Being India’s biggest home interiors brand we have been providing end-to-end design services to a large clientele across India. So even if you missed some of the Insta-worthy homes we have decorated in the past three months, here is a refresher! This home interior design photo gallery includes a list of curated Livspace homes covered by us in the first quarter of 2019.

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #1: Travel-inspired 8BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_big home Tarun Sachdev

This one of a kind home in Delhi stands out for its emphasis on hobby rooms. Tarun Sachdev’s family of four loves travelling and inhabit this 8BHK that incorporates themes from their trips.

Take the tour: Luxurious Travel-inspired 8BHK

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #2: Colour-coded 4BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_colour coded Neeraj Tiwari

The Tiwari family wanted a home that was bright and clutter-free, while the “beautifying” bit was left to their designer, Indunisha. This home marries pop and neutral colours with such finesse! You’ll see!

Take the tour: Bringing Modern Magic to a Noida Apartment

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #3: Classically Modern 3BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_Classical home Vaibhav Goel

The Goel family’s home was a challenge for our design team as they wanted to retain certain evergreen pieces of furniture. Their furniture includes timeless solid wood pieces that are refurbished with fabric sporting Moroccan prints and weaved into the decor seamlessly.

Take the tour: This Family Home Comes Alive with Plush Interiors

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #4: Victorian Villa
Home interior design photo gallery_royal home Uttam Kumar

While everyone else can’t get enough of contemporary and minimal designs, this family in Noida like to keep things old school and regal. Marble finishes, gold regalia and solid wood furniture stand out in this villa steeped in Victorian charm.

Take the tour: Feast Your Eyes on This Villa’s Victorian Splendour

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #5: Earthy 3BHK With Industrial Elements
Home interior design photo gallery_Rustic home Nikhil Kumar

We’ve had a long running obsession with the “raw and earthy” feel in interiors and with this home we finally have something to talk about. And did we tell you? There’s a furry friend residing right here with the family.

Take the tour: This 3BHK is Earthy with Industrial Elements

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #6: Sunkissed & Subtle 2BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_sunkissed home

This 2BHK in Mumbai belonging to Sanjeev Gupta has the gift of natural light and we put it to good use by using neutrals and subtle shades. Their home looks classy with understated glamour as a result.

Take the tour: Small Yet Stylish 2BHK Home

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #7: Pretty in Pastels 2BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_pastel home Ekta Khanna

Not only does this compact home pack a punch of space-saving features, it also weaves magic with a combination of pastel shades. This 2BHK in Mumbai is a quintessential example of contemporary design and muted shades accentuate it.

Take the tour: Concealed Storage Works for This Family’s Compact 2BHK

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #8: Colourful & Classy 4BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_Hints of gold Rajat Malhotra

With bright pops of colour and subtle hints of gold, this Adarsh Palm Retreat apartment is a treat for sore eyes. This home has a lovely story to tell.

Take the tour: Colours Meet Class at this Adarsh Palm Retreat Home

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #9: Gorgeously Grand 4BHK
Home interior design photo gallery_luxurious home Rajeev and Rekha

Offbeat colours and a luxurious vibe fill up this wonderful 4BHK in Delhi. With the best of materials and finishes in place, this is one of the best homes that we’ve witnessed in a while.

Take the tour: Dive Into a Luxurious 4BHK at Vishal Enclave

Home Interior Design Photo Gallery Spot #10: Stylish Holiday Home
Home interior design photo gallery_holiday home Sonia Grover

Don’t you wish you had a holiday home to escape to when things get tough in the city? Well, this couple in Delhi realised this dream and it’s every bit envy-inducing!

Take the tour: Sonia and Rishi’s Holiday Home Gets Stylish on a Budget

We did not want you to miss out on these lovely homes that we designed for our amazing clients. If you’re up for more inspiration, take a look at other #livspacehomes.

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