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Who livs here: Vinay Raina and Upasana Raina with their 11-year-old son Krish, 6-year-old twins Kanav and Kavesh and Vinay’s parents

Location: Great Value Sharnam, Sector 107, Noida

Size: A 4BHK home spanning 1800 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Megha Sobti with project manager Anil Singla

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

With growing boys, Vinay and Upasana Raina were in dire need of a larger, more spacious home. The Great Value Sharnam with four sprawling bedrooms and servant quarters were exactly what they were looking for. A huge plus was proximity to both their offices and their kids’ schools. However, juggling hectic schedules, three boisterous kids and caring for ageing parents, the couple wanted a hassle-free interior experience — exactly what Livspace would go on to offer them.

When Upasana met Livspace designer Megha Sobti, she was apprehensive whether the designer would grasp her unconventional requirements — a modern home on a grey canvas with speckles of vibrant hues. Unlike Upasana’s previous trysts with independent designers, Megha immediately connected with her fondness for grey.

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3D boards in chalk white infuse the space with texture, while the vibrancy of the spring green feels like a breath of fresh air.

With insane working hours and never-ending domestic chores, the couple approached their home interiors project like professionals would: Upasana steered the aesthetics and functional aspects of the design, while Vinay took on the role of the financier.

But Megha swallowed the most coveted task, balancing what they each wanted; meeting Vinay’s budget requirements and lightening Upasana’s burden by matching her design expectations. Over a few design discussions, it became apparent, that their home would be both bold in color and spirit.

The living room is dominated by Upasana’s favoured slate grey with pops of spring green to induce freshness. Large, pitch-black leather couches dominate the space, while the dual tones and clean lines of a simple coffee table help navigate through the solid hues.

Noida interior design_Vinay and Upasana Raina

The glass-topped dining table coupled with metal legs mirrors the unintended industrial vibe of the funnel pendants.

Since the dining space is an extension of the living room, the black, grey and spring green hues are seamlessly woven in. We love the retro touch that the funnel pendant lights bring to the space.

Noida interior design_turquoise bedroom Noida interior design_master bedroom

The extended headboard with slim pendant lights gives the master a hotel-like air, perfect for unwinding in after a long day.

Upasana didn’t care if the house was swarming with grey tones, she insisted that the master also championed her weakness. Megha wove slate into the accent wall, accompanying storage and the headboard extension. But to break the monotony of grey, turquoise was splashed onto all the linen.

Noida interior design_upholstered headboard Noida interior design_fawn and champagne bedroom

The parent’s bedroom is doused in warm notes of fawn and champagne.

Upasana’s in-laws’ room completely deviates from the home’s grey vignette.

She bore in mind their fondness for classic pieces and clean lines. Megha picked a soothing palette of fawn and champagne. The upholstered headboard ensures the elderly couple can spend quality time reading and watching movies in bed.

Noida interior design_guest bedroom

The bold linen stands out in vivid contrast to the layers of grey in the guest bedroom.

Guest bedrooms typically get neglected in the larger scheme of things. But not with Upasana and Megha.

Here, Megha gave the couple’s existing drab furniture a new lease of life with slate paint. We especially can’t get over how the matte grey tones contrast the textural drama of the stone wallpaper.

As unconventional as the Rainas are, their choice for a family room is as unusual. Upasana says the dining room has surprisingly become the space where they all sit down to laugh, talk and eat as a family.

It was exciting to design for a couple with such distinct preferences. The Rainas and I worked so well together that our professional relationship has turned into friendship.

– Megha Sobti, Livspace interior designer

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