A Cleo County home design that strikes the right chords!

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Who livs here: Neeraj Tiwari with his wife Yashika Tiwari and her mother
Location: Cleo County, Noida
Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 2,500 sq ft approx.
Design team: Interior Designer Indunisha Gupta and Quality Manager Sandeep Jain
Livspace service: Full home design (kitchen not included)
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

At first glance, you would never guess that this sprawling 4BHK at Cleo County could marry bright and neutral colours with such finesse. It is always a dream to get your home designed by a professional, and that is exactly why Neeraj Tiwari and his wife, Yashika approached Livspace. On a sunny summer morning, the couple visited our Experience Centre at Okhla and met Indunisha, who was going to design their dream.

With the basic requirement of getting a bright and clutter-free home, they left the “beautifying” bit to Indunisha. With her excellent design knowledge, she took on the task of delivering something that the family would love. The only challenge — finishing the entire work within a strict timeline. But with cooperation from Neeraj, working with the armed forces and Yashika, a banker by profession, this home took shape perfectly and the result is stunning. Here’s the tour. 

A Bright Living
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Simple interiors, but with a few good, striking features — these are some things that Neeraj and his family wanted. Once you enter the living room in this spacious home, the colourful couches extend a warm welcome to you. In Neeraj’s words, “We are so glad Indunisha convinced us to get these mustard couches, since it brightens up the space perfectly and unlike our concern, are very easy to maintain.” We cannot agree more. This space looks so happy with the sofas and the ottomans in place. She has kept the walls simple, with just the common wall between the living and dining room wearing a lovely blue wallpaper that highlights the area.

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Monochrome Magic
Cleo county home design_sons room bed and wallpaper
Cleo county home design_sons room window
Cleo county home design_sons room bed

Neeraj and Yashika’s son has moved out of town for further studies, but his room had to wear the look that he wants. Therefore, Indunisha made sure she asked him what he liked and after exchanging some ideas, he shared an image of the car that you see on the wall behind the bed. The only striking feature in this classic monochrome room is the wallpaper that was customised for his room. To go with the theme, she gave him a simple white bed with attached side tables.

A Spacious Master Bedroom
Cleo county home design_master bedroom full
Cleo county home design_master bedroom bed

The master bedroom is an extension of the couple’s personality in every sense of the word. A calm and clutter-free room, with neutral colours is what they chose for their room. While Indunisha was working on designing for this room, she brought in a few surprise elements like the subtle wallpaper behind the bed, highlighted by golden trims. She also gave them a unique LED strip light at the bottom of the headboard. A purple accent chair is the only splash of colour in this beautiful grey and white room.

Cleo county home design_master bedroom wardrobe
Cleo county home design_master bedroom study

Neeraj wanted a compact working space in their room that could accommodate their laptops and a few documents. Indunisha carved out that corner next to the wardrobe so that it looks neat. The wardrobe wears a glossy membrane finish and has full-size mirror hinges that serve the purpose of a dresser. The TV unit is also kept very minimal with just a simple ledge on the wall with two drawers.

Luxuriously Teal Bedroom
Cleo county home design_mothers room full
Cleo county home design_mothers room bed
Cleo county home design_mothers room wallpaper
Cleo county home design_mothers room chair and tv unit

The parent’s room is such a refreshing space. We are totally crushing on the teal wall paint with bronze motifs on it. Such a soothing colour to use for a room like this one. A plush button-tufted headboard in brown complements the teals perfectly. Here again, a mustard accent chair finds place to facilitate seating when people are paying a visit or to enjoy a hot cuppa by the balcony.

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“Mr. and Mrs. Tiwari are a very understanding couple and it was indeed a delight to work for them. They gave me complete freedom to design their home and trusted me with it. It was a slight challenge since they were living there while the work was going on, but they were very accommodating. Their requirement was basic and we were able to finish everything on time.”

Indunisha Gupta, Interior Designer, Livspace

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