Is your dull living room decor becoming an eye sore? Given that it’s the busiest spot in your home at any given point of time, we’re sure it could use a revamp and a budget-friendly one at that! You don’t have to invest in changing furniture or painting. Try these little ideas to give your living room the makeover it needs! All it takes is a pair of willing hands, some enthusiasm and a small budget to try our these living room decor ideas! We did all the research for you! Take a look:

Living Room Decor Ideas #1: Wall Decal
living-room-decor-ideas-wall decal-wall stickers-wall decor
Amp up the style quotient of a blank wall with pretty wall decals

Possibly the simplest idea out there, wall decals are easy to apply and remove, making it a great option even for rental homes. Depending on the vibe you want in your living room, you can choose from over hundreds of decals available in the market to suit your personality. You can check out brands like Gloob and Wall Design to get your hands on some affordable wall decals for your living room.

Market price range: ₹350 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #2: Display Wall
living-room-decor-ideas-wall ledges-display ledges-wall decoration
Create an accent wall with simple wall display ledges

Wooden ledges make for great accessories to create a display wall of sorts. If you have an empty wall in your living room, get some tiny wooden ledges installed there. Alternatively, you can also utilise the space around your television and use it as a base to create a design the edges around it. This is a great way to add an interesting visual element. Check out Decornation for their affordable range of wall ledges.

Market price range: ₹1,000 onwards for a set of four ledges or get your neighbourhood carpenter to help!

Living Room Decor Ideas #3: Wall Shelves
living-room-decor-ideas-wall shelves-hexagonal shelves-stylish shelves-wall display
Stay in trend with hexagonal wall shelves

A rage right now, hexagonal wall shelves are just what you need to give your living room a makeover. Available in various sizes and colours, these are perfect for people who love to display their collection of books or curios in style. Match your interiors with these shelves or play contrast, either way these shelves by Decornation are a great budget fix for boring walls.

Market price range: ₹1,500 – ₹2,000 for a set of six shelves

Living Room Decor Ideas #4: Lamps
living-room-decor-ideas-floor lamps-lampshades-simple lamps
Fill that empty corner with a stylish but simple lampshade, adding mood lighting to your evenings

As clichéd as it might sound, lights can guide the way to a great makeover. For instance, a simple floor lamp can add a nice texture to your living room interior. Choose from trendy colourful lampshades to simple neutral ones. Some brands to check out for your lamp fix are Nutcase, Basant and Kapoor Lights. They have a wide variety of lamps to select from.

Market price range: ₹2,000 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #5: Cushions
living-room-decor-ideas-cushions-floor cushions-sofa cushions-cushion covers
Assorted cushions add texture to your interiors and go well with contemporary and traditional interiors

Have your ever longed to own that pretty set of cushion covers but wondered whether they are really worth it? The right cushions are sometimes just what you need to give your living room a facelift. Pluchi and RugRepublic have some amazing cushions that you could get your hands on. If you love casual seating, then floor cushions are your best bet! Alternatively, you can turn your old sarees into cushion covers, making this a pocket-friendly option!

Market price range: ₹400 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #6: Pop Art
living-room-decor-ideas-pop art-photo frames-wall art-wall decor
Give in to the temptation of getting these colourful frames home

Your walls speak volumes about your personality. Plain walls can come to life with pop art frames when placed right. This is a great idea for people who like unconventional wall decor. Available in every price range, you can check out Montage and Edge Square for their latest collection.

Market price range: ₹300 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #7: Curtains
living-room-decor-ideas-curtains-drapes-blinds-colourful curtains-sheer curtains
Sheer curtains like these come at a pocket-friendly price

Curtains are definitely an investment when it comes to home decór, but like everything else, these also come in budget versions. Opt for sheer materials and fun prints to add an interesting element to your living room. These are perfect to let some light in while protecting you from the harsh sun. Check out Curtain Label and Drape Story for their collection.

Market price range: ₹450-500 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #8: Wallpaper
living-room-decor-ideas-wallpaper-printed wallpaper-colourful wallpaper-wall design
Give your furniture a stunning canvas with a beautiful contemporary wallpaper like this

When in doubt, wallpapers will save the day by helping you create an accent wall. Also ideal for rental homes, a bright wallpaper is all you need when you have a tight budget. We would suggest florals for this season or classic prints if you’re not the trendy type. Artisan and Talking Textures have some beautiful wallpapers to choose from.

Market price range: ₹35-50/sq ft onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #9: Coffee, Tea and Side Tables
living-room-decor-ideas-coffee table-side table-centre table-simple table
Go industrial with a statement coffee table. It’s minimal design will suit most urban homes

A table of any sort can transform your living room in a jiffy. A simple wooden coffee table or a dainty side table is all you need to change the look of your space. Also, they are not just a style element but also adds to the functionality of a room. Urban Ladder has some pretty side tables that you could check out.

Market price range: ₹2000 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #10: Ladder Display Unit
living-room-decor-ideas-display unit-ladder display unit-stylish display unit
Minimalistic, rustic and a fun element to have as part of your decor

If you love quirky display shelves, then a tiny ladder-style display unit is ideal for your living room corner. Decorate it with some DIY fairy lights and place stack you favourite books on it. Your very own reading corner will be ready in no time and low budget!
Can’t find one in the market? Turn an old ladder over a weekend refurbishing project into a statement piece by sanding it down and giving it a fresh coat of paint!

Market price range: ₹2,500 – 3000 onwards

Living Room Decor Ideas #11: Planters
living-room-decor-ideas-planters-cute plants-small plants-decorative plants
Grab some quirky planters like these for your home

Our favourite from the lot! These cute little planters can do so much to your living room that you’ll be surprised. Add them to your display units, side tables or wall shelves and see your space come alive. A little greenery is always welcome when it comes at less cost. You’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes in the market to suit your taste!

Market price range: ₹300 onwards

Some living room decor ideas that cost nothing:
  • Space is always a concern. So try to declutter and get rid of all the stuff that’s cramping your style and space
  • Rearranging furniture can automatically give your living room a new look
  • Let more sunlight in to feel fresh during the day. Opt for sheer curtains!
  • Replace old lighting with new bulbs and shades to brighten up your space
  • Move the curtain rods higher to make the room feel more spacious, with the illusion of height
  • Reupholster your existing furniture to make it seem brand new
  • Make your own centrepieces and accent pieces and keep changing them

We hope these tips help you the next time you want to give your living room a quick makeover. Also, check out The ₹5,000 Home Makeover Challenge for more ideas!

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