Our Decor Trip series brings you design inspiration from various styles across the globe. In this article, we put together a collection of unique looks featuring African-inspired decor from Instagram. 

Eclectic and inspiring with a distinct character, African-inspired patterns and accents have been influencing the home decor trends a lot lately. A style that is both calming and intriguing at once, African decor includes handcrafted textiles, artifacts and accessories that have been of cultural importance to ethnic people and craftsmen across the continent. These include animal prints, decorative baskets, tribal masks, pottery and a plethora of other unique elements.

Here’s some inspiration from Instagram that shows you how to style your home with African-inspired decor.


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This interesting bedroom brilliantly incorporates African decor essentials such as traditional stools, vases and a striking red wall hanging featuring ethnic patterns. A crisp white bedspread offsets wood paneling and other neutral elements.    

A colorful array of brightly painted earthenware and vibrant pillow cases add flamboyance to this African-inspired living room.


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Muted fabric, plants and earthy textures are beautifully combined together over here to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing and ethnically rich. A traditional wooden chest and statuary add a touch of authenticity.    

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This inviting seating area has markedly African influence with its traditional woven chairs, neutral rug and striking photographs on the wall.                    

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Bathed in white, this African-inspired setting incorporates rustic home décor elements into a gorgeous look. Feathers and beaded accessories make for distinctive wall decor and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire space.


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A lovely mash-up of textures brings a contemporary spin to this African-inspired living room. Conventional elements like the earthy color scheme and traditional vases are paired off with abstract artwork and modern sculptures.    

The frieze featuring African ceremonial masks is an attractive centerpiece in this elegantly styled room. The assorted stools, wooden furniture and the plants, all of it breathes pure ethnic beauty.


  Animal prints and sculptures are an absolute treasure of the tribal décor theme and these have a striking appearance that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home décor. Go with faux fur and imitation leather for eco-friendly style.    

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Different statement pieces such as the beautiful cocoon bed, an elaborate framed mirror and a suspended juju hat are brought together over here to create a visual impact and they strike the right balance.

This chic African-inspired look features another simple yet stunning wall decoration idea that you can steal for your home. The fabric swatch is framed for the wall and offset with more patterned throw cushions, all making a heady contrast with snow white walls and a furry bedspread.

When it comes to wall décor there are a variety of options you can go for to add a tribal touch to your interiors. Taxidermy heads, wooden arrows and some bohemian inspired wall frames are simple ways you can use to achieve the look with finesse.