The console table is among the most versatile pieces of furniture around – it can be placed in virtually every room, from entryways and corridors to living rooms and bedrooms. When it comes to styling, most of us end up neglecting our console tables and using them simply as a place to toss keys or old magazines. But a well-styled console table can add oodles of charm to any space it’s in and it’s not too hard to do either.

We show you different objects and techniques you can use to decorate your consoles, with five unique looks:

Console table decor #1: Contemporary charm

style your console table with a mirror
Clean, minimal and contemporary, this hallway arrangement features a console table styled with four classic accents – a lamp, mirror, photo frames and a plant. Notice how elements on the table are arranged according to their heights – starting with the lamp on one end, followed by the photo frames, and ending with the plants. The circular mirror is placed perfectly in the center and brings the entire arrangement together.  As seen in this look, you don’t have to use too many objects or stick strictly to symmetry since the empty space between the lamp and photo frames work quite well.

Console table decor #2: Eclectic Reverie
display books on your console table

If you’re an avid reader, art lover or travel enthusiast, then this is the look for you. Coffee table books are among the most popular accents that you can use to style your console. Don’t arrange them all the same though – stack some vertically and pile up others to create variety and interest.  To highlight the area, create a gallery wall with your favourite photographs or artwork. Add finishing touches by placing at least one decorative element that’s taller than the books at the end of the table, like the lamp in this picture.

Console table decor #3: Boho Serene
decorate your console table with plants

This timeless hallway arrangement effortlessly integrates a variety of textures. The large rectangular mirror above the console table works as the focal point, reflecting light from the window. Industrial style hanging Edison lights complete the upper half of the frame. Placed on the table are a collection of plants –  you can use bonsai, cacti or even a terrarium. The wave-textured wall adds fluidity and softness to the look.

Console table decor #4: Artsy Chic

place artwork on your console table
If your console table is placed next to the focal point of your room,such as a sofa, style it in a way that complements the arrangement without being overbearing. One way to do this is to place medium sized artboards of similar sizes on the table. You can even use the space under the table to place artwork, vases, and other decor accents to create a more cozy and intimate look.

Console table decor #5: Asian Intrigue
transitional spaces in traditional indian style interiors

While decorating your console table, work in the principles of contrast, balance and symmetry to style your vignettes.

For example, in this vignette, a pair of ottomans flanking the table creates a sense of symmetry. The no-frills, clean silhouette of the console table is contrasted against the richness of the maroon wall paint. The strip of Warli art just above the table splits the visual frame into two halves. The low hanging pendant brass bells on one end are countered by the candlesticks on the other end – both of them end slightly below and above the strip, creating a delicate balance. Ethnic prints, lanterns, and other objects infuse the look with Asian flavours.