Not all homes have an entryway or a foyer, especially if there is a space crunch. But some homes still manage to squeeze in some space for a foyer, for the simple reason that it exudes warmth when guests enter your home.

Read on for simple foyer design ideas and find out how you can update your entryway:

Foyer design idea #1: Settees with storageFoyer design idea

Looking for a smart storage idea for your shoes? Well, we have good news for you. Your entryway can be utilised to store all your footwear with just a simple settee or shoe rack. Your storage can either be open or closed. Just remember open storage always adds to the decor drama. Top it with beautiful artwork or place a gorgeous table lamp.

Foyer design idea #2: Peek-a-boo with an intricate jaaliFoyer design idea

So you have an open entrance but you do not want everyone to get a clear view of the entire house from the door? Fret not. Install jaalis in your foyer and separate it from the rest of the space in style! Simple and elegant.

Foyer design idea #3: Charming coat racksFoyer design idea

How many times do we forget to carry our jacket on a cold winter day? Or how many times do our umbrellas just lie around the house? Well, a coat rack in your foyer can be the perfect space to ensure these items don’t go missing. The best part? They add oodles in terms of color and decor. This way your guests and you can hang coats, jackets and umbrellas when stepping in or out.

Foyer design idea #4: Mirror magicFoyer design idea

This is possibly one of the simplest ideas from our list. A narrow entryway can be dolled up with mirrors placed strategically so that it creates a design of its own. Go bold and place multiple oval, square or round mirrors, or simply install one large mirror with a gilded frame. If you’re lucky and have chanced upon a statement mirror piece like the one pictured above, then we say go for it, just jazz it up with accompanying light pendants or an artsy chandelier.

Foyer design idea #5: Wall of memorabiliaFoyer design idea

Your entryway can be the ideal place to display all your travel collectables. Simple floating shelves can accommodate small and large pieces. Don’t worry about being thematic. The whole idea is to keep adding to your memorabilia shelf as you keep travelling over the years. If you’re not big on travel, no problem, thrift finds will work too.

Foyer design idea #6: Say hello with a photo gallery wallFoyer design idea

Seems odd? Actually not. If you have a tiny foyer or entryway, the best way to dress up those otherwise boring walls is with a photo gallery. Pick thin, thick and super fat frames in different shapes and sizes. Throw in a poster or canvas art piece in between, and voila, you have a very attractive-looking entryway.

Foyer design idea #7: Eye-popping wall artFoyer design idea

The moment someone enters your home, the first thing they notice is the wall right across the door. So, let that wall do all the talking! Decorate it with either one large striking wall art piece or multiple pieces. Take a cue from the picture above and throw in a potted plant, a rug and maybe even a funky-looking console.

Even though a lot of Indian homeowners don’t focus on their foyer decor, we suggest you start taking it more seriously. You don’t need to spend a bomb on wall treatments and even fancy artwork. Flea market finds and simple canvas art can do wonders. Get inspired and start welcoming guests with aplomb!