and coffee cups within easy reach.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #7: Use Vertical Space
Use up all that wall space

Vertical space is a boon in regular and compact kitchens, so make good use of it by moving things off the counter and onto the walls. Hooks can keep dishcloths off the counter. Wall-mounted dispensers can be used to store kitchen rolls, aluminium foil, dishwashing soap, garbage bags… you get the drift!

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #8: Put Away Unnecessary Appliances
A tandem unit is very helpful to stow away stuff

Appliances eat up a lot of counter space, making a kitchen looking a lot more cluttered and leaving you starved for work areas. Appliances that aren’t used regularly can be moved to open shelves or closed cabinets to free up countertop space.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #9: Sort out the Refrigerator
Your refrigerator needs to be organised too

Like you did with cabinets, empty out the refrigerator and discard items that are spoilt. Wipe down the shelves and the racks and take time to weed out expired products. Move items on the turn to the front so you use them first.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas Step #10: Make a Cleaning Plan
Clean and maintain regularly

Now that you are relatively successful in organising your kitchen, the next grand task is to keep it that way. Creating a cleaning routine goes a long way in ensuring things return to their places, regular cleaning of shelves and cabinets and usage of food without going to waste.

Use these ideas to be on top of your cleaning game, always! And check this out for more: Modular Kitchen Accessories You Must Have.

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