A beautiful house design in New Town Heights, Gurgaon.


Who livs here: Swati Vyas with her husband Tanmay, son Neevan and parents-in-law

Location: New Town Heights, Gurgaon

Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 2,400 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Megha Kedia and Quality Manager Maninder SK

Livspace service: Full home design (kitchen not included)

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

For Swati and Tanmay Vyas, moving from Dwarka to Gurgaon was a conscious decision and thus they wanted a home that they could call special. Livspace proved to be the right choice for this couple, since their busy schedule did not allow them to deal with individual carpenters and contractors. A one-stop interior design solution is what they were looking for.

The next time someones asks you to present a case supporting white walls at home, show them this one. This 4BHK in New Town Heights feels totally welcoming and carries a warm vibe with it. We would like to call this one a modern chic home that has a good mix of colours for creating the right effect on everyone. Livspace designer Megha Kedia has given this family a combination of purposeful designs and shots of glamour to create a unique style.

Beautiful House Design: Shades of the Sea

With its whitewashed walls and ceilings, comfortable style and perfectly placed furniture, this living room got us drooling over it. Megha chirps how this cozy family did not want any loud colours or elaborate seating. They were more keen on having free floor space and a lot of breathing room at home. So, she gave them a combination of a suede Cassandra sofa, a bench and two ottomans. The minimal coffee table with metal legs and a granite table top complements the vibe of this space.

Beautiful House Design: Shiny, Reflective Surfaces

Our current crush is most definitely the mirrored wall in this dining room. When you are someone who likes to keep things understated and basic, then an accent wall like this one can really amp up your interiors. Plush dining chairs made for ultimate comfort and a sleek dining table are reflected on the mirrored wall to create a visually larger space. A boxy false ceiling with LED lights adds a touch of style to this room.

Beautiful House Design: Serene Spaces

Once you step into this master bedroom, you can gauge the couples taste and preferences perfectly. Keeping a minimal and Scandinavian theme in mind, Megha gave them a combination of white and blue for their personal space. The textured wallpaper and wooden flooring strike the right chords in here. Also, the amazing view deserves a cozy lounge chair, where they can chill and unwind. The wall mounted TV unit with a compact study table is Swati’s work zone at home.

Beautiful House Design: Calm & Cozy

Moving on to the parents room at home, this space welcomes you with a calm vibe at the first sight. The columns projecting on either side of the bed gave Megha an opportunity to place veneer panels with focus lights in there. A soft floral wallpaper set against a flaming red headboard is such a treat for sore eyes. The glossy wardrobe with a mirror panel on one side adds sheen to this cozy bedroom.

Beautiful House Design: All About Happiness

This playful kids room packs a punch with so many things happening in here, that are worthwhile. Start off by feasting your eyes on the car themed wallpaper in myriad colours and the Winnie the Pooh wall decal. We love how it makes the room look so much more fun. The bunk bed saves space, while the geometric false ceiling looks interesting. Storage is taken care of in the wardrobes and the study unit, where Neevan can accommodate all his books and toys.

Beautiful House Design: Colour Play

This bedroom, that was designed especially for Tanmay’s brother, who moved to Mumbai recently. So now, this room serves as the guest bedroom and do we love it! It is such a fresh change from the neutral colours around the house. Megha experimented with the bold floral wallpaper and a rich blue headboard for this one and it surely looks lovely.

“Swati and Tanmay were very easy to work with, since they were not fussy at all. They just knew that they want a home that looks elegant and does not feel very cluttered. Ample storage is another aspect that they were looking at. I just had to work around these cues and give them a design that they would appreciate.”

– Megha Kedia, Interior Designer, Livspace

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